例如发The specific details have long been forgotten, but the bowl of noodles in memory is still clear. One by one is really my soulmate, we have the same hobbies, the same nature. It can be said that one by one knows myself better than me. I remember once ridiculing one by one that we were close to each other. At that time, I just smiled lightly, not at all. I just feel a little exaggerated. Counting it, the days with one by one were only a few days, the rain stopped, and she left. As hurried as she came, there was no other language, no goodbye. I think she must be reluctant. I only found a piece of paper left by her. In fact, the paper is also far-fetched, but。

展友谊和年Just a small piece of paper, there is nothing to sing and cry, touching heartfelt farewell, no ambition Lingyun, the spirit of Jiu Xiao's gift, only two words, Song Yi. That's why I realized that her full name was Song Yi, and she sent one to recollect. However, I am afraid that I can't wait, and this memory is still in my heart. I once said that she yearns for ease, just like me. I remember at the time I was laughing that she was in bliss, but she didn't say anything, and that's the topic. She is destined to be wandering and free, just like my life, free, I am afraid I have no hope. One by one is free, at least I think so, maybe I do n’t know her well, but the freedom and free and easy in him is really rare. We are all flowers in the greenhouse and we are used to protected life。

轻的经历DLive, the branches and leaves have already softened, and will no longer exist when they encounter the wind and rain outside, let alone be as confident as one by one. In fact, I also know that she likes ease. I understand, understand your yearning for stability, and understand why you love rain so much. You can stop and run for the moment because of the rain. I understand these. That year, there was a girl named Song Yi, who came to my life gently and hurried away. We are like two lines that intersect at one point, but only at that point, after which they will spread apart and never meet again. Song Yi, please take my freedom, my dreams, and sing along the long path of the flying grass. And I am here, peaceful and steady, with your longing for tranquility, in that small town with hazy drizzle, peaceful。

ionJing I. I only wish to be well with each other and remember each other without worries. In the past, I was very timid and seemed very bizarre. Even a trivial ant was very afraid. So my father taught me some methods and tried several times to make me no longer timid. The fresh flowers have already sprouted, and the green grasses scrambled out of their heads in search of this beautiful world, making this campus full of vitality. In the inter-class exercise, all of our students exercised, and each student was full of energy, with an eagle-like posture, exuberant vitality. After the end, my classmates asked me to pick osmanthus at the corner of the campus. The scent came out before anyone arrived.。

igi,I walked along the scent, leaned down, and sniffed gently with my nose. Yeah, it was so fragrant. Just then, suddenly a bee flew to my cheek. When I ran back to the classroom, I felt like a beastly fear, and this thing left a shadow in my heart. From then on, I was afraid of bees. Another time, I went home with my parents. Walking on the road, night gradually came. Although I was with my family, there was still a trace of fear in my heart. There are some strange ideas in my childish mind, will there be ghosts? Will you always follow us? I kept holding my mother's hand tightly, sweating in my palm. When I got off the bus, I looked around with a gift, but I saw the black one。

2006年A few lights gleamed vaguely, and I ran to the gate carrying something, knocking on the gate violently, trying to escape from the darkness earlier. But it seems that the grandparents at home did not hear, and the cry of small animals sounded in the quiet night of the country, which made me even more creepy. I was knocking on the door again and shouted again, for fear of being swallowed by the darkness. Just when I lost myself and felt helpless, I felt bright. The door opened and I was rescued by the light. I rushed into the door and threw it into my grandmother's arms. When I slept in the middle of the night, I was awakened again, and I was tossing and turning, and I couldn't enter my dream. Now, when I think back to that day, I still feel terrified. Gradually。

My parents have discovered the weakness of my timidity. In order to help me overcome this problem, my parents sometimes come to me to talk to me, tell me some inspirational stories, and often teach me to read more. From the "Helen Keller" I learned not The spirit of giving up, I learned the spirit of fortitude and perseverance in the book "How is Steel Made?" Slowly, I dared to overcome this timid unhealthy psychology. In life, I try to play with ants, set up home for ants, and write a diary for ants. When night came, I also dared to appreciate the beauty of the night. When I felt lonely at night, I knew that there were stars to accompany me, such as a bright light guiding me to grow up healthily, and I still became a bold and responsible person. After this experience and perception, let me understand only。

Only by overcoming yourself can we overcome all difficulties and obstacles. On my way to spend the season, I bravely moved forward. The current traffic situation is really worrying. Every time I take a bus to school, I will be stuck because I am stuck halfway and worry about being late. With more and more vehicles and more and more traffic jams, what will happen to the city in the future? The car in the future city in my mind has been eliminated, replaced by an artificial intelligence flying saucer that shuttles in the air. This flying saucer uses a new type of natural fuel, smokeless, odorless and pollution-free, absolutely low-carbon. In order to prevent traffic chaos in the air, the sky is divided into different levels and different longitude and latitude safety routes. No matter how many UFOs will fly in an orderly manner under the automatic navigation of the smart computer, there will never be any。

5Blocking and accidents. What about the roads on the ground? Hey! When you are sitting on a flying saucer, you will see that the roads linking the buildings are no longer roads full of traffic, but a series of beautiful green belts, a variety of trees, and colorful flowers. The air is fresh in the city, and there are birds and flowers everywhere. Who else knows about the smog? People usually live in a large garden. Will tourism be affected? of course not! We have developed multiple alien planet tourist areas, each city has a space station. Ordinary people can also travel in outer space by spaceship and enjoy different alien styles. Have you ever wanted to go to the planet, water。