rriWaves, towards a goal, constantly impact. One wave falls, the next wave rises again, never tires and never stops. I suddenly heard a voice, accompanied by the notes of the sea jumping, accompanied by the sudden wind, and the hot light of the sun, it said to me: You do n’t have to learn others, just be yourself, you have to do something. As long as we move towards a goal and work hard, we will become a different self! Yes, no matter how good others are, they are also others. The only thing we can do is surpass others. You hear, the distant sea sends out a deep call, the voice gives。

ll,ShMy majestic power made me work harder if I were you, the sea. I will be as tall as the waves, and take the waves in front of me fiercely to make myself the best. A good book is a precious blood of a great soul. This famous saying is on the road of my growth, let the book always accompany me to grow up; let the book and me become a small partner; let the book become my inseparable good friend! Hello, this little friend has followed me for a long time, it has given me a lot of knowledge. Whenever I am unhappy, my little friend will appear in front of my eyes, help me solve my worries, and add a lot of fun to my extracurricular life, especially children's pictures。

hieThe library has become a dining hall for my spiritual food. Hello Children's Library, there are many kinds of books. Whenever I encounter a problem, I will go to the children ’s library to read a book to find the answer. I remember one time, when I was working, I was so hot that I was suffering from back pain, and I felt very hard. I was about to stop working and not doing it. At this time, my partner ’s voice rang in my ear and said: Do you remember There is a sentence in the book "Love Labor". It is glorious to love labor, and it is shameful not to work. Immediately after listening, I clenched my teeth and made up my mind to continue. In this way, in addition to learning a lot from the book, I also understand a lot of truth。

ldsHello in the spare time, I will pay close attention to reading every minute, every second, because the book has become my good friend, it makes me deeply appreciate the good book, it will have a profound impact on the growth of teenagers and even their lives influences. Learning to read, reading more, and reading good books has become my motto. Why do you say that I don't love my good friend-the book? The Spring Festival is coming, and every family is greeted with lanterns, and they are overjoyed. Have new expectations for the new year. But naturally, the sound of firecrackers is indispensable. In my hometown, my father readily gave me money to buy a gun. Want to buy a gun? That's also exquisite, as the saying goes: it's beautiful to fight. In other words: if you want to play, you can play hard. I don't buy that kind of small gun, but buy that medium and big, clarinet! The cousin who came back from Zhengzhou with me。

,WooHey smiled and said to play cannon, that is also a variety of tricks. There are thorn flowers, double ringing, knotting. . . . And the big bang! My cousin likes to play with thorn flowers. Voila! You see he squatted there, with a lighter in his left hand and a gun in his right. He poured out the gunpowder powder in the gun, one, two, three. . . . . . The tenth fell. At this time, the cousin lit the gunpowder at once. Wow! Suddenly, small fireworks formed. The bright sparks were rendering the sky, and they crackled continuously. But people's faces are filled with happiness and joy. When you are bored at home, just go out. After a while, I still feel bored. Suddenly, I thought of a fun. After discussing with my cousin, we found a way to entertain and throw guns at other people's homes. With that said, we shot a little and lost our hands. After three seconds, bang。

d和BecWith a blast, the cannon rang, and the sky rang. There was a verbal abuse inside. My brother and I immediately hid. He laughed straight behind the gate. Later, my brother and I continued to release. Until the sixth time, we were discovered. They called my parents. I was quarreled badly by my father in the hall. The group of talents swaggered away. After that, my father refused to let us fire for three days. Three days later, my father told us that it was wrong to do that. That is our relative! Speaking of which, I can't help but feel that my father should say a lot of truth behind him. can. . . . . . Unexpectedly. Father no longer squeaks。

k2004I asked my father why? My father told me: Actually, I also like to play cannons! And I do n’t like the family. Later, my brother and I said in unison: No! Then I thought about it carefully. Did my father educate me or teach me that? Those neglected friendship grade seven or six names Wang Mengya School Junzhao Junior High School always have some things that will be forgotten and will be ignored. And when you sit down and think about it quietly, you will remember and regret. Perhaps those things that have been ignored have been lost. In our life, we will always meet such a person: in front of her, you will expose all your own defects: fragility, ignorance, simplicity, impulsiveness, too distrust, too self-confidence ... will also reveal The truest oneself。

Real feelings: like, hate, loss, daze, fear, happiness, sorrow ... maybe you can cover up well in front of other people, but never escape her eyes-that person can always be with you People together. I now have affection, and there are many people around me, but I ca n’t forget the pure friendship that I ignored. Because it is ignored, is it going to be lost slowly? I don't want to lose, but at this age I still don't understand what retention is. People who will always be there will not leave, I often think so. I grew up with her since childhood,。

It can be said to be small. We are in different grades, I am one level higher than her, and she will call her sister sweetly every time she sees me. Both of us like to eat, and I like to eat the food she has cooked for me. In elementary school, we played together every day. However, she did not study well. So my mother would not let me play with her. I have been very hard to help her with tuition for a while, but maybe he is not a piece of learning material, and he can't mention it at all. But I really like to play with her. Love the feeling of being with her. We can no longer sleep together in the middle of my house at night because we have a stomachache that is laughing because of a gossip, but we dare not speak out, afraid to disturb my family to rest. Eat or not。

There will be happiness before. I know her and I know, but no one wants to mention it, and no one wants to believe. The friendship that once thought indestructible is slowly diminishing; the person who once thought right is slowly losing. Is this growing up in a large population? Then I don't want to grow up, I just want to have that innocent friendship. Habit is an indispensable part of human beings. With habit, it also destined a small part of your life. Some people get up early in the morning to study, this is a good habit; some people do not do their business from morning to night, this is a bad habit. Many people have my habits, but some people ca n’t stick to it, that is-reading。