闲活动Suddenly braking, but it was too late, and fell a dog to eat shit. I touched it, it turned out that I fell into a small ditch, I got mud in one hand, and my pants and upper yi were also wet. I got up and crossed the ditch. Suddenly, I glanced forward, my heart tightened, and there was some earthy soil in front of me. I walked over and saw some tombstones. Ah! It was actually a graveyard! My scalp was numb and I thought of a ghost word. I just wanted to turn my head and run back, and suddenly remembered the story of "Lu Xun kicking a ghost". I don't know where the courage came from. I raised my head and raised my head, not squinting, and strode through the graveyard. It ’s so far away from the grave, my heart。

为老Still jumping suddenly, I thought: There is no ghost in the world, the mediocrity disturbs it. I continued to walk forward, the sky was still dark. I walked for a while, and I did n’t feel that I had reached the place to buy things. In an instant, a trace of stability calmed my heart slowly. At this time, I felt that as long as you can relax, do n’t be so nervous As long as there is perseverance in the road, there is nowhere to go. On a weekend, I sat on the sofa watching TV, looking at it, and fell asleep unconsciously. A sudden knock on the door awakened me ... who? I walked to the door and opened it, and there was no one. I saw a card on the ground. It said awesomely: Congratulations, you got a chance for a day trip in the future! Just like that, after a few days, I will。

年运Departure ... Look, here we are, this is my hometown-Dengfeng. The miniature sonic transmitter in the ear is systematically introduced: here is Dengfeng fifty years later. After listening to this sentence, I got out of the car. I decided that I came to my alma mater. When I arrived at the station, I was ready to say hello to the guard, but found that the guard room was empty. Oh, it turns out, a new security system machine has been installed on the gate. The grandfather of the doorman can rest. Of course, the doorman room was kept as a memorial. Look, there is a finger on the left side of the gate。

动员提供了fThere is a face recognition on the right side of the pattern switch, so everyone in the school must register to avoid strangers from taking advantage of it. When I entered the campus and came to the teaching building, I realized that the students there were not carrying school bags. I was very strange, so I went in and looked at it. Wow! As soon as I entered the classroom, I was amazed. It turned out that there are many small compartments in the classroom, in order to explore thoroughly, I entered a compartment. I found a strange device on the desk in the cubicle with a button on it, and out of curiosity, I clicked. Who knows, that device immediately popped up a crystal blue silver screen, and I looked at it. There are courses needed for each class. It turns out that they all learn independently. it is good。

建立社交Amazing! I couldn't help but exclaim. When I walked out of the teaching building, I suddenly felt a little strange, because I have always smelled a scent since I entered school. It turns out that our school has started the automatic ground cleaning system. With this system, the ground will be much cleaner, and it will also smell fruity. And, this system will also turn those garbage into nutrients or some kind of motivation to help people. There are many such high-tech things, but only one day, there is no time to visit the complete. So I can only reluctantly enter the return journey. In this world, many people admire some great men,。

和情But I admire my father, he has paid a lot for us, and he is very concerned about us. He makes money for us, regardless of his own hard work, and allows his family to live a happy and happy life ... If you are not happy, you will blame yourself in your heart. Although the fathers of some children work in the field, but the father ’s heart is still connected with their loved ones. Although we are on the other side, we still hide your love for us in my heart. I will use actual actions to reward you, and I will use learning to Repay you. Some fathers were construction workers. That was something I personally experienced. Once I went to a restaurant and saw a construction worker holding a handful of soil and put it on bricks. Let us live in a high-rise building. From that moment, I started to respect from the bottom of my heart。

Admire him ...... Some people think that mother's love is selfless and great, but I think my father is no exception. My father is dedicated to us silently. I love my father forever and hope all children in the world know : It ’s not just maternal love that ’s great, do n’t forget the father ’s commitment to us. In the past few days, my mother has been very busy and has no time to control me, and my rebellious period has just happened again. I feel more free and unrestrained, like a bird soaring in the sky, singing happily, like a wild horse off the reins, a free Mercedes, like a young wolf just getting food, happy howling. However, a burst of rapid footsteps broke the beautiful dream I just woven.。

dThe sour hot milk broke my food habits and challenged my taste limit. The sour taste was not easy to bear. Get up, what are you doing, go to your job and go away. Shouted without an image. My mother was obviously shocked. Then I calmed down and drank, and I went to work. A white and wrinkled hand handed me a glass of white sticky objects-milk would not drink without drinking or drinking, it would be difficult to drink and die, it really challenged my taste limit. Scolded with a twisted face. Drink quickly I watch you drink. She followed my words without thinking. I took a sip like that, he。

Seeing me drink, a slight smile appeared, and the smile flashed into my eyes. But did not care, turned around and went out. A series of good fluent movements, open the door and walk in. Open the drawer, take out a shabby thick book, flipping open again is a fluent movement, so smooth. Put the milk in the hand on the lips, gently stick the tongue on it, and taste slowly, only to find that it is sour, but sweet, not astringent at all, not bitter at all, and another kind of difference The taste is the taste of tears and milk. People are strange, they are always good at discovering the mistakes and shortcomings of others, and ignoring that is far more than mistakes and shortcomings。

jThere are so many correctnesses and advantages, and those that are ignored can sometimes even change a person's life. After a person has done one thing, many people pick faults in it. Once they find a fault that only accounts for one millionth of the thing they do, they must be accused of it horizontally, but they do n’t see what he has There are 900,900 parts per million correct in doing things. This is how things look, and so do people. We are often easy to discover the shortcomings and shortcomings of others, while ignoring the strengths and strengths of others. I once had a classmate who did not perform well, so she was accused by the teacher all day long, sometimes even picking bones in eggs. As everyone knows,。