13;HeMimi and Doudou agreed that the outside world was too dangerous and opposed me. My anger flew away, hum! Do not accompany me, I will go by myself! So I flew out of the big garden ... On the way, I encountered many interesting things, alas! Unfortunately, Mimi and Duo did not come. I flew into a small flower cluster and was about to eat nectar. But who knows, I heard a horrifying cry! It is my natural enemy-from the bird! God! I panicked and hid among the flowers, but was still found! Because the color of my wings is so eye-catching! Just be a bird。


o和The moment I grabbed me, a familiar hand pulled me back from the ghost door. Mimi! I shouted in surprise, boo, Mimi quickly covered my mouth, don't make a noise, otherwise it will be found. I looked out and saw that the bird was searching for our traces. Seeing the bird approaching step by step, we had nowhere to hide. At this time the buzzing sound rang louder and louder. I was dumbfounded, the yellow saucer that commanded the bee was duo! I saw it led countless bees, and surrounded the weak yellow bird. After several fierce battles, we defeated the Yellow Bird with a multitude of worms, it was too late to sort out Ling。

Lee,20The messy feathers flew away in embarrassment. I asked them in surprise: How do you know that I am here? Mimi and Duo said in unison: We can't let you down, we will follow you quietly! We hugged tightly. Gently, the spring breeze kissed your hair tips; softly, dewdrops whispered with you, you nodded frequently to respond to them, and smiled secretly, laughing so sweetly. The playboy's feet stepped on your weak body freely and unrestrainedly. I felt resentment and pain in my heart and gently soothed you. If I were you, I would cry in pain, and even use special methods to drive away this nasty kid! But you smiled at me and said: No pain, no pain, their laughter is my greatest joy. Your smile, how bright and satisfying; your beauty, although petite and weak, is unparalleled; your tolerance, you。

10.此The broadness of my life is beyond my reach ... The years won't spare you. The tenderness and petiteness of your youth gradually fade away, and your beautiful face is fading away. Although her face is getting older, her yellow hair and wrinkles on her face can't hide your beauty. The blazing fire ignited your old body, and the wailing from you made me heartbroken. do you know? I want to save you, but I can do nothing. The nasty people talked and laughed in spite of your life, leaving me sad and crying. The fire was small, I rushed in, looking for you anxiously, but no trace of you. A mass of dead ash on the ground told me how to face it, gently hold it up, and make a final farewell to you. If I were you, I would safely accept my death, my life was so fragile, in。

外,gWhat is the use of struggling. That fierce fierce scary, or choose quietly into the earth. In the spring of next year, so many fields were opening, and I wandered outside, sucking fresh air greedily. Closing my eyes lightly, I seem to be in the clouds, I dance lightly, what is pulling my trousers, and leaning down, it is you, it is you ... How to do it? You laughed again, I long for life, long for the sun, I want to climb up step by step. This house has gold, lotus flowers, small fish ... shaped, each house has four floors, the door is made of chocolate, the table is made of layers of mushrooms, the bed is made of soft bullet Made of. The first layer is to eat, wash and pick up。

For guests, the second floor is for flower viewing and robot service, the third floor is for cooking, and the fourth floor is for playing, watching TV, learning and sleeping. When a guest comes as a guest, the robot will report in advance, then cut the fruit, and the table will automatically serve tea to greet the guest. When you want to enjoy the flowers, please go to the second floor, there is a remote control to control the floral fragrance, what you want becomes what you want, what you want becomes what you want, there will be a robot Service too! For cooking, you have to go to the third floor. The cooking stuff is smoke-free. It ’s not that you cook in person, but that the robot cooks. If you want to sleep or watch TV, please go to the fourth floor! The robot will take the initiative to accompany you to play the game, or call the children to come。

Accompanying you to play, you can also play whatever program you want to watch, and you can fight against nature. Whatever you want will appear in front of you! In the future, I will be a clothing designer. I want to design a distinctive yi suit. This yi suit is called a magic yi suit. It can be worn on the body and can vary. First of all, this yi suit can change with the seasons. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The fabric of this yi suit uses a high-tech nano fabric. It is like a sensor on the yi suit. It will give you warmth when it encounters cold air. It will keep you cool when it gets hot. Also, the front buttons of Yi clothing are actually used to help change the shape of Yi clothing.。

When you encounter wind and rain, you click the first button, then the yi suit will protrude from the sides of the shoulder to hide the hidden structure, making this yi suit into a waterproof rain all at once. You don't have to find a place to avoid rain in a hurry. When you go home at night and can't see the road, you click the second button, it will change the color of this suit into a fluorescent color to illuminate the dark road at night and let you get home safely. If during the day when the sunlight is very strong, you can click the third button again, it will immediately become a radiation-proof clothing, so that you will not be afraid of being tanned。

gAnd it can also protect the skin! Finally, I want to tell you that the yi clothing fabric I designed is soft. The style is trendy. The colors can also be selected at will, and there are more functions. I hope you will like the yi clothing I designed in the future. The flower tree is beautiful with leaves; the leaves fall and the tree is the posture; if the branches are decayed, the root is the carving. This is true of trees and plants, not to mention people? Human life should be like a flower, not afraid of defeat, undefeated. The eagle hits the sky, and the fish flies shallowly. Because they have their own dreams, they have a different life. Since ancient times, how many literati Mo Ke has been sticking to his dreams on the road of life: the poetry fairy Li Bai has long winds and waves, there will be occasions, hanging on the sails of the sea and the pursuit of life; Qu Yuan's road is long, and I will seek it Life pursuit; Lu You has zero。

gAfter the completion of the mud and dust, only the fragrant life pursuit ... They have different hobbies, different pursuits, and naturally life is different. Even if one day, the flowers fall and the leaves die, but the heart remains unchanged, the dream remains unchanged, and the pursuit of life is still there. Freedom is not adult, adult is uncomfortable; without suffering, it is difficult to be a man. Life is an invisible piggy bank, and every effort you put in will not be wasted. The life of smart people is constantly striving to improve themselves and find fun. They use all their energy to create a colorful life. Their lives, like jasmine, will still leave a hint of fragrance after opening. The life of a confused person is to retreat from difficulties, not to fight hard, not to be restless。

1Ann, they put all their energy in the afterlife. Their lives are like dandelions, and the wind blows away without leaving memories. Therefore, whether you work hard depends on yourself, and what kind of life depends on whether you work hard. The mountains are green, the rivers are flowing, the road to life is long, and the mountains are long and the water is long. In the long road of life, different people have different practices. Some people are afraid of trying to try to see the road ahead is rugged and dangerous. They do not appreciate the happiness of perseverance, and life is incomplete. Some people saw thorns in front of them, and gave up when they heard howling wolves. Their efforts were short-lived, and their lives were regrettable. Some people see thunder and thunder ahead, wind and rain mixed, but still wind and rain, persevere, and finally will be dark and dark, their life is。

Successful. Perseverance, decayed wood does not fold; perseverance, gold stone can be carved. Life is precious in perseverance. There are many strange kittens in life, such as: kittens that do not catch mice; lazy kittens; kittens who sleep all day long and so on. My family has an obedient kitten whose name is Doudou. It was a hot summer vacation. One morning, I was falling asleep and smelling, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell. . . . The alarm clock awakened me from a deep sleep, so I called Doudou and asked it to bring me my slippers. Doudou ran out immediately with two beeps, and slowly pushed my slippers over, I Put on slippers and walk slowly to wash my face with a basin of cold water, it looks like drunk, I have seen Doudou before I wash my face。