他参… I was like a bird just released from the cage at that time, carefree and free. The long river of time rushes forward endlessly, river banks, embankments, river beds ... we have no time to pay attention to their beauty, we can only ignore them silently, and never even remember later. We only care about the delicate flowers, and those neglected grasses can only sigh helplessly. The sky in the east is slightly whitish, the world wrapped in silver is lonely, and the cold wind blows slowly, but it makes people tremble. Suddenly, the door of a family was slowly pushed open, and a middle school student who was ready to go and a father who was sleepy。


与者Dear. The father, who was only wrapped in thick cotton jackets, was shuddering with the biting cold wind, and the middle school student shrunk his neck and hurried forward, his father's instructions came from behind. Slow down the road, it's not yet dawn, just after snowing, slide carefully! Father blushed and shouted gaspingly, do you lack money? Missing, I will give you some more. He opened his eyes wide, and his bright eyes revealed the desperate mood of Jackie Chan, and all he left was his back and his impatient words: No, I'm gone, goodbye. Until the turn and disappear, the back did not look back. All that was left was his father standing there, thinking about something. His eyes were full of the child's back, but he didn't look back once. A cold wind blew, and my father sneezed and quickly walked in。

建立社In the house, after a brief tidying, he carried his briefcase and stood at the door like his son. He was about to lock the door and set off. A familiar trembling voice came from the house: Son, slip on the road, slow down. He froze involuntarily. He broke his heart for his son and kept nagging and telling, but ignored the source of those nagging and telling. The father replied gently in the cold wind: I know, thank you mom. Immediately after locking the door, he turned away, and tears dripped from his ruddy eyes. He silently sighed: how is the true feelings in the world. As parents, they always keep telling their children, but they always ignore their parents' advice to their children. We always care about some people or things, but we always ignore what cares about us。

交和情people. The long river of time runs endlessly forward, and we need to observe carefully, and don't forget those beautiful things ... The storm is coming in this world, and fear can be heard in the rain faintly. The nameless weed in the flower bed also fell because of its advent, and I am one of them ... After the wind and rain, everything returned to the peace of the past. The delicate flowers in the garden became more splendid after the wind and rain. And the remaining flowers and grass that fell in the rain, everywhere are the debris left by them, scattered in every corner, silently disappeared. I stroked the withered flower and sighed in my heart, wondering when it would be reborn. Again。

感联系Can it withstand the next heavy rain? The storm hit the window again, and the clouds covered the whole world. Looking out through the window screen, the cold wind pierced my body, which made me shudder. The rain river flows down along the roof of the building, soaking the walls and soaking my heart—grandma. I lived with my grandma since I was a child. She is the closest person besides her parents. But because of the unpredictable disaster once disappeared forever for me. I stood in the rain, silently listening to the rhythm of nature, and the tears followed the heavy rain in the boundless fields. But I know that no matter how I keep, my grandma will not stop flying to heaven because of my retention and tears, and will never return to me. Since then, I seem to have changed, and the smile on my face has disappeared.。

.例如,Lost in that heavy rain. The temperament became unpredictable, and no one dared to be my friend. I wandered in my world, trapping me like a maze. I ran desperately inside. But I couldn't find an exit. I was confused in this maze, and I couldn't find a way out ... Gradually, I accepted her to appear in my world. I slowly opened the door in my heart and opened my heart to her. Tell my story to her. She was never bored and always listened to my heart carefully. She took good care of me like her sister, and I tried to slowly break that layer of solitary omentum. She seemed like my beacon to accompany me out of the endless maze. He always handed me snuggling shoulders when I was sad. Won't give up because of my indifference。

本杰明,I. And the most important thing is that she regained the style of yesterday for my world! It was another stormy baptism, and I was still standing there. However, this time is different from the last time. There was an extra woman beside me. She took my hand and accompanied me to complete this major baptism. And I am no longer confused. After the rain, I enjoy the warmth of the sun. The fear and confusion in the air also disappeared in this world with the baptism of heavy rain. There is only a hint of fragrance around me ... Seneca once said: As long as you continue to work hard and work tirelessly, there is nothing you cannot conquer. I am a persevering little man. Last Sunday, I went to climb Songshan with my dad and my mom. Everyone else climbed for a while and stopped for a while. Mom and Dad and I have never stopped and have been climbing。

爱德华Mountain, this line is a wild line, so everyone is careful. Several uncles wanted to reach out to help me, but I refused. I want to climb up by myself. My parents and I were the first to reach the top of the mountain. When I reach the top of the mountain, I really feel like I will be at the top of the mountain and look at the hills. We cooked the noodles on a picnic stove, and after eating the noodles, we took a break and went down the mountain. The road down the mountain is very steep, so be more careful. The road was very slippery because it had just rained. We grabbed a tree branch and went down the mountain. On the road, we even met my classmate Rong Siyu. She had been nagging the mountain road and it was hard to go. My parents and I were the first to go down the mountain. Rong Siyu did not keep up. I am very proud! Another time, my brother and I raced to climb the stairs,。

兹和巴A total of ten times. I never climbed to the tenth floor without taking a break. But his brother was not. He climbed a floor, took a break, climbed a floor and took a break, two minutes later than me! I won! Brother said: Congratulations! I am so happy that I can't express it in words! Some people say that fatherly love is a book because he is heavy; some people say that fatherly love is the sea because of its depth; some people say that fatherly love is a lily because it is warm, but I want to say that fatherly love is like a mountain! My father is an authentic farmer. He does not have a deep culture, nor a rich income, only。

蒂20A benevolent heart only has a mountain-like love for its children. In my impression, my father is always unsmiling and almost harsh and severe. When the children of other people are still listening to stories in the arms of my father, I have started reading and writing under the supervision of my father; when the children of other people are enjoying the care of my father, I have started to wash my socks and clean myself Room. Sometimes, I always doubt whether my father really loves me, or whether I am not his own. Until that year, I really completely rejected my almost absurd idea. As my age grew, my father's demands on me became higher and higher. Because of this, when I violate school discipline or make mistakes。

After the mistake, my father always refused to forgive me, making me always uneasy. However, when I encountered difficulties in my studies, my father always told me to be patient, careful, and serious; when I encountered setbacks in my life, my father warned me that failure is the mother of success. Rainbow, under the guidance of my father, I became mature and strong every day! You will be surprised to see this topic, but you are not mistaken, it is the gas car, then what does it look like, let me tell you. The gas car is not the same as other cars, no, it should be completely different. It is very environmentally friendly and does not need diesel fuel at all.。

And gasoline, only need electricity, which is particularly convenient. The air car does not need wheels, or high-horsepower engines. He uses an air compressor to draw in and compress the air, so that the ordinary air becomes compressed air, and then separately discharged from the bottom of the front and rear to make the car Floating in the air. This greatly reduces the friction between the car and the ground, so that the car can drive fast, and at the same time do not have to worry about those uneven roads. And where does that large amount of electricity come from? Haha, let me tell you, there are many small tubes in the body. When it rains, the water flows down the tube. Then, many tubes are joined together to form a large tube, and then down to two Tube, one pass。