读和理There are recipients. Then the teacher asked someone to send it. Let's open the envelope. There are letters written by friends who are thousands of miles away with the feeling of making friends. Although the contents of the letters are not the same, but the heart is the same, and we want to make friends with friends from afar. One day after they wrote to us, we wrote the letter and bought the envelope. All the reply letters to friends who were thousands of miles away were put in the envelope and handed over to the teacher for help. In this way, they wrote to us, and we wrote back to them, so that they were sent back and forth twice to us, twice to us, and twice to them. Then you must want to ask: Why do you say that you are a different friend! That's because they are friends who are thousands of miles away and they are different.。


解韩语why? Because they are good friends we have never met once, nevertheless, our classmates have not given up to meet friends who are thousands of miles away. do you know? They are all friends who miss them in my heart, and they are also different friends. In their minds, I think that we are also set as unique characters! This is my friend who is thousands of miles away, some friends who are different, and some friends who are different! Are our unique friends likeable and want to meet them? But do you know? I think we are some happy people, and people who have no friends have friends than we do. But we can't see each other than without friends。

的能It's so nice to meet people. There is always a loving look that can make me arrogant look back; there is always a look that looks forward to make my firm heart soft; there is always a look that encourages me that makes me discouraged to regain confidence ... When I was eight years old, I began to learn to dance. The gorgeous lights and graceful dance postures made me indulge in the enjoyment on the stage. At that time, I also participated in many competitions and got good results. This is how I like this art more. At the age of twelve, my parents did n’t want me to continue because of learning pressure and other reasons. At that moment, my fantasy about the future was broken. At that age when I liked fantasy, who would bear such a blow? I had no choice but to run away from home, unfortunately, it just happened to rain, yi。

力.共I am very thin, and I suffer from hunger. I am very conflicted. I want to go home and have to take care of my face. When there was a contradiction, the rain that hit me was gone, an umbrella was added to my head, and I looked up and saw my father's eyes, which made me feel warm. Seeing a ragged beggar on the roadside, his eyes moved down, what about his feet? This made me think of people who used pity to get sympathy on TV and cheated money from them. When I saw passers-by hurriedly passing by him, this was the mentality that I was more determined not to give him money. I pretended not to see him, but when I turned around, I just saw his bloodshot eyes. I did n’t know what made me soft. I turned around and walked to him and took out all my change to him. Now I think about it, It ’s not those eyes that make me feel soft。

有10? My mathematics has always been bad. Especially counting the chapters made me afraid. Regardless of the big test and the small test, my grades have always been unsatisfactory. My friend found my problem and the class teacher asked me to help me. With the final exam approaching, my pressure is even greater. Can I really make progress? I am uneasy to ask, of course there will be, he answered firmly. Before the exam, he turned back, just right, I looked up and looked back, his eyes made me more confident. Now think about it carefully. Isn't it the pair of encouraging looks that filled my heart? ——Inscriptions In recent years, the whole country has been advocating conservation, and conservation is no stranger to us. We can also easily see diligent and frugal slogans and public service advertisements on the streets, bus stops, the Internet, and TV. But how do we。

名参与How can we achieve real savings? It ’s summer, and it ’s no longer a dream to eat ice cream with the air conditioner turned on. Although this is a very pleasant and beautiful thing, the rise in global temperature is no longer an empty talk for people. Although the cool wind is comfortable, but once you save electricity, Reduce one time of damage to the atmosphere. Tests have shown that the most comfortable temperature of the human body is between 23 degrees and 25 degrees. Adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner too low is not good for your body. In order to be our home for survival, try not to set the temperature too low! After investigation by scientists, open。

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are generated during air-conditioning. These greenhouse gases increase in global temperature and global warming, which leads to melting glaciers and rising sea levels. Countries or regions at lower altitudes will be submerged and affect the water cycle. The rise in global temperature has also posed a great threat to the survival of many wildlife. In the past 10 years, animals and plants have moved an average of 12.2 meters to high altitudes and 116.6 kilometers to polar regions. The speed of movement is 2 times and 3 times the speed estimated by scientists in 2003, respectively. Not only。

fAs a result, many animals have lost their only habitat to perish until they perish ... Presumably everyone has seen the appearance of the humble polar bear and cute penguin playing freely. A trivial move may ruin their home … Also remind everyone to note that it is easy to go from extravagance to extravagance, and it is difficult to go from extravagance to extravagance. Nature has generously given us a gift of survival, and if we do n’t cherish it, she can withdraw it at any time. Accept the incredible gift that civilization brings to us, turn the switch light on, and turn on the faucet, there will be cold and hot water ... Saving is not a move we made on a whim, but it needs us。

1Persevere day by day. Saving is no small matter, everyone can do it. Let's start with ourselves and build a beautiful home! What time is it, not fast! With the call of my mother, I jumped out of the bed with a carp and glanced at the alarm clock, ah! It's 7:15! I quickly put on my clothes, wiped my face, and hurried to the school. Along the way, I had no time to watch the scenery along the way, took my steps to the maximum, and mentioned the fastest speed. Do n’t dare to think about anything, but meditate silently: when it comes, it ’s almost time. Suddenly, an old man with shabby clothing and shaggy hair appeared in my sight. Do not know why? There was a trace of memory in my heart,。