理与收集Liang changes every day, and I can't always finish its shape. I remember when I was young, I liked watching other people dance. The graceful posture and moving steps all made me feel fascinated. I always have the urge to show it on a beautiful picture! It is not enough to have desires, but also to add wings to your own desires, just like plants want to bloom beautiful flowers need to work hard to root deeper in order to absorb more sunlight and nutrients; To grow into a strong eagle, it takes courage and perseverance to fight the wind and waves again and again; just like Ma Erruo。


我们与韩If you want to ride the grassland, you need to be more diligent and tenacious, and dare to move forward into the unknown distance ... And if I want to be a painter, I need to work harder. Cultivate the habit of careful observation and diligence in life. Look carefully, study hard, think freely, and draw boldly. I believe that if I persevere in the long run, I will be able to fulfill my wishes. Ding Ding, Dang Dang ... I was awakened by this wonderful music, and I no longer wanted to continue to sleep. After eating, this good song is still in progress. I can't wait to get out of the house. A rain scene is in my sight. Isn't this superb sound, beautiful raindrops, exactly the opening ceremony of entering the spring world? Walking on the path, the flowers and plants on the side are very。

国大都市Beautiful, the willow tree pulled out a new strip, and the leaves that fell in winter returned to the mother's arms again. The petals of the flowers seemed to be pasted, and they became neat and beautiful from the original mess. Pedestrians on the road took off the heavy winter yi, put on thin short sleeves and shirts, with colorful umbrellas on their heads, and spring was everywhere. After a while, the rain stopped and the park was wet all over. There are some people playing piano and chess at the table. What a poetic scene! I couldn't help writing a little poem: Ah! how。

地区的老Wonderful spring rain, what a wonderful spring rain! I couldn't help admiring. Imagine how many poets have poured pen and ink on it for thousands of years! Such ordinary things are so beautiful! Spring rain is a symbol of spring! It's the beginning of spring! Is the beginning of spring! Spring, I love you, love your beauty. You are romantic, you are light. Undeniably, you are the most beautiful season in my heart! I have read a lot of books. Among them, I think the most interesting one is "Water Margin". The reason why I like Water Margin is that it is one of the four great masterpieces in China, and it also truly describes Song Jiang Lead a rebel army against the story of the Northern Song Dynasty. Many novels are depicted in the novel。

年人参加社Elephant: the naive and straightforward black whirlwind Li Kui; the evil and hatred flower monk Shang Lu Zhishen; the courageous and capable decisive walker Wu Song; the honest and clever prodigal Yan Qing. There are also people who hate people like Gao Ji, Cai Jing, Tong Guan, Liang Zhongshu, Cai Jiuzhi, He Taishou, etc. The most impressive thing in Shuihu 108 will be Zhiduoxing Wu Yong. Don't listen to his name being useless, but his ability is so great. It is still a military division in Liangshan! I like him because he is so smart. He devised a plan for Chao Gai, outsmarted his birthday plan, poured the blue-faced beast Yang Zhi with medicinal wine, and won the Beijing famous city Liang Zhongshu to present to Taitai Cai to celebrate his birthday.。

Hundreds of Thousands of Gold and Silver Jewelry; Song Jiang was arrested in Xunyanglou's anti-poem, and was taken to the execution ground together with Dai Zong, Wu Yongyong robbed the court; Lu Junyi and Shi Xiu were sentenced to death in Guan Daming Mansion, Wu Yongyong The plan to set fire to the Cuiyun Tower seized the Daming House; when Song Jiang was in Huazhou, Wu Yong again borrowed the second lieutenant Jinling to hang it and rescued Jiu Wenlong Shi Jin, Hua and Shang Lu Zhishen. He had a lot of tricks and was respected by Liangshan heroes. Many stories in the novel are ups and downs, fascinating. A series of storylines, such as outsmarting the birthday plan, making trouble in the breeze village, pulling down the willow, and Wusong playing the tiger, are all described with vivid colors, which makes people read all the time. My grandfather is 80 years old this year, and he is still a man who can't help himself. The other old people enjoyed their happiness at home at the age of eighty or seventy, with the care of their children. And my grandpa often goes。

Work in the ground. Mom and Dad often persuaded grandpa to say: We have a job in the first place, so you can rest at home! When Grandpa heard Lima Qing turning cloudy, he said: Going to work in the field, it is regarded as an exercise. How to do it at home. Grandpa and grandma do n’t listen to the advice of their parents, neither parents nor parents say anything. Grandpa is also very concerned about the study of me and my brother. Whenever my grandfather saw that my brother and I had n’t written homework, and were playing or watching TV, we walked to our side and said: Have you finished your homework? If you haven't written it, hurry up and finish your homework. Grandpa cares about us more than mom and dad care about us. Our family fed a dozen hens and eggs every day. Every Friday, I。

Grandpa will cook the eggs when he comes home, and eat when we come back. Mom and Dad are busy again. Grandpa will cook for us. Grandpa was afraid that we would not be full and gave us money to buy some delicious food. Last time, I did something wrong. Grandpa criticized me fiercely. I think I was wronged. Later, my grandfather wanted me to be reasonable and convinced us to take it by mouth. Only then did I know that praise is love and criticism, and love is more profound than praise. I realized I was wrong. Everyone is different, they are themselves. Own oneself。

Think differently from others, because others cannot become themselves. I used to be a person who always felt that I was wrong no matter what I did, and I was not confident in myself. But since I experienced that, I don't think so. I still remember that day was a hot day, and the school bell rang with the warm wind. The Chinese teacher asked me to answer the question. I panicked for a while and stood up slowly. The teacher told me again the question I forgot to ask. I suddenly stood upright for a while, and thought for a while: This sentence uses an analogous explanation, comparing raindrops to pearls, highlighting the pearls. nice. Suddenly there was a noise in the classroom。