制他们参It ’s not easy, it should be cherished. But at school, we often see people around us habitually dumping leftovers and leftovers, and always say with disapproval: This is what I bought with my money, just pour it. In fact, this habit is called waste. In our lives, there are many such wasteful behaviors: some books are written by only a few words and are abandoned by the owner; the water of the faucet cries but no one helps it; after the meal, you can see the full table No one left to eat leftovers ... Actually, saving is very simple: as long as each of us saves paper every day, fewer disposable chopsticks is equivalent to protecting trees and forests; as long as each of us saves a drop of water every day, then Can reduce drought; as long as each of us。


加深度By saving one grain of rice, you can reduce hunger ... It is easy to go from frugal to extravagant, and difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. Diligence is easy to say, but it is difficult to do. We must inherit diligence and thrift and make it a habit of us. I have no time to read "Water Margin" on weekends. I suddenly thought: This guy, Song Jiang, is not doing well, but surrendering to this matter, but I have to go to the Song Dynasty, save Song Jiang, and save Liangshan. I found my father and asked him to borrow their newly developed time shuttle. Reaching Liangshan, Song Jiang is driving a hero。

访谈的Yes, at this juncture, I didn't know how to operate the time shuttle. I fell from the sky and grinned. Where did the spy come from dare to come to my Liangshan barracks and steal secrets? Lao Lu rushed up and grabbed my clothes. Heroes spare their lives! After seeing the Water Margin many times and knowing the true meaning of life-saving, I immediately shouted and raised my hands. Huh, this time you ca n’t die. The two armies are not fighting yet. Who knows that Lu Zhishen wouldn't eat my set at all and still stretched his face. Oh, you stop, let me take a look at this person. Song Jiang, who was sitting in the middle of the rain, spoke. I can understand now。

能力,我们dWhy did Song Jiang have this nickname? It really rained in time. With a grateful attitude, I immediately said: I am actually a spy sent by the court. In my heart, I intend to speak out the plans of the future court. what! The court had just sent us Zhao An to send a spy, just to see that I would not let him meet the ancestor of the thirteen brother! Li Kui is a straight-tempered man, and he has to fight when he hears this. As soon as I saw that things were not good, I quickly turned my begging eyes on Wu Yong, a military commander. This wise man in Liangshan really did not blow out, came the sentence: Wait! Brother Li Xian stopped first. This life can be considered to be saved, and playing through it is indeed a twist. You said the court had a plan for us, and I also。

评估了每1After worrying about this matter, please tell me more about this strategy. Wu Yong took me to a secret place and began to ask me. I recalled the "Water Margin", what they let them fight Fang La, and then used a variety of tricks to say everything. Instead, he made a senior man in Beijing sneeze, and said to himself: Why does it feel so wrong? At this moment, the reinforcements of the imperial court came and said that Song Jiang and others were required to conquer the rebellion. Will Song Jiang, who already knows the matter, still send troops? Unless he really becomes a nerd, this is also impossible. As a result, Song Jiang made a good statement on the face, but actually sent a messenger to Fang La, demanding。

个潜在The two armies formed the Song's coalition. Because it was originally a peasant uprising, plus the various kinship of the soldiers, it was also very easy to form an alliance. So, under the banner of Qingjun, the Song Fang coalition began to send troops. I had nothing to do on that day, so I went to the military training ground to take a look. I saw two people fighting, it was Wu Song and Fang La. I saw Wu Song grabbed Fang La's trouser belt with one arm, and then tossed Fang La to the ground. Hey, how does this resemble a plot in later generations? It seems that although history has changed, Fang La has not escaped Wu Song's hit. However, how can the court tolerate this kind of thing? Song Dynasty Army。

参与者The strength is not blown out. One day I went out for a trip, but was discovered by a team of Song Bing. At that time, my heart was not good, and immediately fell down to surrender. That knows that the leader of the other party is faster than me, and he knelt down at once: the heroes are spared, the young are old and the young ... I am dizzy, and some people can surpass me in my best surrender, It seems that our great Song Dynasty is really talented. Sure enough, Song Fang's coalition forces succeeded in pursuing Qing Jun. It is said that Mr. Gao was directly scared to death, and it was a pity that he was a talent. At the moment when I was proud, I suddenly felt a whirlwind, only listening to the wind in my ears。

阅读2Around Song Jiang and others shouted: Come, come and save this little brother! Is someone secretly calculating me! I do n’t want to die early ... What an old age died, enough to go out and play. When I opened my eyes, it was Dad. It turned out that my dad wasn't so relieved, so I used the time shuttle to shuttle me back. Rest assured dad, everything is safe. But I haven't played enough, and I have to play again someday. Okay, but homework ... rest assured, absolutely all +! After some negotiation, now I often go to Brother Song to play. Gee, I played backgammon with Wu Tian every day and wrestled with Wu Song. This day is really good. On everyone。

Move a great power, this power can make people warm, can make people more demanding themselves. It is a habit! Everyone has a habit, a good habit may be trivial, but that can make people warm. Even if it is bent over to pick up a piece of trash, even if it is to send a sweet smile to the teacher and classmates, even if it is a good morning, good afternoon. One sunny morning, when I walked on the campus playground, I suddenly saw a classmate pick up the garbage on the ground and threw it into the trash can. After that, I met her, she said it was out of the power of habit, I think。

Her habits are worth learning! Since then, I have used her as an example to develop this good habit. Therefore, we should develop all kinds of good habits like that student. Habit is a great and warm power, it can promote everyone's behavior habits, he can exercise another positive energy! Students, you imagine how beautiful the world is, because of all kinds of good habits. One Sunday afternoon, I went out alone. Walking, God was joking, and suddenly it was pouring downpour. I hurried home, but the road was too slippery。