理解韩语I fell to the ground and broke my knee. I hurried to the roof to hide from the rain. I crouched under the roof and stared blankly at the road, waiting for the rain to stop. Just then, an adult came to me. Asking me clearly what is going on, I'm going to take me home, and on the way, we chat. Why do you help me? I do n’t know, maybe it ’s out of instinct. I ca n’t help it when I see someone wanting to help. Oh, it turns out that way, thank you. I once again feel that habit is a great power, I feel that habit is out of my heart。


的能fAs long as you work hard, you can succeed! Habit can make people warm, and habit can make people progress. Even if everyone develops an insignificant good habit, it is progress, which is worthy of encouragement and praise. No matter what others say, just two words: stick to it! Let me guess a riddle for everyone: My body is bigger than the elephant, I do n’t live on land, the king of the sea is me, and the shark is also afraid. Did you guess? Hey, of course I am a killer whale. My size is very large, about thirty-two elephants, my largest friend has 160,000 kg, and the smallest is about 2000 kg. If I were Zhang。

力,并提Open your mouth, you can't touch my upper jaw when you stand inside, so I'm so big! Do n’t you see that there is a fish in my name, I think I ’m a fish. I used to live on land, but because of changes in the environment, I became a fish. We have many kinds of whales, but in general they can be divided into toothed whales and baleen whales. The baleen whale has no teeth, and the toothed whale, as the name suggests, is the king of the sea, with sharp teeth. You must ask: what is the whale so big to eat? The baleen whale mainly eats shrimp and small fish, but also plankton. Without them, humans cannot live. The baleen whale sucks the shrimp and small fish together with the seawater into the stomach, and then filters the seawater out to swallow the shrimp and small fish Into the belly。

出了一些You can eat more than two thousand kilograms in one meal. The toothed whale mainly eats big fish and sea beasts. The toothed whale quickly eats up when it encounters big fish and sea beasts. Our killer whales are often divided into tens of dozens, surrounding a fin whale weighing more than 30 tons. It can be eaten in hours. People also gave us a name: killing whale, this is wrong for us, we haven't even happened to bite people, there is also a kind of whale, called pseudo killer whale, don't get confused. We also use our lungs to breathe, but our nostrils grow on the top of our heads. When we exhale, we rise to the surface of the water, and the ejected air forms a column of water. We sucked in enough air and dived into the water every ten to forty-five minutes I ’ll change it again. The water jets of the baleen whales are thin and tall, and the water jets of our toothed whales are slanted and short. Remember? We are just like everyone。

有关南朝鲜gI have to sleep all day long. I always have my head inwards and my tails out. I just debuted, and I do n’t know why I did this. If I heard anything, I fled immediately. We are born and are mammals. The fin whale was born to be more than ten meters long, and he can grow to thirty to fifty kilograms a day. It is estimated that humans cannot grow so much in a month. Fin whales can grow into big whales in only two or three years. Once, on the way to school, I saw a mobile phone that fell beside the trash can. That phone was particularly beautiful, and it should be a mobile phone dropped by a rich person. Suddenly。

的一An old grandpa walked over quickly, quickly picked up the cell phone and put it in his bag, he came over and said to me: Child, if someone comes to find the cell phone, you say you have n’t seen it. I picked it up and said that he walked away. At that time, I especially hoped that the person who dropped the phone would appear. Looking at the old man's back, I felt very uncomfortable. Another time, on the bus, an old grandfather from the country was going to make a bus. He didn't know it was an unattended ticket car. He took two large bags of peanuts, as if to give them to relatives in the city. He was about to get on the bus, and the bus driver said coldly to the old grandpa: No one sells the ticket, get on the bus for one yuan, and don't find more than one vote. A little girl said to the driver: So! I brush。

般性问题韩国Double card. The driver said: No, you are a child and cannot be brushed. The grandpa said anxiously: What if I don't have any change? At this time, a very beautiful aunt came over to the driver and said: I will pay for the old man to come up! At this time, many young people gave way to the grandfather, the grandfather was too excited to speak. Sunshine is warm and beautiful. It is the leader who leads us to the future. In my opinion, Tang poetry and Song Ci are like the sunlight that illuminates my heart. The busy summer vacation is coming to an end. Now, when I think about the hard work of these two months, I always think about how much I will get in return. However, if the young man does not work hard, the boss is sad. what. Although there are always endless ancient poems, but reading the works of ancient poets, I was born with a heart in my heart。

Respect and admire them. Let's talk about our poets in the Tang Dynasty. Speaking of the Tang dynasty, Wang Bo, Yang Jiong, Lu Zhaolin, and King Luo Bin… .. The four early Tang dynasties of ancient China flashed out, and they had more than 20 poems. The early Tang Dynasty came just after the Tang Dynasty, and Li Bai slowly floated over with a jug. "Wanglu Mountain Waterfall", "Willing into Wine", "Guozhongxing", "Early Sending White Emperor City", "Sending Meng Haoran's Guangling", "Gifting Wang Lun" and "Silent Night Thinking of Tianmen Mountain" ... Li Bai's poems are like stars. On the 300 poems of Tang Dynasty, there is a large list. The poet fairy just walked away with alcohol, Du Fu gasped, leaning on a cane, and slowly moved with a cough, watching him。

The only poem he wrote in his life, "Spring Night Joy Rain", could not help lamenting his tragic life. Accompanied by the bells of the late Tang Dynasty, Du Mu and Li Shangyin also came. I looked at their ancient quatrains, praised their poems, but sighed for myself ... The Song Dynasty came, the poets came, Li Qingzhao and others coming. Their words are sometimes low, sometimes irritated, I am immersed in the back. You see, a truckload of garbage is transported towards the open space, on the road, by the street, behind the house, there are white decorations everywhere. From time to time, there were bursts of stench. The source of life-beside the water, the color of the water has changed. Some are light black, some are yellow, others are dark green, and so on. There are things like plastic bands floating on the water, which is really more chic。

Pipes lined by cliffs were lined on both sides of the river, and they could not help overflowing with colorful materials. In the forest, on the grass. I heard only the sounds of trees and the shouts of sheep. The mountains became bald, without a tree, and the grass constantly became the desert, devouring a piece of grass on the ground. But human beings are not awake yet, they are still chopping, they are still grazing, they are still polluting ... a crooked stream flows warmly and warmly, and it gathers with his buddy door to form a white pill hanging on the mountainside, with golden sunlight on Like a golden rain in nature ... Nature began to nurture humans. Why is it a teacher like no other? He is too homeopathic。

cIs he too angry? Not at all! Want to know? Then look down. This teacher will always be serious in class, and after class almost becomes rag dolls for girls. Because in all his classes, there will always be a group of girls surrounding him before the class: some get his hands in front of him, some talk to him, some draw rabbit ears on the blackboard behind him, and some stand by him In the gap behind the chair. Anyway, he was regarded as a huge rag doll. Occasionally he would say a few words of rebellion, but they were all let down by us.。

Sometimes, after class, he found that the rabbit ears drawn on the blackboard by his classmates were not wiped, and he only smiled and scratched his head and wiped off. The teacher never quarreled us because of this kind of thing. It may be that our class did not get a good grade, but he still had to be queried by our girls for a while before class and quarreled us again after class. It was like the eagle was tricked by naughty chicks. Flowers have a flower wish, birds have a bird wish, and I have my own wish to be a soldier! Why do I have this wish? One is because I have loved guns since I was a child, whether it is a pistol, a long gun, or a gunpowder gun, I have played, but when I saw the gun in the hands of Uncle Bing, I felt envious and determined to grow up to。