的准确性1Let me tear up my classmate's record first! I justified one sentence. Who knows what you get is not understanding, but counterattacks one by one and sentence by sentence. My mother pushed and pulled me and said: Even if she tears up your classmate record, you do n’t have to teach her so loudly! Pulling her to the ground, how old is she! You are not sensible. I grieved my grievance and glared at my sister. He was accidentally seen by his father, and he said: Stop it! In the future, no matter what your sister takes, you can't argue with her. If you tear it, you will ignore her. What a big deal! I said: This is no big deal, this is not your thing, how easy it is to say。

.我们进行It's simply standing and talking without back pain. I didn't pay any attention to them. I walked angrily into my small room and looked at the classmates who had become two petals. My eyes were like a faucet that was not closed tightly, and the crystals leaked out. For me, everything has its own meaning, and everything has its precious memories. The gap of everything is one thing, and it becomes an incomplete jade. During the Chinese New Year this year, I read a representative work by the famous Japanese author Kurogi Toriko, "Little Doudou by the Window." This book tells a real and happy time when the author Xiao Doudou was in elementary school, describes an amusement park that makes people yearn infinitely, a principal who makes people worship infinitely, a kind mother, and of course, there is also a Both naughty, cute and naive little peas.。

了三步aXiao Doudou was naughty when he was in the first grade of elementary school. He often opened and closed the desk drawer when the teacher was in class, making it bang, and greeted people who passed by. In the end, the teacher couldn't help but had to persuade Xiao Doudou to drop out of school. Later, she came to Ba Xueyuan to study. So smart, lively, naughty, and cute, Xiao Doudou started his new study life in the tram school Ba Xueyuan. But she also encountered a principal who made her life unforgettable, Kobayashi Zong. Principal Xiaolin used her patience, innocence and love to turn Ba Xueyuan into a paradise for students. He used the abandoned tram to transform into a classroom for class, just like teaching in a running car. He let the children。

数据分析:He has chosen the courses he likes to learn. He took the children to nature for a walk. He let every child happily accept the taste of mountains and the sea. He took care of every child carefully and gave each child enough. Confidence, even if it is a child with physical defects like Gao Qiaojun. I really hope that all schools in the world are as non-discriminatory and ridiculous as Ba Xueyuan, only equality and love, tolerance and sincerity. Let us worry-free and learn knowledge in happiness. On the way, I suddenly realized that there was a man who was apparently approaching me. I was tense, and I immediately remembered the possible dangerous situations that the teacher often told me. Little sister, where is the children's hospital?。

1创建开He blocked my way. About 20 years old, cheekbones are protruding, thin lips and slender eyes, thin and thin face looks haggard, and the messy hair of the bird's nest makes me even more uneasy. He didn't bring any children, obviously he talked on purpose. Uncle, the Children ’s Hospital is not far from here. I do n’t know the exact way. The community clinic is in front of you. Please go there and ask. My heart pounded, but I pretended to calmly point to the clinic ten meters away. are you alone? Does your family live here? He does n’t seem to hear me, go on。

放编码,2Asked. Teachers and parents have taught me how to answer such questions more than once. No, my dad bought me a book inside! I pointed to the Longmen Bookstore on the roadside and said something serious. There was no dad in there, but the teacher said that the people in the store would definitely help me when I was in trouble. Oh ... he seemed unwilling, but he walked around in a daunting manner. I quickly speeded up and stepped into the school gate, and I let out a long breath of relief. Students, when we encounter possible dangers, although there will be fear and uneasiness, do n’t panic, remember that teachers and parents teach us how to cope, remember。

cMany uncles and aunts will help us. In the morning, I got up happily and found that there was already a big surprise waiting for me. My best sister in my kindergarten was Wang Ziyu. Ziyu came to my house to celebrate my birthday! Needless to say, my face must be full of surprises, I really can't think of it, which makes me surprised and moved and happy! Ziyu gave me the birthday gift she prepared for me, wow—! I exclaimed, a beautiful little sheep doll appeared in front of me. Ziyu, thank you, you are so kind to me! As I said, I hugged her. You do n’t need to say Xie Ziyu to laugh, do you forget? You will always be my best sister! At the moment, mine。

I was so touched, so touched, so happy, I was so excited that I couldn't say a word, only in my heart silently said: Ziyu, you will always be my best friend! As I walked, I sagged my head, muttered and groaned: Why is my birthday so sad? why? Why? Unconsciously, I have arrived in the art class, and I walked into the classroom listlessly. The first session is calligraphy class. After the class, all the students took out their brushes, poured out ink, and practised their brush characters seriously, but I was still thinking about my birthday. Just when I was in a daze, the teacher walked in front of me and instructed me to write the brush, and slowly I took the birthday。

fI forgot, and I increasingly like to write in Chinese. Although I did n’t have fun playing at home on my birthday, but through the hard work of this class, I can also write a beautiful handwriting, which is very meaningful and precious birthday gift for me what! I will always remember this! Fish is a gift from a stream, breeze is a gift from spring, grass is a gift from land, flowers are a gift from grass, and fruit is a gift from seeds. However, the gift the teacher gave me is a beautiful writing brush that I wrote word! After that, I will continue to pass on this gift to let the traditional Chinese culture last forever。

Save the world! Everyone has their own dreams. I would like to be an umbrella to hold up a heavy rain for those who pass by; I want to be a tree with green trees and towering sky, to support the birds that fly freely in the blue sky. Set up a home at room temperature; I would like to become a pavilion on a mountain, it doesn't have to be luxurious and gorgeous, simple, just comfortable. Set up a resting place for people who climb mountains, so that they can take a sip of breath, and then look at the beautiful mountains and distant waters in the distance, and the endless sky; I can solve the problem when I open it. I can't buy the joy on my face。

Here. My real dream is actually to become a well-known painter, practice realistic painting techniques, and paint anything. I hope to use my own hands to draw a piece of heaven to help those in need, to have a magic pen like Ma Liang, to help those in need, and to use their power to freeze time and space to draw a piece of their own world. First of all, I want to draw a lot of money and fragrant bread and milk to distribute to the homeless people who are helpless and helpless, so that they can eat and drink well, without having to sit on the chilly park bench at twelve in the winter Lying under a piece of broken big yi picked up by the patch, people who do n’t have to look at the door of the restaurant are eating hot and fragrant。