通过比Add white sugar to the jar until you get white vinegar. The white vinegar should be poured until all the garlic is completely covered. According to your own taste, add more sugar if you like to eat sweet. Finally, seal the jar with plastic wrap, close the lid, and put the jar in a cool place. After one month, you can make delicious and delicious sugar garlic. Have you ever thought about those that you miss? Have you ever looked for something that you suddenly remembered? Have you ever found these from the dusty bottom of the box, recalling and a story about it? When I moved that time, I found those in the dusty box, which had been ignored for six years, day and night, full of memories. There are beautiful little boxes, cute little play。


较每个开放bEven, the villain's book that is being read badly, some broken gadgets that I play ... holding it in my hand, remembering and all memories about it. In the depths of memory, there is a white curly bear, who often looks at me with big black gemstone eyes; the cute, small ears and tail move from time to time; the round head, cute Meng always has thoughts written on her face, holding the light in the distance with short hands, trying to jump out of the darkness with her fat legs; although I have never remembered where it came from and who put it Give it to me, on what day did you meet it;。

类别But I like it very much, like its curly hair, like its cute look, like it as my listener. Every time I pick it up, I have to tie it back with the golden bow around it. The bow represents my love for it. I like to chat with him, tell it everything that happens every day, tell happy things, sad things, distressed things, angry things, wronged things, if it has memory, I think it is the only one One knows my secret. I like to hold it in my arms. In my free time, I listen to beautiful music, drink a cup of warm fruit tea, bask in the sun, look at the gorgeous light reflected by the golden bow on his chest, think about The past, spent a boring day. Is it, in。

,我们yIn the dusty, unreachable box, I lay quietly for six years. I thought about it all the time, but I could only look at its back through the thick box every time, I think, then It misses me too. I miss it, but I can't touch it. I miss it, but I can only look at the back to eliminate the thought in my heart. I miss it, but I can't tell it to me. . When it returned to my hands, it changed, and the original white curls were gone, replaced by dirty gray hairs; the original big eyes like black gems disappeared, and the dust was covered with dust. , Dull and dull eyes; the golden bows and ribbons, I do n’t know when and where they fell, leaving only a circle of white curls. Tears fell from both places, dripping。

为每On the dull and dull eyes, the next moment, the dust disappeared, and the bright light of the past bloomed again. Although it will not have life as written in a fairy tale, I believe it is unique, it is my best friend, conscious, memorable, and emotional. Those ignored are carried by you and its memory. They have consciousness, memory, and emotion. It is part of your memory. Please do n’t forget them, because they also miss you, please be nice to them, do n’t Abandon them, whether you like them or not, they have souls. The ancients said: Lao Wu Lao, and the old man: Young Wu You, and the young man. We must not only honor our parents。

个新It is also the responsibility of our students in the new age to respect the elderly, care for the young children, and create a honest and respectful society in the whole society. Zilu, Lu nationality in the late spring and autumn. Among Confucius' disciples, he is known for his political affairs. Especially famous for bravery. However, Zilu's family was very poor when he was young, and he lived on eating coarse grains and wild vegetables all year round. On one occasion, elderly parents wanted to eat rice, but they did n’t have any rice at home. Zilu thought that if they crossed a few mountains and borrowed from relatives ’houses, they could meet their parents’ requirements. So, Zilu crossed the mountains and came back from a relative's house with a small bag of rice.。

兴类别生Zilu also forgot about fatigue. The neighbor's house is a brave and filial child. Bao Gong ’s father, Bao Yi, had served as a doctor, and after his death, sent a courtier to the criminal department. Bao Gongnian was known for filial piety when he was young, and his sex was straightforward. In the five years of Song Renzong's Tiansheng, he won a priest. Because his parents were too old to go with him, Bao Gong immediately resigned from his post and went home to take care of his parents. A few years later, his parents died one after another, and Bao Gong re-entered the career. This was only after the villagers had persuaded them hard. In feudal society, if parents had only。

成了隐含A son, then this son ca n’t leave his parents alone and just go to work as an official in the field, which is against the rules of feudal law. Under normal circumstances, parents will follow their son's future. Parents are reluctant to take care of the elderly in places where their sons become officials, which is rare in feudal society, because this means that sons must obey the law to take care of themselves. Regardless of the situation, Bao Gong can voluntarily resign from his official position, indicating that he is not a person obsessed with the officialdom, and his filial respect for his parents is also an example for some people who are underground. Filial piety is one hundred things。

8This is the beginning of all goodness. Filial piety, regardless of age, rich or poor, is feasible for everyone. May we keep this in mind. Seize the opportunity to do filial piety in time, don't wait until the tragedy of Shu Yu's quietness and the wind, and the child's desire to support and kiss, it is too late to repent. When I was in kindergarten, my mother often told me stories, and I fell asleep when I talked about it. The stock market gave me a little experience of misery and kindness, justification and evil. When I was in elementary school, my favorite books were) and). Once, my mother and I went to the neighbor ’s house and saw that there were many on their table。

Book, I picked up a book, and when I saw it, it turned out to be a novel of you. I said: Can this book show me? He said: Look! However, you must change it to me after reading it! I said: I will give it to you when I finish reading it. This is what happened to me in the third grade of elementary school. In the fourth grade of primary school, my life basically revolved around books. During the summer vacation, I lie in the bed and read a book every day. I placed the fan beside my bed, looked at the book, fanned the fan, and read the book) and). Mom always says me, get up first! I always promised, but what my mother said, I always regarded it as a deaf ear. For example, the guards around us, they work hard to protect our lives, so that we can have peace of mind, but。

jSuch a person is always ignored, and no one has respected him. The guardian's uncle is a small person around us and a neglected group of people. They have been greedy and conscientious since the beginning of the year. During the cold winter months, they stayed in their little offices all night and opened the door for the scattered night return crowds. In the usual idle days, they still kept close to the door and served the crowds coming and going Ensure the safety of students' lives and property. Years of age, spring and autumn come, new people enter, old people out. Life is changing and things are impermanent. The only constant is the responsibility on their shoulders and their dedication to work. I never think of a teacher, doctor, banker。