是LindAfter parking the car, we went directly to the supermarket to pick something. The bustling inside is full of children. It has been unprecedentedly crowded, completely subverting the neat image of the supermarket in the past. We can't take care of so much, and grab a lot of food, and ready to go home after eating. This time I was driving. I was cautiously holding the steering wheel in panic. Suddenly a big truck rushed towards us, saying that sooner or later, our car exploded. I woke up in sweat and tears, oh, it turned out to be a nightmare. Quickly go out and see, the adults are there. Alas, it seems that life without adults is not as happy as we thought.。

coThis kind of thing is good for dreaming, it should not happen in reality, haha! A young boy wearing thick glasses slowly walked to the computer, sat down, pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, and forgot to turn off the computer again. The little boy murmured. Open, a chat reminder with the words of Sai Zi Nima appeared, and the little boy opened the messages one by one and responded one by one. Then, tapping the space again, Dakan's friends' latest developments, hoping to comment on each one, the words are mixed with online language, and the little boy has invested in his own world-the virtual world. In this way, the little boy was unconsciously in the chat and in the confirmation and cancellation. night。

ln和GuDeep, the roadside of the courtyard entrance is quiet from the noisy side, and occasionally a few large trucks carrying soil pass through here, and even the smart sparrows no longer chirp, and the lights on the tall buildings are so few. Liang, the community at this time seems to be isolated from the world. The boy was idle and bored, and he pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and tapped the logo of the web game. The screen suddenly became dark, and a few large characters were loading soon. The little boy thought he was playing well, but the big computer screen always showed English subtitles. The little boy was so angry that he clicked on the chat program and exchanged game skills with a web player. Soon, under the guidance of that player, the little boy gradually。

ba1Mastered the game skills, thanks to the enthusiastic player, and began a new round of attempts. Sure enough, the player helped the little boy find the skills to play the game, making the little boy invincible. I am a beautiful big tree, about 3 meters high, the leaves are green and the trunk is brown. I live happily every day. Every part of my body has a task: the leaves are used to absorb sunlight. Use photosynthesis to convert sunlight into nutrients and deliver them to the roots; he also has a task to absorb water and nutrients. However, in the fall, my leaves will turn golden yellow, and then slowly fall, I also lost the green at the same time, but the root has no time to grieve, he wants to put。

985年建议The nutrients of the fallen leaves are all absorbed. The leaves of this tree can keep it busy enough, not to mention the leaves of so many trees, why reabsorb the nutrients of the leaves? Of course, I prepared for the next spring to grow leaves. There are so many people who love me, care about me, appreciate me, but there are also a few people who are not friendly to me. It ’s still light. If it ’s serious, it ’s a knife on us. I have repeatedly advised the lumberjack not to cut us down, but the lumberjack。

的成员9People didn't listen, and they said that I would cut me down again. Fortunately, I was an ancient tree, otherwise I would have been cut off by people. Three years ago, on July 22, my mother was washing her clothes intently, and the kitchen was still burning water. I was also concentrating on my homework. After about five minutes, woo! Woo! Woo! I thought to myself: Is the train coming? It turned out that the water was boiled, and then came the voice of my mother. She asked me to shut the water. I have already written about the climax. If I go to Guanshui, my thoughts will be confused.。

eSo, you go to shut down the water! When my mother heard this, she was upset and said, "I'm washing clothes!" Your hands are all wet, let alone, let you turn off the water without affecting you for too much time. You only need to turn off the water without letting you irrigate! I said: Since you want to irrigate, you have to run again, why do you let me run again? So, my mother and I insisted on each other, and at first we did not give in to each other, but in the end, I still defeated and had to obediently shut the water! After turning off the water, I irrigated it. After pouring the water, I saw the red furnace under the pot and thought to myself: What is going on? It's so red here! Otherwise I will touch it, try。

dNot hot. Thinking of this, I hesitated for a while, and finally decided to try it out. what! what! A deafening howl came from the kitchen. My mother rushed and asked me what was going on, and I said with grievances: Mom, I was scalded for a while and all blistered! After a few seconds, my mother laughed, and I said angrily: I am all burned, mother, you are still gloating! Then my mother comforted me and said: Silly boy, the bottom of the stove can't be touched, you must take this as a warning! Until now, my mother told me to turn off the water, and I still have a lingering fear. From time to time, I have to look at the stove. The Internet has allowed some people to gain treasure, and some people have lost themselves in the game. The network has both advantages and disadvantages. Let us summarize the benefits: 1. Necessity: This is an economy。

In the era of knowledge, information is expanding and exploding at an unprecedented rate. The future world is a networked world. If we want our country to keep up with the pace of the world in this information world, as the main force in the 21st century, we must adapt faster. This high technology must have the ability to obtain effective scientific information from the outside quickly and in a timely manner, and the ability to disseminate scientific information. Grandpa Deng Xiaoping once said: The computer must be grabbed from the baby. 2. Practicability: Sharing resources in the online world, he is like a cornucopia, an inexhaustible wealth。

5Jinshan, who diligently works hard on this Jinshan, who will have income. You can find the learning materials as soon as possible, you can learn more extracurricular knowledge, and use the in-class knowledge flexibly to promote the development of thinking and cultivate the creativity of students. Internet access can also surpass the constraints of time, space and economy, and interactive learning, rich three-dimensional graphics display, language commentary and other multimedia content on the Internet make learning easy and interesting, which is impossible for any textbook. 3. Practicality: In order to promote education informatization quickly, every school will have information courses to cultivate students' interest and awareness in learning and applying information and technology. And the network is giving us the same benefits。