之处在于Of course, that time will take 2-3 seconds. People are sober during this period and can see the whole process. So what are molecular launchers and narrow launchers? There are two above the garage, like a missile without a warhead, their role is to launch molecules and receive molecules. When you enter the garage, a large map will appear. The place marked with a five-pointed star is where there is a bridge. You just need to touch the bridge you want to go with your hand. After compressing or shrinking, it will be emitted from the molecular emitter. For your safety, there will be a protective body after the launch, which has a protective effect. For example, last year, when I was riding a bicycle on the road, I suddenly saw a cat walking from the front.。

我们yI stopped immediately and let the cat pass. But something that I didn't expect happened. This cat was hit by an oncoming car. I thought: if I let the cat stop there, the kitten would not be hit by the car. I regret it very much. Another time, when I got home, I saw a very cute puppy. I'm going to hug it. But I saw a white car, and I quickly brought the puppy over. But it doesn't listen to me, it is still standing there. The color of the car changed from white to red, so the puppy left the world. What a lovely puppy! That's it. I was very sorry, and at the same time, I was also very angry: the driver hit the puppy without looking at the road. thats right。

从广泛6Life! Another thing is: on my way home from school, because I didn't ride a bike, I walked home. About halfway through, I saw five puppies. These five dogs, white, flower, black, are very cute! I saw a cyclist passing by a puppy and accidentally injured a puppy. I hope that no more kittens or puppies will hit the car, and I also hope that those who drive will look better. These are the three things that happened to me on the way to school, which made me sad. I think you will be very sad when these things happen to you! Many things to go through in life。

的,There are many, there are joys and sorrows, there are laughs and tears, life can be described as colorful. Of course, I am no exception. In my daily life, there is one thing that makes my memory fresh. I remember it was a scorching summer, the weather was very hot, and even the clouds glowed strangely. Mom and Dad went to work that day, leaving me at home to watch the house, the weather changes unpredictably, and my mood also changes with the weather. I thought to myself that this day is too hot. If I refresh the house, my heart, as well as my father and mother's, will be much more comfortable! If I say dry, I ’ll take a pot of water first, then bring towels, mops and other labor tools, wipe the table, and mopping the floor ... Just when I ’m doing my work。

面向意义With a bang, this sounded like a thunderbolt in the sunny day. I accidentally shattered my mother's blue and white porcelain vase. I was stupid on the spot. I thought: If my mother saw me break her beloved vase After that, she would scold me, maybe I can eat fried meat on a belt, I dare not think down. When I was in a hurry, my mother came back. When she saw the broken vase, she immediately raised her eyebrows and shouted: Who did this? At that time, I really wanted to make things clear to my mother from beginning to end, but I was really scared, and I should say a word-I have more than enough power. I said to my mother innocently: When the little brother next door was looking for me to play,。

的角度对积eIt broke accidentally. When my mother heard that it was a four-year-old child who broke and broke it, I won't pursue it anymore, but I saw that my mother was very angry from her mother's eyes. Seeing my mother so angry, I had long forgotten the cleaning of the house outside Jiuxiaoyun. At night, the storm has subsided. I came to the bedroom and the balcony and found that the moon was no longer bright, the breeze was no longer soft, and the flowers and grass were no longer beautiful. They all seemed to blame me, saying that I was a big liar. No, I am not, I am not a big liar. I went to my mother's room, and after I entered, I explained the whole thing to my mother in a low voice. I thought my mother would scold me, but instead of scolding me, she said to me, Yanyue: child, you Can actively admit mistakes, this is not。

aIt ’s always good to develop such a good habit, which is more precious than thousands of vases ... My hair is small, in the popular language he is a cock, he is one year younger than me, ten this year Five, people are okay, but I never dreamed that he had such a side. That was in September last year. Once we went to charge the phone. When I finished, I found that he texted a strange number, and the content was only one word. I'm puzzled, but I didn't ask much. After more than a month, I will give it when I find out that he is fine。

hTexting that number, I jokingly said to him: Did he find another girlfriend? He grinned and said no ... This time I did n’t let him go and asked who he was sending to, he opened the mailbox on his phone helplessly, and I knew at a glance that he was there Send a donation message to the Red Cross, one dollar at a time. Although it is a dollar, not much, but every time he charges up his phone bill, he will send out such a text message. I think he is Lei Feng. At least in my mind, he is. Although he only has a dollar, I still remember a report I have read. He said that a 7-year-old child has a poor family, his mother has breast cancer, and is hospitalized. Every afternoon, he goes to the hospital to take care of his mother. Their food is very。

Poor, almost no meat dishes. Once the child ’s father went to the hospital, he brought a lot of pepper and salt cicada pupa, and divided it with other patients in the ward. One of the surnamed Su said, I will eat this bite, if there is still, I will Pay for more. The child remembered his words carefully, digging cicada pupa in Houshan after school every day, and then selling a man named Su. Since then, their food has been much better, and there is a pack of fresh milk after the meal. I do n’t know how many days passed. By chance, the man in the same ward saw that the man with the surname Su was secretly dumping some cicada pupae.。

bWhy ... The man named Su said: I think their family is not easy, so I want to help them like this. This report was read a long time ago, but the content is deeply imprinted in my heart. I think this man named Su is living Lei Feng. He not only helped others, but also maintained their dignity, and helped the little boy to realize the confidence to change the status quo through his own efforts. Some people say that the Internet is beneficial because it is like an intelligent encyclopedia, even if you don't go far, you can visually understand everything in the world, just like traveling in the ocean of knowledge. The internet is also a good place for people who like to make friends, where you can make friends from。

6Friends from all over the world can make friends and exercise their social skills. The designer uses the convenience of the three-dimensional network to design a variety of objects, which not only promotes the development of social economy but also brings benefits to people. The Internet is also an indispensable part of the lives of ordinary people. Calling, texting, chatting, etc. are all inseparable from the Internet. If you leave the network, these functions will not be realized, and a quick and convenient life will leave us. We will also return to ancient times. But some people think that the Internet is bad. Disoriented people. Some people use the convenience of the Internet to carry out illegal and criminal activities, which not only causes great harm to others, but also puts them on the road of no return. also。