一种积极的fThe father was still being targeted, and A Bao was still giggling and hanging out. Finally, the anxious student learned the cheats of enemy defense, organized a spoof battle, and carefully scrutinized the process. It seems that the winning process is always a bit plug-in and vulgar. There has never been a set routine. But it is undeniable that this entertainment film has an unprecedented fun, which makes people immersed and enjoyable. Like thousands of pandas with different personalities, children with shuttlecocks, fat girls who love dancing red silk, some playing with a bed and flying, seemingly carefree details, but let A Bao understand Off。

,基于Master Raccoon ’s sentence: You are yourself! Thick oriental-colored images, splendid martial arts, absurdly subversive spoofs, traditional ink painting animations in flashback narratives, and colorful fireworks bloom, all of which make Kung Fu Panda 》 Has become the most festive work in the world recently. Educate everyone to take the path of personal characteristics, be brave to break through oneself, and what? Don't want to provoke cockroaches, don't be greedy or chew, otherwise it will swell and die. The duck adoptive father follows his son, fearing that happiness will be fleeting. Similarly, "Kung Fu Panda 3" will make investors make a fortune, and will make everyone happy and enjoyable, but it is difficult to do in the 2017 Oscars.。

优势的for. However, it doesn't really matter if you win the winning cup. As long as DreamWorks creators don't give up to please the public, they will always be admired. A few plums in the corner, Ling Han opened alone, knowing that it was not snow, and came for a dark fragrance. Since ancient times, there have been many poems praising plum blossoms. That is because plum blossoms are different from other flowers. They can also bloom in cold winters and are particularly beautiful. Last winter, after a heavy snowfall, I went to the park with my family. As soon as I walked into the park, I smelled a scent of fragrance. I know this must be wax plum, because most of the flowers bow to the cold winter, only the wax plum will be in winter。

,具有2The sky blooms. I took a small step closer to the plum. Plum blossoms are pink, pink, yellow ... My favorite is pink, because it is light white in pink, and it is embellished with snow to make it more beautiful. It looks like a shy little one. girl. Just when I saw it, my brother came to call me a snowball fight. We crumpled the snow into a snowball, and then threw the snowball out, hitting the other party's neck, body, and legs as quickly as a cannonball. When I was about to throw the snowball at my brother again, I found my hands seemed to be unconscious. It turned out that my hands were frozen a bit stiff, and my hands were red and red. I immediately rubbed my hands to keep warm. Suddenly a breeze blew over, and the faint fragrance smelled. I look up。

潜在成本效益gGoing and seeing the thick snow pressed heavily on the plum blossom branches and flowers. Even if its trunk is bent, it still supports the whole body with its last strength. It seems to say: Come on, although you come here, I will not shrink back anyway, I will stand Here, I must defeat you. Finally, Meihua's tenacious will moved the father-in-law. Grandpa Sun smiled and looked at all this with a red face, and soon the snow melted. Lamei was straightened in the cold winter. I can't see the flowers when I walk out of the park,。

5I can't smell the flowers either. But plum blossoms have been blooming in my heart. . It is the hero in the flower, the spirit of perseverance, not admit defeat, not bowing is worth learning. Book is a food in hunger and thirst, let people get help in despair; book, a cup of tea in life, let people feel the comfort of life; book, that mellow tea, which is endless; It is the sacred ladder that leads people to climb to the supreme throne ... Of course, many things happened between me and the book, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy. There is sorrow and joy ... One night, I was lying in bed and tossing and turning, I could n’t sleep, because。

My brain is haunted and interpreted by the storyline of a book. I can't control myself. Suddenly, I thought of a good way. In order not to let my mother find out, I did n’t dare to turn on the headlights. I slowly pushed the flashlight away, gently went to bed, barefoot, and crept to the bookcase, carefully turning the book I took out my favorite book, and then crept back to the bed, looking at the light of the flashlight, the more I looked at it, as if I were the master in the story, just when I saw it with relish Suddenly lights up. I lift。

5At first, my mother stared at me, her eyes full of fire. Mom is angry! I was so frightened that after a while, I recovered and slowly put the book into the bookcase. Actually, I know that my mother is not against reading, but just wants me to take a break early to protect my eyes. But I want to watch it too much! Because this is my favorite book, it stands to reason that my mother forgave me, this matter should stop here, but I ca n’t help the temptation of the book, again, I hid the book and flashlight in the quilt in advance The bedding was watching with a flashlight. Who knows, my movement still alarmed the mother next door. Mother watching me。

I love reading and changed my attitude, but let me turn on the headlights and sit on the bed to watch. The time should not be too long to affect the class the next day. Relax the optic nerve. The book is my good friend. It has accompanied me through many, many things. Gorky was right: the book is the ladder of human progress. The book is our mentor and friend. When alone, the book accompanies me; when frustrated, the book ignites my confidence. When I soared in the ocean of knowledge, I truly felt the beauty of timeless writing and found my need again。

Spiritual food. Since then I love books more, because it makes my life better! I nodded busy and looked at my mother impatiently, blaming her for being verbose. My mother was clearly aware of it and touched my head with a smile, turned around and walked out of the car. The car was about to start. Mother suddenly turned around and threw a bag of things in a panic, and stumbled down the car. The car drove, and when I looked back, my mother was still standing and waving at me non-stop. The wind outside was very strong, and my mother's beautiful hairstyle was out of shape at this time. My heart twitched violently. I quickly turned around and silently opened what my mother had just put down. Oh, it's a scarf, I turned it over, and I have a pair of gloves. I picked up the gloves and slipped a small piece out of it。