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AIA's"Double11"GlobalOrder to realize the registration of mortgage rights without going online. three. Transfer and register one network office to buy and sell stock rooms through an intermediary, log in to one network office system (, and submit the materials online for pre-examination, and then pass the site to verify the materials to reduce the waiting time Leave immediately. For those involved in mortgage loans, the applicant may apply for the registration of the transfer of stock housing transactions and the first registration of the mortgage rights involved in the purchase of loans. four. During the mass epidemic situation of bulk business, it is recommended that relevant institutions prepare the complete materials (including the original)。

HousePurchaseFestival,You can submit a batch of business to the real estate registration center in each district at one time, and choose the EMS mail service at the same time, retain the entrusted mailing certificate (the content should include the recipient's name, right certificate address, right holder, mailing telephone address, etc.) and pay the fee. Fives. Appointment business is to handle non-urgent matters on time. It is recommended to postpone the processing appropriately. If you really need to go to the window to handle urgent business, please make an appointment online. The real estate registration service of the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission has opened the online reservation function, and citizens can use: 1. WeChat public account Beijing real estate registration-home page registration。

morefavorableBeijing Tong or Beijing Real Estate Palm Registration Center APP (Android version) make online appointments and enter the lobby for business according to the appointment time. In case of problems, you can consult by phone. The consultation telephone number is 010-55595499. The consultation time is 9: 00-11: 30 on working days; 13: 30-17: 30. six. Green channels give priority to real estate registration affairs centers in all districts to open green channels, and real estate registration business of enterprises and individuals related to epidemic prevention and control is given priority. If necessary, you can contact the service hall of the real estate registration office in each district. The epidemic situation is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility, each district。

foroverseaspropertyspreeThe real estate registration office suspends on-site services and continues to provide mailing services for real estate property certificates. The public can choose as they wish and run less. If you go to the lobby for treatment, please follow the relevant epidemic prevention work requirements, consciously wear masks and accept the temperature detection and guidance management, consciously maintain the order of the lobby, do not throw paper towels and masks and other waste; if the temperature is abnormal, dry cough, chest tightness In case, please do not enter the registration hall, and cooperate with the staff to do related work. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: 3 cases of local community transmission patients appeared in Shenzhen, including one。

Selling brother & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Shenzhen News Network See Shenzhen Client · Shenzhen News Network February 2, 2020 (Reporter Liu Mengting Correspondent Deep Disease Control) As of February 1 24, Shenzhen has cumulatively reported the diagnosis of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection There were 196 cases. Among them, what needs attention is that there have been 3 cases of community transmission. The Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminded that these three community-transmitted cases were sporadic. At present, the cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in Shenzhen are still mainly imported cases. Here, the public is reminded to wash their hands frequently, to be more ventilated and less to party. 3 patients ignorant。

According to the current epidemiological investigation, the three cases have the following common characteristics: within the longest incubation period before the onset (14 days), they have not left Shenzhen; they have not been exposed to confirmed or suspected cases. These three cases are the first community-transmitted cases currently monitored in Shenzhen, and the specific situation is still under further research and analysis. The three cases are as follows: Case 1 is an elderly woman who did not leave Shenzhen 14 days before the onset. According to epidemiological investigations, there is no clear history of exposure. However, it is currently not cooperating with the investigation. The disease control agency in the jurisdiction is contacting the relevant departments and plans to conduct further in-depth investigations. Case。

夜生活 2 It is a young woman who has not left Shenzhen 14 days before the onset of illness and has no clear contact history. According to epidemiological investigations, she has a history of eating out before the onset of illness and has travelled to crowded places such as fitness and spa. Case 3 is a young male who is a takeaway. According to epidemiological investigations, there is no clear history of exposure. According to the current monitoring situation, these 3 cases are sporadic cases. Kong Dongfeng said that what needs to be clarified is that the current cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in Shenzhen are still mainly imported cases, and these three cases only account for 1.5%. In the transmission of many infectious diseases, community transmission is a common situation, such as flow。

Feelings, chickenpox, community-acquired pneumonia, etc. will all occur in the community. These three patients may have been exposed to the source of infection in their daily communication. I am the first person in charge of health. When I go out to protect myself, there will be community communication. Perhaps the public will be worried. For the prevention and control work, I must insist that the citizen is the first person in charge of health. : 1. More ventilation in homes and workplaces. 2. Wash hands frequently, especially after touching public goods. 3. Fewer gatherings, less crowded and unventilated places, wear masks when going out to public places. The development of the epidemic needs to be further improved。

Step monitoring and evaluation. Community communication reminds us that in the next investigation, we must investigate and judge more carefully. Kong Dongfeng said that pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus is a type B infectious disease, and prevention and control measures are taken in accordance with the type A infectious disease. He urged that for confirmed cases, we must cooperate to complete the epidemiological investigation of the disease control agency, declare whereabouts, and actively cooperate with the investigation. If the case conceals whereabouts and contacts the object closely, causing the spread of the epidemic, the maximum penalty may be 7 years in accordance with relevant laws. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: Heilongjiang: intentionally concealing the epidemic。

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