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IsbankingreliableFocused on answering these questions. The conference site. Image source: How many masks does the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology produce every day? ——When 60% of production capacity is restored and the total production capacity exceeds 10 million masks per day, masks are materials that everyone cares about. How many masks are produced in China every day? On the 2nd, Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that according to the information available, the current capacity recovery rate is about 60%, and the output of masks exceeds 10 million per day based on the total capacity. Cao Xuejun said that there is a category of medical protective masks with a filtration efficiency of 95%, which requires higher requirements. Not only in terms of protective performance, but also in the production environment,。

by"face-swapping"?ChineseAcademyThere are also strict requirements on the qualifications of enterprises, and the efficiency of medical protective masks is more than 95%. The production capacity of these products is 600,000 per day. Generally, medical protective masks are used in hospital isolation wards, fever clinics, etc., and the amount is usually not large. Cao Xuejun said that since the establishment of the joint defense and joint control mechanism on January 21, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has mobilized enterprises to resume production. Due to the special time of the Spring Festival holiday and the spread of the epidemic, it is difficult to resume production in time. The current market demand is showing explosive growth, and there is a gap in supply. However, according to data from the General Administration of Customs, a total of 5600 masks were imported within 7 days from January 24 to 30。

ofSciencesexpertsanalyze水磨 More than 10,000, of which more than 20 million were imported on January 30, which played a role in easing the contradiction between supply and demand. How big is the gap in materials such as protective clothing? ——In addition to Hubei, other areas are basically eating and drinking stocks. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau Huang Libin said that with the spread of the epidemic, the number of suspected and confirmed cases in various parts of the country is on the rise, and the demand for medical supplies has surged. At present, it mainly includes more than 100 varieties in five categories, such as medical protection products, anti-killing supplies, testing and inspection equipment, medical drugs and medical devices. The demand is large and the varieties and specifications are large. Huang Libin said, very scarce, Lord。

facerecognitionIf it is medical protective clothing, N95 masks and other key protective equipment, these are also the most tense supply and demand in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan. For these medical supplies with tight supply and demand, during the Spring Festival, we fully promoted the resumption of production of key enterprises. As of February 1, the daily output of medical protective clothing has reached 20,000 pieces, more than double the 80,700 pieces on January 28, and the production is basically used in Hubei and Wuhan areas. in stock. Huang Libin said. Huang Libin said that the relatively scarce, although short-term supply and demand still face some difficulties, but can be worked overtime through production enterprises, sleepy。

Difficulties can be overcome, such as negative pressure ambulances. The conference site. Image source: Are MIIT disinfectant and medical alcohol out of stock? ——Meeting basic needs Recently, some netizens have reported that it is difficult to buy disinfectant and medical alcohol. Huang Libin said that the production capacity of anti-killing supplies and temperature detectors is sufficient, and the production and supply can meet basic needs. Wang Wei, director of the Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that in general, 84 disinfectant, hand decontamination liquid and 75% medical alcohol can fully meet the demand from the current supply capacity. According to the statistics of China's 433 killing enterprises, of which 84 disinfectant enterprises, 95, the average operating rate。

At present, only 60%, the daily output is 1579 tons, and another 1908 tons are in stock. The raw material of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, which is calculated based on the general content of 5-6%, and the daily demand is 100 tons. At present, the daily production capacity of sodium hypochlorite in China is about 10,000 tons. Although the recovery rate is not particularly high, the output can be close to 5000 tons. Therefore, 84 disinfectant production is guaranteed by raw materials. Wang Wei said. Regarding the phenomenon of not being able to buy disinfectant in society, Wang Wei said that there are several reasons. First, the overall operating rate of production enterprises for killing supplies is not high, and the productivity is only 40% to 60%. Fully effective release。

Moreover, the production capacity layout is uneven. The second is that the entire industry chain of anti-killing supplies is subject to stage constraints. Hand-eliminated liquid products must have packaging bottles in the market, and medical alcohol also needs glass bottles. The companies that make these packaging bottles have more holidays during the Spring Festival. With the gradual resumption of work, the packaging problem can be effectively solved, because in terms of production capacity, domestic supply is in excess of demand. The third is the problem of product transportation. How can the transportation driver be guaranteed to transport the goods to the destination safely and smoothly, and continue to perform the next task? With the gradual resolution of these problems, material allocation will be more effective. Wang Wei said. Sent。

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