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Zokayand"IfSnailResponsible editor for pneumonia epidemic: Yang Jie Original title: Hubei Shiyan 12-day accountability accountability 43 cadres with weak anti-epidemic cadres of the Shiyan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in-depth inspection of basic cadres on duty in Yunyang district Shiyan, Hubei, 12 days accountability and accountability 43 cadres with weak anti-epidemic Shiyan, February 2nd (Jin Qin Chen Yan) Shiyan Hubei Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on the 2nd that in just 12 days, the city has been held accountable and accountable 43 cadres with weak anti-epidemic. Chen Dongling, member of the Standing Committee of the Shiyan Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Disciplinary Committee, and Director of the Municipal Supervision Committee, said that in recent days, the discipline inspection and supervision authorities at all levels in Shiyan have conducted in-depth prevention and control.。

HasLove"performLine, set up 6 + N supervision groups, follow-up supervision and inspection at zero distance, take the form of on-site supervision + unannounced inspection + point-to-point supervision, strengthen tracking and supervision of key issues, establish work accounts and problem lists, and promptly urge problems when they are found Rectification and reform will provide strong disciplinary support for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Regarding non-responsibility, inaction, and false actions, deliberate omissions, delays, concealment, and false reports of the epidemic, leaving the duty, leaving the battle, embezzling, embezzling, embezzling and embezzling special funds and protective materials, manufacturing, distributing, spreading rumors, etc Violation of political discipline, political rules and other issues, once found, severe。

酒吧 Accountability, accountability, strict and swift handling. On January 25, Song, a staff member of the city's rescue station, violated the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and emergency response duty, drank alcohol in the dormitory with others on the night of the duty, was punished by the party's warning, suspended and introspected, and implemented a responsibility check. Cadres are held accountable. On January 28, the city's Yunyang District Commission for Discipline Inspection inspected a business site in Wuyu Village, Tanshan Town, where eight people gathered to play mahjong, most of them without masks. Due to the lack of epidemic prevention, the village party branch secretary and Baocun cadres were notified and dealt with separately. On the afternoon of January 30, the critical period for epidemic prevention and control, Danjiangkou City。

夜晚 No one is on duty in the duty room of Shigu Town's financial epidemic situation, and the empty city plan is staged. Ren Mou, who is on duty, was held accountable for leaving his post. As of February 1st, the discipline inspection and supervision agencies at all levels in Shiyan City had accumulated a total of 3,100 inspection points, reported 8 typical cases, 43 accountable and accountable, and urged 37 rectification issues. (End) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Viral infection prevention of pneumonia。

At the press conference on control work, Gao Xiaojun, a spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, introduced the latest situation of the epidemic in this city. As of 12:00 on February 2, the city had a total of 191 confirmed cases, including 1 death, 9 discharges, and 181 cases of isolation treatment in designated hospitals, including 10 critical cases. 3 cases in Dongcheng District, 22 cases in Xicheng District, 35 cases in Chaoyang District, 41 cases in Haidian District, 16 cases in Fengtai District, 5 cases in Shijingshan District, 2 cases in Mentougou District, 2 cases in Fangshan District, 13 cases in Tongzhou District, 6 cases in Shunyi District, There were 12 cases in Changping District, 22 cases in Daxing District, 1 case in Huairou District, and 11 cases from other places. Pinggu District, Miyun。

District and Yanqing District have not yet had cases. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic | The new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic map Editor: Fan Siteng Wuhan Vulcan Hill Hospital was officially handed over to the military on the 2nd. Wuhan Mobile quickly built the Vulcan Hill Hospital information and communication system and successfully passed the acceptance. It achieved full 245G network coverage and provided technical support for the full operation of Vulcan Hill Hospital. Wuhan Mobile quickly supported the information construction of Vulcan Hill Hospital。

A set of information communication equipment provides material and technical support for Vulcan Hill Hospital free of charge. Wuhan Mobile completed the construction and commissioning of Huoshenshan Hospital network and lines in only 4 days by building a 45G wireless network and a dedicated line network for the hospital. A total of 4 new base stations were opened, 8 office dedicated lines were laid, and medical insurance and hygiene were also opened. The private network is used for communication at Vulcan Hill Hospital. On February 1, Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital installed a ward TV to watch the program. As of 12:00 noon that day, the hospital has completed nearly 70% of the equipment installation. China News Service issued Xu Mingbo photo to completely block the spread of the epidemic, Wuhan Mobile as Vulcan Hill Hospital。

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