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Women'sProductsNet:夜场The Beijing police investigated and punished according to law. (End) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation | Responsible editor of the new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic map Four types of personnel in Wuhan will be collected and treated on February 2. According to the requirements of Wuhan ’s new coronavirus infection pneumonia prevention and control headquarters, all types of personnel in the city are undergoing centralized treatment and isolation. The four categories of personnel are: confirmed patients, suspected patients, patients with fever that cannot be ruled out of infection, and close contacts of confirmed patients. The Governor of Chang'an Street noted that there have been many media reports recently。

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BoosterforthedevelopmentFor some objective reasons (such as insufficient kits), some fever patients in Wuhan cannot be diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, and it is difficult to get effective isolation and treatment. This has caused potential cross-infection to a certain extent, and their families have to seek through the Internet help. Wuhan aims to quarantine and treat four categories of personnel in order to effectively control the source of infection, resolutely cut off the route of infection, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters requires: 1. Pneumonia patients diagnosed with new coronavirus must be treated in a centralized manner. Severe patients must be sent to designated hospitals for treatment, and mild patients cannot be admitted to designated hospitals。

ofwomen'sproducts夜生活 For hospital treatment, other hospitals or hotels must be used as temporary treatment areas for centralized admission. 2. Patients with pneumonia suspected of being infected with new coronavirus must be quarantined in a centralized manner. Severe patients must be admitted to the hospital for treatment. If mild patients cannot be admitted for isolation, the hotel must be transformed into a temporary isolation area for centralized isolation. In order to effectively prevent family-associated infections, home isolation is not allowed. The test result was Shuangyin, but patients with clinical symptoms that met the conditions for pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus were still managed as suspected patients. 3. It is impossible to specifically rule out the possible fever of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection.。

Away from observation. For patients with pneumonia who may not be ruled out by new coronavirus infection, the possibility of fever is referred to the suspected patients for centralized isolation and observation, but they must be separated from the suspected patients to prevent cross infection. 4. Close contacts of diagnosed patients must be subject to centralized isolation and observation. Because some virus carriers do not develop the disease themselves but are still infectious; some cases are already infectious during the incubation period of asymptomatic. Therefore, the close contacts of the diagnosed patients should also refer to the fever patients to implement centralized isolation observation. Command Requirements-Before 12:00 noon on February 2, each district must complete the centralized admission and treatment of the existing four types of personnel。

Isolate the work, and realize the day-to-day settlement of the newly added personnel. The centralized admission and isolation of the four categories of personnel must be separated to effectively prevent cross infection. It is necessary to arrange medical staff and logistical support for centralized admission and isolation points, and to safeguard the safety and health of the people. The Governor of Chang'an Street noticed that among the four categories of personnel, there is a certain working basis for the admission and isolation of confirmed and suspected patients. The current difficulty lies in the larger number of other two categories of personnel. To this end, the headquarters issued Circular No. 10, requesting a close consultation between fever patients and pneumonia patients diagnosed with pneumonia symptoms in the city's hot hospitals.。

To cut off contacts, arrange vehicles from each district to be sent to the district's centralized isolation observation point for medical observation, treatment or other preventive measures. During the quarantine period, the districts provided free room and board, medical observation and treatment. This move will greatly reduce the burden on patients and their families. Circular No. 10 requires that the specific isolation and observation time be determined based on the results of medical examinations, and patients should cooperate; if they refuse to cooperate, the public security organ shall assist in enforcement according to law. At the same time, Hubei Province also requires the centralized isolation of all suspected patients. On the morning of February 2, the Hubei Province New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters held a meeting to emphasize,。

At present, the situation of prevention and control in the whole province is still extremely serious. To do practical work at the grassroots level, resolutely isolate all suspected patients in accordance with the requirements of the four concentrations. All suspected cases should be isolated, then tested, and then diagnosed and treated to prevent cross infection. All localities should speed up the establishment of designated hospitals and establish isolation wards and isolation wards. Requisition of hotels, guest houses, idle workshops, etc., as soon as possible to establish spare isolation places, and equipped with necessary living, disinfection, medical facilities. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Yang Jie Original title: Many airlines will suspend flying to mainland China, Aeroflot will continue to fly to Shanghai and Guangzhou。

Recently, due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong, several airlines such as Air New Zealand, Finnair and Qatar Airways adjusted their routes and cancelled flights to and from mainland China. Aeroflot continues to operate regular flights between Moscow and Beijing, Moscow and Shanghai, Moscow and Guangzhou, Moscow and Hong Kong. The adjustment of Russian Airlines flights is as follows: February 1, 2020 Moscow time, based on the decision of the Government Emergency Committee on Russia's response to the new coronavirus, from February 1, 2020, except for travel between Moscow and Beijing, Moscow and Shanghai, Moscow With Guangzhou and Moss。

保健 In addition to the scheduled flights between Ke and Hong Kong, some flights between the Russian Federation and China operated by airlines of the two countries (including commercial flights) will be suspended. Aeroflot will continue to operate flights on the above four routes and continue to operate its regular flights according to the following schedule. Air New Zealand's flight adjustments are as follows: On February 2, 2020, Air New Zealand made flight adjustments as the New Zealand government announced immigration controls. NZ288 from Shanghai Pudong to Auckland at 14:10 on February 2 will be the last Shanghai flight operated by Air New Zealand before the end of March. Before March 29, including tonight (。

MMC February 2) Auckland flight NZ289 to Shanghai, and flights between the two places will be suspended. The Air New Zealand Customer Service Center is currently busy. Passengers can check the travel reminders of the Air New Zealand Chinese website before calling the Customer Service Center to obtain the latest relevant information or leave a message via social media. Chinese service: 4001018080 (Monday to Friday 09: 00-17: 00) English service: 0800737000 or & nbsp + 64-93573000 (7x24 hours) Finnair flight adjustments are as follows: 1. From now until March 29。

On the day, Finnair flights from Helsinki to Beijing Daxing and Nanjing will be cancelled. Beijing Daxing Airport will cancel flights from February 5 and Nanjing will cancel flights from February 8. Before February 6, Finnair will normally operate flights between Helsinki and Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. 2. All flights to and from Mainland China will be cancelled from February 6 to February 29, 2020. 3. Flights to Guangzhou from February 5 to March 29, 2020 will be cancelled. 4. Reservations for flights from Mainland China will be suspended from January 31 to February 29, 2020. If the flight is cancelled, you can choose the following。

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