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Cohesion,InnovationandExcellence"MeijiabangUpdate | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Sina Shenping Bureau 20200203 Editor-in-Chief: Van Sten Original title: Macao new coronavirus infection pneumonia confirmed cases increased to 8 cases Xinhua News Agency, Macau, February 2 (Reporter Hu Yao) Macao SAR Government The Health Bureau announced on the 2nd that the number of confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in Macao increased to 8. The newly added case is the first case of infection by Macao residents. Whether it is an imported case remains to be investigated. The health bureau said that the newly added case was a 64-year-old female Macao resident, who went to Earl Jen General Hospital for fever and cough on January 27, but his condition did not improve. 30th and。

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heldthebusiness夜宵 He went to Jinghu Hospital on the 31st and had a fever repeatedly. On February 1, he went to Jinghu Hospital for treatment of right abdominal pain. After admission, he found that his lungs showed inflammation, and he was sent to Ren Earl General Hospital and tested positive for the new coronavirus. The patient is currently being treated in isolation. It is reported that this patient was hospitalized for herpes zoster from January 10 to January 17 in Zhuhai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital. On January 22, he purchased live poultry in Sanxiang Market, Zhongshan. From January 22 to Lived in Sanxiang, Zhongshan on the 23rd. The patient denied having been to the Hubei area and had been contacted with a new coronavirus infection and confirmed cases of pneumonia. The disease prevention and control team is investigating and following up。

analysisconferencefor会所 Its epidemiological history and close contacts. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Van Sten Original title: Emergency Proliferation! Hebei urgently seeks passengers on train Z162! The reporter learned from the Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province on the 2nd that at present, the first patient diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection in Chongli was investigated by epidemiology at 8:00 PM on January 20, 2020 at Wuchang Station Take the Z162 train (14 car box No. 94 hard seat, after the ticket to the 10 car box No. 5 sleeper) on January 21 at 7: 0 in the morning。

thethirdquarterof夜店 Arrive at Beijing West Railway Station around 0. We are in a hurry to find passengers. Special reminders are required to take the following protective measures: 1. After returning home, do not temporarily go out and close the house at home for 14 days. If you or your family have fever, dry cough, headache, fatigue, etc. Go to the designated fever clinic nearby. 2. Wear a mask throughout the journey to the medical institution and do not take public transportation. 3. The fellow passengers should register with the community or village where they live by phone, and the community or village should report to the health bureau of the county / district health and keep track of the feedback. (Shi Ziqiang) Click to enter。

养生 Feature: Real-time update | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Focus on New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Responsibility Editor: Liu Debin SN222 Original Title: Wuhan Red Cross Society: No Suspension of Receiving Management of Relief Materials (Fight Against New Pneumonia) Suspension of Receiving and Receiving Management of Rescue Materials China News Agency, Wuhan, February 2nd (Reporter Yang Chengchen) A screenshot of the temporary relief from the management of the relief materials of the Wuhan Red Cross was circulated on the Internet a few days ago. The reporter learned from the Wuhan Red Cross Society on the 2nd that, according to the deployment, the society is only responsible for the reception and management of donated materials, and is not responsible for the distribution. The relevant work is not currently suspended. January 3。

On the 1st, a batch of protective clothing, masks and other materials donated by Thai Chinese and overseas Chinese lovers went through the formalities at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and was ready to be shipped to Wuhan. China News Service reporter Wang Guoan photo on the morning of the 2nd, the reporter saw in front of the Wuhan Red Cross office building that there were still vehicles from China Post delivering materials to the society. A staff member with the surname Wang told reporters that the so-called temporary exemptions were false. The staff member explained the criticism on the current network of the Wuhan Red Cross Redeployment of donations. According to the deployment, the Wuhan Red Cross is only responsible for the receipt and management of materials, and the distribution is not within the scope of its authority. He thinks。

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