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TheaveragestartingsalaryChanges in Ling Qing, strengthen forecasting and forecasting, consultation analysis and key engineering dispatch, implement measures such as patrol and emergency rescue of embankments to ensure the safety of Ling Ling. Do a good job in the optimal scheduling and rational allocation of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River and other large and medium-sized water conservancy facilities, strengthen the construction of drought-resistant emergency water resources projects, and ensure the safety of urban and rural water supply. Beijing News reporter Huang Zhecheng clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Yang Jie original title: National Health and Health Commission responds to air disinfection: must be conducted in an unmanned environment. Chief expert of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Disinfection, director of the Disinfection Center of the Environmental Institute Zhang Liubo on the 2nd National Health。

The average starting salary of Gaojin Finance Master and Finance MBA graduates is the same as the record high

ofGaojinFinanceMasterandAt the press conference, the committee responded to the current situation of air disinfection. He said that there may be excessive disinfection in some places. He said: Disinfection is indeed an important means to cut off the transmission route, but it must be targeted. For example, disinfection of streets in some places does not make much sense. He also emphasized that if disinfecting the air with a disinfectant, it must be in an unmanned environment. If someone inhales disinfectant or sprays disinfectant on everyone during the disinfection process, such risks cannot be quantitatively assessed. (Song Yusheng) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia | New coronavirus lung。

FinanceMBAgraduatescYan National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Fan Sten Original title: National Health and Health Commission: Take trains and long-distance trains to sit as far apart as possible, scattered and sit at 15:00 on February 2, the National Health and Health Commission held a press conference to introduce the new crown Relevant health protection of public places, vehicles and people at different risks in the prevention and control of viral infection pneumonia. At the meeting, a reporter asked questions about the pressure of prevention and control in crowded places during the peak of the Spring Festival return journey. What are the more specific measures for the current prevention and control situation? Wang Bin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission's CDC, said that according to the characteristics of different places and different industries,。

isthesameasjThere are also different groups of people, and standards and guidelines for the protection of public transportation, public places, and different groups of people have been formulated. For example, the normal operation of public transportation vehicles, trains, planes, ships, etc. First, strengthen disinfection, increase the frequency of disinfection of waiting rooms and toilets, including other public facilities; Second, strengthen ventilation, high-speed rail, subway, airplanes On the other hand, the environment is relatively closed, and it is appropriate to increase the power of these air conditioners to change the air, while also increasing the number of air changes. If you want to take a train or plane, sit as far apart as possible, or sit apart. The return trip has not yet ushered in a peak, there are conditions。

dSitting down. As far as possible, the bus should use natural ventilation. In places like Beijing, the weather is relatively cold and air conditioning is also required. Such buses need to be cleaned and disinfected more frequently. For those who return to work by long-distance bus, we also recommend to sit in a separate place and to sit scattered, and it is recommended that long-distance bus take two hours to rest in the rest area. It's not just about rest, it's about opening windows for ventilation. For taxis, disinfection should be done before carrying passengers every day. We advocate the use of electronic display broadcasts for all means of transportation, and constantly communicate the health information and health protection guidelines that have been issued to passengers. Third, the public。

Common places, such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings and other public places and workplaces, should also do a good job of indoor cleaning and disinfection, strengthen ventilation and waste disposal. The staff in these places must first perform personal prevention and control, wear masks in accordance with the norms, and at the same time strengthen hand cleaning, pay attention to hand hygiene, and remind these staff not to take sick posts. Minimize contact with items in public places and reduce contact with others. If possible, keep a certain distance from others as much as possible. In the office building, it is also necessary to strengthen the management of visitors, do a good job of registration, and also carry out health monitoring such as body temperature. In addition, prevention and control guidelines, operations。

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