z,2007The external test proves that Shuanghuanglian can inhibit the new coronavirus, and the next step needs to be confirmed by further clinical research. The manuscript I provided also mentioned that clinical research is currently underway. It was once said that Jie'er Yin energy can resist the activity of SARS virus. According to the official website, the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was formerly the National Peking Institute Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It was founded in 1932 and moved to Shanghai the following year. It is the oldest comprehensive innovative drug research institution in China. As a long-term research institute engaged in antiviral drugs, in the SARS outbreak 17 years ago, Shanghai。


年.hThe Institute of Medicine has stated that Jie Er Yin also has anti-SARS coronavirus effect. "Capital Medicine", 2003, Issue 12, "Research results of Jieeryin lotion on anti-SARS" mentioned in the article, Jieeryin lotion fights against the effects of SARS virus. The latest research confirms that it has anti-SARS activity at a concentration of 1: 100 in vitro. The data shows that "Capital Medicine" is a publication of the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration, and it is also a guiding publication for Beijing's drug supervision and management and medical and health work. Public information shows that clean。

这项Eryin treats heat and dampness, kills insects and relieves itching. At present, the official website of Chengdu Enwei Group, the manufacturer of Jieeryin lotion, still keeps the report. After the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute did not absent, formed an emergency research team, and used the accumulated experience of anti-SARS drug research to announce 30 possible anti-2019-nCoV coronavirus old drugs And Chinese medicine. In addition, according to the frontier biopharmaceutical (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. news on January 30, the company and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute reached a project cooperation on the development of anti-2019-nCoV new drugs. According to the agreement,。

研究还表cFrontier Biology has obtained the exclusive rights for the clinical development, production, manufacturing and commercialization of the anti-coronavirus candidate DC series in mainland China. On the evening of January 31st, there were media reports that a joint study by the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica and Wuhan Virus Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the Chinese patent medicine Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid could inhibit the new coronavirus. However, the discovery was subsequently questioned. On February 1, the People's Daily official blog stated that inhibition does not mean prevention and treatment, and reminded not to buy Shuanghuanglian oral solution by yourself. On the same day, Zhang Boli, an expert from the medical team of the Central Steering Group and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview with CCTV News that。

明,认真参与yHuanglian Oral Liquid is an ordinary Chinese patent medicine. The main ingredients are honeysuckle, skullcap, and forsythia. These Chinese patent medicines can only play a role in regulating the state of the body, and are not targeted to the (new corona) virus. In an interview with the media, the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute also said that only a preliminary verification has been done, and a large number of experiments are needed to determine whether it is effective for patients. In addition to research work, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute also invests in foreign companies. According to the data from Tianyan, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute has invested in 10 companies successively, involving the fields of traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing, medical consulting, health care products, and biotechnology. At present, many companies are in the cancelled state。

各种活The state-of-the-art and operating companies are Shanghai Chuangyao Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huashi Tianfu Biomedicine Technology Co., Ltd., respectively. The investment proportion of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute is 100% and 9.4%, respectively. The cooperative enterprise was suspected of publishing false advertisements on the official website, indicating that the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute has always carried out project cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one of its long-term partners, has been questioned. According to the official website of Green Valley Pharmaceutical, Green Valley Pharmaceutical was established in 1997 and has a close relationship with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Research Institute is a long-term core strategic partner of Lvgu Pharmaceutical, Lvgu Pharmaceutical in Shanghai。

The Pharmaceutical Research Institute established the Green Valley Innovation Fund to support the development of new drugs. In addition, Green Valley Pharmaceutical's scientific decision-making committee includes the sixth director of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute (2004-2013) Ding Jian and deputy director of the academic committee Geng Meiyu. Tianyancha revealed that Ding Jian is currently the vice chairman of Green Valley Pharmaceuticals, and Geng Meiyu served as a director of Green Valley Pharmaceuticals from April 2015 to September 2018. There is also evidence that the two are not just partnerships. Two media reports published on the official website of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute in 2015 and 2017 pointed out that Lvgu Pharmaceutical is a joint venture between the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute and Lvgu Group。

gJoint venture pharmaceutical company. Tianyanzha showed that Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica withdrew from Green Valley Pharmaceuticals on June 20, 2018. Currently, Green Valley Pharmaceuticals is 100% owned by Green Valley Group. According to public information, Green Valley Group made a fortune by selling health care products. It was established in 1997 by Lu Songtao, chairman of Green Valley Pharmaceuticals. Its flagship health product was suspected of illegal publicity. In January 2008, CCTV broadcast a report demystifying the Green Valley scam. According to reports, since 1996, Green Valley Group has launched three generations of so-called anti-cancer products, namely Chinese Lingzhibao, Shuangling Gubensan and Green Valley。

hGanoderma lucidum treasure. Green Valley Group has continuously changed the name of false propaganda for more than 10 years, and unauthorized release of product advertisements has become one of the most typical series of false advertising propaganda cases in the country in the past ten years. & nbsp & nbsp reported that, after verification by the drug regulatory department, a large number of scientific research institutions, experts and scholars were cited in the series of anti-cancer product advertisements of Green Valley Group to promote the so-called anti-cancer effect of successive three generations of products. Among them, when promoting Green Valley Ganoderma lucidum, the advertisement mentioned that the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciences confirmed through in vitro experiments that Green Valley Ganoderma lucidum against solid tumors and leukemia,。

Lymphoma cells have obvious inhibitory effect. The following year after being exposed by CCTV, a report from Jiefang Daily pointed out that Lvgu Pharmaceutical had signed a contract with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals for a total amount of tens of millions of dollars to obtain the global development license of GV-971. The annual sales income is only 10 million yuan. This research lasted 10 years, and in early November 2019, the State Drug Administration approved the launch of the new drug of Green Valley Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Phase IX® (Ganlet sodium, code name: GV-971) To apply, the main inventor is the Geng Meiyu team. November 2019。

On the 29th, a letter signed by Rao Yi to the director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Li Jinghai came out, pointing out that Geng Meiyu's paper on the drug GV-971 was suspected of fraud. Later, Rao Yi told the media that there were no drafts and there were drafts. The National Natural Science Foundation of China told the media that it is investigating and verifying the matter. Written and written: Nandu reporter Feng Congying clicked to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Zhu Jiabe Original title: 21 provinces delaying the time for resumption of employees in the enterprise? China-Singapore Jingwei client, February 2 (Zhang Meng) to curb the outbreak of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection。