体育俱On the basis of the inquiry function, an online service for epidemic prevention and control in Nanjing was opened. You can make an appointment to purchase masks. You can purchase 20 masks per person. Citizens will pick up at the store within 24 hours of receiving the SMS, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled. ■ Voice Experts: Appointment and number-sharing are helpless. The supply should be guaranteed to allow everyone to buy normally. A public health expert said that the number of masks during the epidemic could not meet the public ’s needs, and some cities used the method of appointment and number-sharing to distribute masks. Cite. He suggested that the local government should fully inform the public that appointments and swaying are only temporary measures to resume work and expand supply through the Spring Festival。

乐部After the measures are gradually implemented, the supply of masks will gradually keep up and everyone can buy normally, otherwise it will easily cause panic. The expert believes that during the appointment purchase process, someone should be sent to the buyer's home, instead of everyone going to the outlet to buy, and the concentration of people will increase the risk. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the mask and the source of supply meet the relevant standards. In addition, we still encourage everyone to go out less and reduce mask consumption. During the use of masks, repeated use is not recommended to avoid increasing the risk of infection. Beijing News reporter Deng Qi clicked to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic | Map of the national epidemic situation of the new coronavirus pneumonia。

活动的韩国gEditor-in-Chief: Fan Siteng Original title: To stop the epidemic, Communist Party members must rush to the forefront line. In this battlefield without smoke, the bright red party flag fluttered high. Not going home, because someone must stand up where Wang Shoujun is now on duty, not far from home. It takes only 20 minutes to walk, but he cannot go back, because he is afraid of infecting his family. Born in 1972, he worked in the office of Moshan Management Office under the Management Committee of Wuhan East Lake Ecotourism Scenic Spot, and was notified。

老年人.After taking the initiative to sign up to join the party member commando. Once community residents have been diagnosed with pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection and are admitted to the hospital, the commandos will carry the equipment to start disinfection of their residence. This is a job facing the virus. After arriving at the scene, the commandos should clear a safe working channel and place reagents in the room for the relevant departments to carry out the test. The next step is to fully disinfect the walls, floors, and air. In addition to the bedroom, living room, and bathroom where patients often move, door handles, corridors, and elevators must be disinfected. We are not professionals, but。

这项研究Under the guidance of experts, we have learned how to carry out professional operations. Wang Shoujun said. The commando team that Wang Shoujun participated in had a total of 10 members, all of whom were party members. To be honest, although equipped with protective clothing, they will inevitably be afraid. But in Wuhan now, there must always be a group of people standing on the front line. After hearing the news of the formation of the commando team, many people took the initiative to fight. I am a party member, and I can't hold back. Wang Shoujun said. No farewell, because I have been looking forward to your coming back from the New Year's Eve to the construction site, Zhou Pan, the project manager of Huoshen Mountain Hospital of Wuhan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., has been firmly on the construction site. Such a tense construction。

可能无法9The progress has never been encountered. Therefore, the timing of each process must be accurate to be calculated in hours. He told reporters. Following the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Wuhan is stepping up the construction of two specialized hospitals. Among them, the Vulcan Hill Hospital covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,000 beds. The work scope and work content of each unit must be coordinated to avoid gaps between construction areas. Construction materials, personnel, machinery, and logistics support should also be arranged in advance, because our time is very precious. Zhou Pan said. Zhou Pan ’s team is in charge。

提供有关Construction of core facilities such as medical technology building and ICU ward. He introduced that a temporary party branch was established at the scene to ensure that every process can be completed under the leadership of party members according to the time points issued by the headquarters without any errors. Our management command team has nearly 30 people, 20 of whom are party members. Our party members basically work continuously, and take a nap beside the pile of materials when they are tired. Zhou Pan said. When receiving the task to set off from home, Zhou Pan did not alarm his wife and children. At the door was a bag prepared by his wife for him, which contained masks, disinfectant potions, and laundry changes. Zhou Pan ’s wife, Wang Li, is a senior in the fourth grade of Wuhan Fourth Middle School。

老年人总The teacher is also a party member. No reply, because I was going to rush ahead at noon on January 27, Zhong Xiaofeng, head nurse of the ICU in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, finally had time to call the family. Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital is one of the first designated hospitals to treat patients with pneumonia infected by new coronavirus. She introduced that under normal circumstances, the working mode of the department is three shifts. But there were too many patients, so they had to switch to four shifts, the frequency of duty increased, but the time for rest was shortened, and everyone faced great challenges. The most difficult thing is to wear protective clothing to work in the ICU, very depressed. In order to save protective clothing, large。

The family couldn't bear to drink water and go to the toilet. Some nurses work continuously for 10 hours. When they came out, their clothes were soaked. Zhong Xiaofeng said. She told reporters that under normal circumstances, the ratio of the number of beds to nursing staff should be 1: 3, but there is a serious shortage of medical staff in the department, which is much lower than the ratio. Staff from other departments were mobilized in the hospital to reinforce. Everyone signed up, and 80% of them were party members. When the manpower is insufficient, party members will take the initiative to ask for overtime work, almost every party member has said something similar to me. In the face of so many patients with multiple symptoms, we also worry about fear, but no one escapes. As a party member, no。

No matter when you rush ahead. Zhong Xiaofeng said. My family, relatives, and classmates often send me messages, and I really have no time to reply. So, my sister has an agreement with me, she sends me a red envelope every day, I just need to click. Use this to infer whether everything is fine. Zhong Xiaofeng said. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Zhang Jianli Original title: Chi aid Wuhan! Facing the camera, she had a request: Do n’t broadcast my name ... The epidemic affected the hearts of the people throughout the country. The epidemic also acted as an order, so that how many people had n’t had time to pick up the chopsticks on New Year ’s Eve, and joined the team to support Wuhan。

0in. Reporter: What is your name? Member of the Army Medical University Medical Team: Do n’t say the name. First of all, as a party member and a new civilian officer this year, I feel that my responsibility is still very heavy, and the name does not need to be broadcast. After all, my mother or family know Will be very worried about this situation. She was a member of the Army Medical University Medical Team. She ended her five-hour night shift and walked out of the red zone of the critically infected area. Due to the ten-day continuous rescue work, her face was pressed out by the tightly held mask After the blood mark, I had to stick the band-aid. Only 24 years old this year, she has just taken the civil service, called。