了适应新生hThe customer at the side started to ask the boss for the price of the product. The boss went to entertain the customer and took a sentence before leaving: quickly take out the pen you took. After a while, the boss called an aunt to come again. The boy pulled out a pen without a cap from the yi pocket on the left, which was the same type as the pen sold in the store. He lowered his head and remained silent for a while, from the yi pocket on the right With the new pen he just stole, everyone's eyes were focused on the pen. He suddenly slammed the new pen into the cardboard box in the corner, and then suddenly turned around, rushing out of the people's encirclement,。

活条件2The shopkeeper looked at his back and sneered: "It's so small to steal things, but it's not without money, why don't you buy them?" Yeah, why didn't he come to buy it? The group said, looking out the door. Some people also said: The words posted on the walls of people's homes all have the words fake one pay ten and steal one hundred, so why did he steal it? The parents at the side also said that they want to tell their parents what they want, not to steal. Pulling his own child away. I also went out with the flow of people, his back left a deep doubt to everyone, why did he steal that pen? Why did you throw that pen hard at the carton in the corner? What does the future look like? I。

例如退休1Ever imagined that there are high-rise buildings or small flat-roofed rooms? Is it a large chimney with dense smoke, or a small courtyard surrounded by greenery? Is it a gray sky, or a blue sky and white clouds ... Lala La birdie awakened me with a sweet song. When I woke up, I was surprised to find that I lived in a very big house. After looking at the calendar, it is now 2050! I stretched out and ran to the window. God! I actually live in a tall building with hundreds of floors. The tall and tall guards stood by the roadside, and the gentleman in the green suit was welcoming the guests. The fish in the pond was bouncing ... it was incredible! I actually traveled to 2050! Goo ...。

的能力,4·············, I'm hungry! I want to eat, but there is no kitchen in this room? What to do! I wandered around and found a cabin with a voice recorder. What is this? There is a menu on the table next to it, which is full of delicious food. I said to the voice recorder: Yuxiang shredded pork. Boom! A bowl of fragrant shredded pork flesh appeared on the table. amazing! Now the technology is really developed! It doesn't make much sense to stay at home alone, go out and go! But once。

并提高5At the door, I thought, a few hundred-story tall building! How do I go down? Some people will say that this is not easy, take the elevator! no no. You are wrong to say so. What year is it now, 2050! Those who take the elevator are just old-fashioned! Now, just press the number on the wall and a white light will appear. With a whimper, you will be sent to the floor you want to reach! So, I pressed 1 on the wall. Suddenly, with a swish, I stood firmly on the ground on the first floor, magical! When I got downstairs, I saw many shops selling breakfast. Take a closer look, it's no longer human to do it early! It is a flexible robot. They are attentive after being busy. I'm wondering: The robot will make breakfast。

了他Tasty? I want to buy a bun to eat, but I have no money on my body. I walked to the front of selling steamed buns, and found that nowadays I use fingerprints to buy steamed buns! Awesome! In this way, there will be no disputes caused by money! Not bad! I took a sip, the buns made by the robot taste really good! Get up! Mother shouted. I opened my eyes, ah! So this is just a dream! What will the future 2050 look like? look forward to! I dream about the future. I have blue, long hair and an air bang. In the future, I have a pair of big eyes, a small mouth, and a pink and tender。

们的生活Face. Like a little princess in a fairy tale world. You must also think that I am very beautiful in the future! In the future world, the people there are particularly rich and kind. We have many beggars on the street now, and there are no beggars in the future. Because a child was playing with sand by the Yellow River, he suddenly dug a large gem. The smart and kind child distributed the gem to many and many people. Since then, the people there have become very rich, the most important The people there are like children who are willing to treat beautiful。

Share things with more people. In the future, everyone will carry an aircraft on their backs. If they do n’t want to fly, the aircraft will become a high-end, atmospheric, high-grade car. By the way, that car is still a Ferrari brand! Just press the switch button next to the seat on the car, and the car will immediately return to the aircraft and rush into the sky. In the future, everyone will have a private plane, and even children in elementary school will have their own plane. There are living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and bathroom. Little friends。

Is it cool? This plane is like a flying house, also known as a room machine. In the future, mobile phones can be folded at will, which is particularly convenient for carrying, and can be printed out immediately after the mobile phone is taken. In addition, shopping in the future is more convenient, you can buy anything on your mobile phone, buy the same day, you can receive the goods on the same day. Because it was sent with a super fast aircraft. Oops, having said so much, do you think the future is great? Although that was just a dream for me, I believe our future will be better! In my life, I have encountered all kinds of backs. Hide behind this figure。

The number of five-flavored bottles, once opened sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty, turned into a film that appeared in front of your eyes, and it was unbelievable. But only the back made me unforgettable and the memory was fresh. The rain was falling, why was it Friday again, but fortunately he didn't come. From time to time, I looked out the window towards the school gate. Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell ... Finally, after class, I walked out of the school with an uneasy heart. Looking around, he finally took a long sigh of relief and let go of his steps. Niu, you can rest assured. Dad's big hand rested on my shoulder, and suddenly, my face blushed and whispered while taking away Dad's hand: Well, why are you here again? I'll pick you up, know。

It ’s not good to go home every Friday after school. Dad said in his honest voice. But I refused to move with my dad and looked around from time to time. I looked at the five yuan in my hand, and my tears circulated in my eyes, and finally got wet on the money. I looked up and saw one, of medium build, not tall, slightly bent, a pair of big rough hands, pushing a worn bicycle, walking alone in the back of the vast sea. At that moment, I deeply experienced the true feelings on earth. It is said that maternal love is selfless and great, but there is also paternal love. I saw mom like a lost deer。

Like a mother, she ran past desperately until she touched the worrying back. Dad, I will go with you. Dad saw me standing like a tearful man in front of him gasping, and could not help crying. Good boy, you know it, let's go together. Let me use that pair of hands that have gone through three or four decades to wipe my tears. We walked together. The back view is just a back view in the eyes of others, meaningless, but it allows me to understand my father's heart. It made me feel a vast, deep, deep, unrequited and regretless love flowing out of it, into my heart, where it took root. It is like a strong backing, for me to withstand all difficulties, prop up a clear blue sky for me to soar. My mom is still a female version of the hardcore ball。