o,CulpIt ’s all gone, really! ’The grandma at the door listened to my complaint quietly, thought about it, and nodded gently. I didn't find this small movement. I said goodbye to my grandmother, and carefully and hurriedly tiptoed down the stairs. That day, the teacher told us to leave school early because of physical discomfort. I went home without telling my grandmother. I walked to the stairs and saw a familiar figure-grandma! She took the broom and scanned each one gently. Steps, every step that has been swept is as clean as enchanted. I stopped there, and dared not retreat or enter. He straightened his bowed waist and raised his hand.。


,YSlowly hammering, it seems to want to relieve the pain in the waist. My heart trembles, my grandmother's waist has not been good, how is she! My tears are swirling in the red eyes. She was still holding brooms, one by one, and she was like an angel in the stairway like that angel. After sweeping the first floor, she helped the wall to move upstairs step by step, took out the wet rag from the house, and wiped the stair railing bit by bit. She squatted down and stood up again. Clean the corridor cleanly. I could n’t bear it anymore, tears burst out, I slowly walked forward and shouted ‘‘ Grandma! ’’ Grandma froze, somehow。

amadaTell me, my mouth broke this quiet ‘‘ grandma, how are you? ‘’ ‘‘ I ’m not happy to see you, I ’m okay again. Grandma stammered. ‘‘ Grandma! ’’ I ran over and hugged her. Tears, not only! Your love expression is unique and different, just like an angel, it is also the angel in my heart. Postscript One day in 2020, Dr. Cheng called me to his laboratory to show me the difference. I looked around and found the No. 1 super-large bread machine. I said, Mr., what age? Still eating bread? Is n’t it over to eat a compressed food pack? Say: 1. This is time and space shuttle。

和WdMachine, not a bread machine. 2. Compressed edible package is harmful to the environment, you can go and see in the future! There was a whirlpool in the sky in 2050. I was thrown heavily on the ground. I sat up and saw it. It became a garbage dump. The ground was full of garbage. People lived in garbage dumps: garbage houses. sofa. The chair ... it's all rubbish, and people who read it will feel sick. Booming, I shuttled back again ... A vortex appeared in the sky again in 1977, people were dumbfounded, fairy, fairy! Brother fairy, sign a name! what! ! ! I shouted, run! I rushed forward like a marathon, and the people behind quickly chased. Running and running, I stopped and everyone calmed down! I said, I have something to say! I。

on,I want to lie to them. I ’m the one God photographed to manage everyone. God said that the people on the ground do n’t care much about the environment. Let me control it. It's good, it's good. People say from now on, we listen to you! I asked everyone to take care of hygiene and talked about the main points and scared them to say that God is angry but it's not annoying! I went to 2050 again, and the earth was clean, flowers, grass, and so beautiful ... slap, I rolled down from the bed, only to know that this is a dream, yes, we only protect the environment, we will not live In the trash. One night, I lay in bed, so I went to the window and looked at it. Suddenly, a dazzling light shot at me, and I fainted. Later, I seemed to have crossed into the future. I saw there are 800-story buildings, each with a surface area of ​​more than 300 square meters.。

It is made of glass. This glass can prevent wind, rain, natural disasters and many other functions. It is very advanced. After a while, I met the future me. In the future, I took me to visit the triangular house, which rises into the sky. This kind of house can also identify people and beat bad people. If you want to move, you can make the house smaller, go to a new place, and enlarge it. In the future, I also showed me the car, and he saw that he took out a small capsule and threw it on the ground, and came out a thing like a car, but not like a car. This car can change color, and there are injectors behind The car accelerates forward, there are rotating blades underneath, the car can rise or fall, it can change。

It becomes a spaceship, yacht, and it emits not scented oxygen but scented oxygen. As soon as you open a capsule, it goes in. Walking around, I saw people on the street wearing a kind of watch, the color of the watch is not the same. There are many buttons on the watch, so I will ask me in the future. After some explanations, I realized that the color of this watch can change according to the change of mood. It can not only help you find things, but also predict the weather. In case of difficulties, it can also help you. Ding Ling Ling I sat up fiercely. I looked outside and then looked at my home. I found that nothing had changed. It was the same as before. I regret to say: It turned out to be a dream! I thought in my heart: As long as I dream, I can definitely achieve it, so now I。

Study hard, study hard, and strive for the day to come early through your own efforts. what! Finally saw the light. I looked at my big red wings and shouted with joy: I finally broke out of the cocoon! That's right! I'm a red butterfly that just grew up. Look! That was my good friend Fandie Mimi and Huangdie duo, we knew each other in young children. We live in a large garden and play with the bees, carefree and free, the most important thing is that there is no natural enemy here-bird! After a few days, I suddenly wanted to go to the outside world. I thought that there are things in the outside world that I have n’t seen and eaten, and I ca n’t help it! So I went to Mimi and duo duo to discuss and go out together. After more than ten minutes of controversy。