y1Grabbing the woman's neck with his hand, the other hand grabbed her hair and fell violently to the ground. I saw blood suddenly flowed from the woman's head. At this time, the 110 police car arrived. The police immediately came to stop them and dialed 120. The middle-aged man was still shouting when he was pulled away: I must kill you. Ugh! It was a trivial matter, but because of their disobedience and indifference, they gave way to each other and caused the current result. This scene on the road from school made me feel shocking. If each of us can give way to each other and think of each other a little bit, then I believe that。

979建议的The time will be closer and our society will be more harmonious and beautiful. A book is a telescope that allows us to see farther; a book is a pair of wings that allows us to soar freely in the sky of knowledge; a book is a golden key that helps us open the window of mind's wisdom. I like reading books, books are my good friends. I remember when I was in the fourth grade, the mid-term exam was coming soon. In order to make me get a good grade, my dad set a family rule specifically for me: I can't read extracurricular books one week before the exam. I was stunned, a week, oh my god, how hard it is, what should I do? Smart, I immediately thought of an idea and watched in the toilet. Dad went out to buy food, I hurried to。

访谈策eIn the toilet, I found a place I thought was very hidden and hid there. When my father came back to wash his hands, he found the book I had collected and scolded me. I dared not collect books in the toilet anymore. My eyeballs turned around and my heart counted. You can wait until Mom and Dad fall asleep at night, and then get up and read. One night, I climbed up and read a book. Who knows, I actually watched and fell asleep. The next morning, I just opened my hazy eyes and saw a big hand fanning at me. I hugged my book subconsciously. It turned out that my father saw my desk lamp on, and I guessed the book I read a book last night and came to train me. Dad said sternly: you are here。

略纳入In the past few days, while reading, I will tear your book in half. In order not to hurt my love book, I had to obey it. Alas, the days without books are really tough. I finally know what it is like to live like a year. There is a mother who is the most beautiful in history. Her long hair is still curled up by herself! And it is still black and shiny, which is really enviable! This mother will not give her children pocket money, fearing her Child buys that kind of junk food, only when her child says: Mom! It ’s time to buy a book! Or what else will she give her child money. This mother is also very kind, one uphill at a time。

我们的研A younger grandfather pushed a tricycle, hey yeah ... hey yo this mother quickly ran to push after seeing it, hey yo ... hey yo ... finally pushed it up, grandpa continually Say thank you, this mother waved her hands repeatedly, and said: No, no need to thank! Of course, this mother's kindness is also a bit exaggerated, no ... It is too exaggerated. Whenever she sends her child to school, it will Say: Hey, be careful, don't step on the ants, after a while you will say: Hey, be careful. You see, you almost stepped on the grass! This mother believes in and worships Buddha. He often helps others. For example, where did her child painter Wu Xueliang go? This mother took out six incense sticks。

究,我3I ignited, read the mantra again, and after a while, six root incenses went northward. The mother said, "Hey, your three lords! Go to Beijing! This mother also loves her child very much, whenever her child is injured." , This mother: Why are you so careless! Although the surface is serious, this mother ’s heartache seems to be torn. On a typhoon night, a thorn does not know how to get to her child In the eyes of the mother, the mother tried many ways to get it out, and it did n’t work. Even the tortured child did n’t look like it anymore. The mother could n’t see it anymore. So she ran out and went to the pharmacy far from home to buy eye drops When she came back, the mother had a lot of leaf shavings on her hair, and it was messy. Her face was already pale。

Yes, but the first moment when I came back was to drop eye drops for the child. Seeing the child ’s satisfied smile, the mother smiled, how bright the smile was. Like eating honey. Gradually, the wind stopped. This A bright mother touched God, and even God is helping her to stop this wind! I told this story to my classmates. The classmate asked: I must write my mother, who is it! I will answer: It ’s me! Wu Qinhui ’s mother! I believe: if there is a mother standing on each star. The brighter the warmer. Do n’t think, know,。

There will only be my mother on the brightest star. One day, I was reading a book "The Latest 400-Word Composition". Seeing one of the articles, a sudden flash of light took me into another world. When I woke up, I saw a passerby carrying a matchbox-sized thing on the road. The passerby thrown down to the ground, and it became a car, but it was like an airplane. What is this thing? I was thinking, suddenly another passerby B came over and quickly called passerby A to understand. Passerby told him that this is a magic car, which can become bigger and smaller, change from car to airplane, and walk out on the street.。