义.1Or an engineer will be more important to society than a worker, and deserves respect. There is no distinction between high and low occupations, and there are no other people. However, the social courtesy of them is very different. The former may have fame and fortune and respect, but the latter are mostly among the bottom of the society, scattered in all corners of the city, and drowned in the tide of people. Not only the uncle guarding the door, but also the elder sister of the tube, the master of the cafeteria. They are obscured, hard-working, and resentful. They are working people like our parents. They are tiny in the world.。


在审查了开Dust, but they all have their own stories, and everyone is an endless book. They are all small people, they are the people who are ignored by us, but they are not humble, not weak, with hard work and bravery, self-reliance and self-reliance, they support the huge construction of this society, they are the cornerstone of the entire society. If we are busy, if we can give them the same look and hug, it is the greatest respect for their personality. Have you thought about being in a world without adults? I thought about it, if I am happy and sad in a world without adults, the joy is that we are no longer constrained, no longer like birds trapped in cages, and want to fly in the air, but adults let us face For learning, facing the school, every day, finally escaped from the cage, no。

幕类别Will return to the cage to restrain us, will not control our sorrow is, without parental care, without parental love, without parents we have nothing, like a bird with wings, do nothing, even the most basic I can't do flying, like the grass, it looks very helpless, a little bit back to the cage, but the cage is like a devil's claw, despite this, I always feel that I am in a dilemma. Just like a bird will learn to fly one day, no one can stop it. Just like us, one day we will have our own home. Have you thought about nagging without parents? I thought that at that time I was very leisurely and carefree, and I could sleep peacefully without disturbing. Have you thought about it without parental care? I thought about it, if your hand has blood left,。

之后,eWould you feel lonely without parents to help you and nobody? Have you ever thought that you will be lonely in a world without adults? I have thought that there is no one to play computer with you, no star to watch with you, no one to talk to you, no one to grow up with you, time is from your fingertip Flow through, did you feel lonely at that time? In short, in short, in a word, a world with adults is good. In the world of adults, there is the care of parents and they are no longer alone. They can learn to fly and can soar in the sky. Parents are indispensable in our world. They only have us. Give me all the love, give me the world, I do n’t know how hard and happy you are。

我们确I want to be close to you. Tell you that I actually understand you all the time. I've been listening to this song since my pro. When it was broadcast on TV, I was deeply intoxicated. But I still don't understand, why did the mother in the background raise her children painfully? Mom, do I understand you? No, I don't understand. There was a time when I misunderstood you and rejected you, but you didn't care at all ... some time ago, my math scores began to fluctuate greatly, and even three or four papers were tested as medium. Level. Whenever I receive test papers, I am always depressed and feel discouraged. When I got home, I gave the test paper to my mother. My mother was silent for a long time and sighed. Her eyes were full of disappointment and surprise.。

定了类别之间1And helpless. I couldn't bear it anymore, my tears started a flash flood, and one drop after another fell on the floor. Mom finally opened his mouth: Ning Ning, how did you do this few times? Why did you get so bad every time? Forget it, I don't want to criticize you. It ’s already done, and do n’t be too sad. It doesn't matter, just take the exam next time, don't cry. She just walked into the kitchen. Faintly, I seemed to hear a heavy sigh. I know it was a disappointed sigh of mother. I always work hard in writing. For this reason, my mother was always nagging at me. Listen, bedroom。

Her voice came out again: What time is it, why haven't you done your homework yet? Yo, you ’re not writing, do you think it ’s too early to stop? I was a little impatient while reading a book on the chair, and shouted at her: Oh, why are you this person? I am nagging you to you. You said, is it necessary to clean up again at midnight? Hey, children now, there is no idea of ​​time. Mom said nothing but walked away with a sigh. Looking at her back, I suddenly felt a sense of guilt in my heart, and I was sorry to hold it in my mouth. I never had the courage to say it. Winter always comes so quietly that people cannot notice its movement. The winter solstice is coming,。

My Mao Yi is not big enough to match my size. The Mao Yi bought in the store also didn't please her mother. In desperation, my mother had to weave hair by herself. Although Mao Yi's color is dim, she can't drink those colorful clothes, but her mother still knits so seriously. Later, the red yarn needed by Mao Yi was not enough. My mother turned her head, took another color of yarn, and finished the last two cuffs. At night, she handed me Mao Yi and told me to put on Mao Yi and keep warm. I saw that asymmetrical hair yi, inexplicably gave birth to a。

Kind of anger. So under the control of this consciousness, I said nothing and pushed it away. At that moment, my mother's eyes were much red. For a long time, she picked up the Mao Yi and walked away quietly. I faintly noticed that a subtle sob was coming ... After writing this, the song rang out in my ears: Give me all the love. Give me the world. Since then I do not know the pain and joy in your heart. I want to be close to you. Tell you that I actually understand you all the time ... I want to say to you more: Mom, I actually understand you! Tan Peng said You Yi's experiment report about Tan Peng said that the purpose of the experiment: the 21st century is a diversified century, an information age,。

Both survival and development require friends. Each of us has friends we want to be good. Friends enrich our lives and help us grow. Bad friends are introduced into the abyss. 1. The reaction in the test tube added with the false solution is violent. The solution rapidly changes from gray to black, a large amount of precipitation occurs, and an irritating odor gas that causes tears is generated, and the contact particles are full and gradually shrink. 2. The reaction of the test tube added with the money and benefit solution is moderate. The solution changes from khaki to black, and emits a dizzying gas. The interaction particles are gradually diluted. 3. The reaction rate is very slow when it is added to the test tube of the true heart solution, and the meat also turns white to colorless.。

The pleasant smell of people, the communication particles swell, and produce a solid called friends. Experimental summary: It can be known from experimental phenomena and equations. The necessary condition for making friends is sincerity, and it takes a long time for it to manifest itself. However, the result of genuine contact is that you can have true friends. The experimental report of the necessary conditions for the two friends: experimental materials: alcohol lamp, glass rod, beaker, iron stand, helpful heart, soul greedy for life and death, soul with empathy. Enlightenment of life: In life, we make choices again and again, using our mind to dissolve these materials, and we use this to judge choices. Revelation of life: In life, I。

Some of us ca n’t stand the test of life and death in society. The first ones to be eliminated are those who are greedy for life and fear of death. As our friends, we do n’t seek to insert a knife for ourselves, but we must not be greedy for life and death. Inject the above solution into an evaporating dish, cover it with an asbestos net, and carefully heat it with an alcohol lamp. As the water is lost, the solution becomes cloudy, and a great result will appear. Revelation of life: After all the hardships of life, a great revolution is about to erupt, that is: what kind of people can become true mentors and friends. Remove the hot evaporating dish, take the residual heat to remove the water。