是促使2?? Faced with the middle move, the crossroads in front of me, one side is three middle schools, one side is five schools, one side is vocational high school, one side is society, I should not escape, I should be brave to face, not naive I thought Do n’t hurt the person who loves you the most-remembering that in our youth, we must do more. No matter how hard our parents preach to us, whether the future is right or wrong, we have to fearlessly go personally. But when one day I understand them, can we fill the gap between us, understand each other, shake hands and make peace. I admit that since I was a child, I was not a worrying child. My parents left me with my grandparents because of my busy work.。

他们认真hGrandpa and grandma loved me a lot, and they always obeyed my demands. They let me let me play with similar children, climb over the wall and climb trees ... When I was in elementary school, I returned to my parents for some reason, but I never listened to them. I went my own way and still faced them everywhere. There was no way to change my personality. At the beginning, my parents said what happened to me. I did n’t do well here, and I did n’t do it right there, but I did n’t take their words seriously. My parents did n’t say anything about me because of the time. When I was in junior high school, I was informed that I could live on campus.。

参加活If you are crazy, one side is because of the expectation of a new school life, and the other is because you can finally get rid of your parents. Of course, the latter accounted for the majority. I always thought I would hate them to go down like that, but that night completely changed me, and I understood a lot. Since then, I have stopped being capricious that night and I went to school to study physics at night. My stomach suddenly hurt. My stomach turned upside down. I was lying on the table in pain. The teacher found me strange and asked me what happened. Do I want to go home and see? Go home? I thought mockingly, fearing that they would both sleep Let's go! I shook my head and said, ‘I ’m fine. "But the teacher is still。

动的Helped me call my parents, sign a leave request, and let me go to the gate and wait for my parents to pick them up. Because my stomach hurts so badly, I walked very slowly. Then I learned that my parents had been waiting for a long time. When we went to the hospital, my mother asked me where I felt uncomfortable. My stomach was so painful that I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't speak. I just shook my head. Soon I arrived at the hospital, my mother helped me sit down on the chair, and my father was busy registering and queuing. An hour later I finally returned home. My mother made me porridge, watched me drink it, and made me drink medicine, and didn't worry about going to bed until I saw me lying on the bed. That night, I lost sleep.。

重要动cThe past clips are constantly showing in my mind: My parents always help me when I get into trouble; they will not scold me when they are called parents; It hurts them, but they never get bored and love me as always. Growth is like the growth of bones, from fragile to strong, allowing you to grow up and learn more. Thankfully, I didn't understand it too late. Thankfully, since then, I am no longer wayward and no longer hurt the people who love me the most. Filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Turning over the chapter of history, there are many characters famous for filial piety. They are our best learning goals. The Han Emperor Liu Heng as we know it is well known that he is famous for his filial piety。

机.从The people under the position advocate serving people with virtue; they are dedicated to their mothers. The medicine soup his mother took was tasted by him before he was taken by his mother. Min Miao, a Lu nationality in the spring and autumn, in the winter, his two younger brothers wore yi clothes made of cotton, but he wore a yi clothes made of reeds and had to pull the cart. When the chain accidentally fell to the ground, his father whipped him with a whip. The yi suit was broken, and Lu Hua flew out. After being seen by his father, he knew he was being abused and wanted to give up his stepmother, but Min The loss also pleaded for her stepmother and would not let her go. He thought: The younger brothers cannot live without mothers, they need to be taken care of. So his father did what he wanted, and did not give up his stepmother. Zengshen, one day a guest came from home, Zengshen cut wood on the mountain, his mother did not know。

与心理益He was good, so he broke his finger with his teeth, Zeng Shen was chopping firewood, and suddenly felt a sudden pain in his heart. So I thought if something happened at home, I hurried back home. I saw my mother bit her finger and hurriedly asked what happened. My mother told him that there was a guest at home. He did n’t know what to do. Treat guests with courtesy. As the saying goes, Baishan filial piety comes first. The grace of parents is bigger than the sky and deeper than the sea! Those of us who are children are their greatest psychological comfort, they give us the best, no。

处有关Let us suffer. We can't forget the nourishment they gave! The love our parents give us is precious. We must do our best to not let them down, and strive to love them, protect them, and love them. Anyone who speaks in a hurry has reported that San Chunhui ’s parents worked hard to drag us up. As we experience more and more, we should understand the hard work of parents. Be a responsible person and share things for them! Early in the morning on Sunday, my parents and I wore new clothes and took a taxi to our uncle's house. I saw my dad erecting a long bamboo pole, and a thin rope passed through the bamboo pole。

的数据yThe top pulley hangs down. On the table next to it are bright five-star red flags and recorders. After more than an hour, the team returned to meet the relatives. Our preparations have also been made, and friends and family are here. The uncle was wearing a tie, wearing a suit, holding flowers in his right hand, and holding the bride in his left hand. The bride, wearing a white wedding dress and holding flowers, slowly came out of the new house. The guests also came to the courtyard and consciously lined up in two rows. At this time I realized that it was originally a flag-raising ceremony. Dad said loudly: All stood up, raised the national flag and played the national anthem. I quickly pressed the button on the recorder, and everyone stood with a swipe。

Straight, motionless. The bright five-star red flag was rising in the national anthem. I watched intently, and saw that it was spreading in the wind, and flew to the blue sky, like a flame reflecting the earth. The national flag! You are the pride of the motherland, how many ancestors bleed and sacrifice for you, and how many heroes fought bravely for you. I looked up at the flying flag, and I was very excited. The uncle and the bride looked up at the national flag as if they were looking forward to a better life in the future. The flag-raising ceremony was over, and the uncle and the bride gave wedding candy to the guests. The guests blessed a couple of couples from old age to old age and loving life. Know it。

yI feel that a simple and lively wedding is over. This is really a different wedding! What is inferiority complex? Inferiority complex is a small flower in the dark in the corner. Whenever the sun rises, I only think that I should live in darkness forever and never get the sun's light. I also feel inferior. At that time, I was the monitor of the class and I could study. In a large exam, I achieved excellent results. However, it was because of this exam that I became proud and complacent, and no one in sight. I have read a lot of history books, and many generals are defeated because of pride and complacency. I know all this, but I just ca n’t control myself. I am very sad because my。

With pride and complacency, I stepped back. When the head teacher criticized and accused me loudly at the class meeting, I began to feel inferior. I do n’t have the intention to listen to the class every day. I have been thinking why this is happening? After such a day, I completely changed myself. At noon that day, I did not eat, I was in the class by myself, looking out the window. The wind outside the window raged and the leaves fluttered. The leaf fell to the ground, and with its gradual tip of the leaf, it hooked the ground and moved forward with difficulty. This is like a sharp blade, slamming in my heart, my heart is bleeding. In the afternoon math class, math。