阻碍康Years later. After 5 minutes, I found a place that had never been here before. It was magnificent, like a royal music hall. I was wearing a snowy white dress and playing beautiful music. The music was so beautiful, and the audience listened intoxicated. After playing the song, everyone gave me warm applause, and many people threw the flowers to the stage. The judges satisfactorily gave me a big trophy, and also gave me a certificate, which read Dr. Piano. Hey, how did the applause turn into an alarm clock? It turned out to be a dream. I told my mom and dad my dreams. Mom and dad smiled and said: As long as you work hard, you will definitely return in the future。

复,积0Think like that in a dream! It is a non-open-air house with strong security in all directions and a blue light defense system. The gate is required to be fulfilled with fingerprints. If the fingerprint is unexpected, the avatar password can also be verified. The error will explode as soon as it has been tested ten times, and it will automatically recover after three seconds. Everything in the house is automatic. There are unlimited kinds of scenes in the same room. The technology of 3 makes these scenes exactly the same as reality. There is a beautiful environment without any trash and other debris. The walls, paintings, TVs, etc. in the house are all made with the best diamonds, and as long as you want something, the mechanical engineer will use the fastest time to build the best quality, which will never be broken, even if It can be restored. The bed is full。

极的生活The world's selected fabrics are refined; the pillows are made of the best materials in the world; the most special is that when the alarm clock sounds, people will get up immediately. If you can't get out of bed, there will be a glass of ice water at 0 degrees; the bookshelf is versatile and can be controlled with your mind. As long as you want to read the book, the book will be delivered to me within three seconds, and there are many, many things . The kitchen is a first-class robot in the whole universe; the chef, as long as you say what you want to eat, he will make it. For example, the refrigerator can cook, just like a chef ... This is my great invention in the 22nd century. Is it unique? Do you also want a house like this? February 13th of the lunar calendar is my 6th birthday. Mom gave me a magic。

和健康Gift, I opened the box with curiosity and excitement, Wang, Wang! A lovely Pekingese dog jumped out, a snowy body I couldn't help but say: really cute. Because his body is snow-white, so I named him Snow, this name really suits it! Shirayuki is cute and greedy. As soon as I got home, it was bothering me. I often wondered whether the gift was good or bad. My mother would really pick the puppy because the puppy was so good that he could n’t find him by whistling and it would immediately run over. It loves ham sausage like me. I am curious why? It turned out that my mother had already asked her what she liked to eat when she picked it, which was really a cherished gift. Bai Xue is very greedy, feed it。

/生活质量bHe bite a ham sausage with his teeth, and bite the ham sausage behind the water dispenser to eat secretly, fearing that others would snatch it. This is really an interesting gift. This gift is very good and very bad. The good thing is that he is very obedient and he dare not enter his mother's room, because as long as her mother waved her hand, it thought her mother had beaten it and slipped away; the bad thing was because it loved Urinating and defecating anywhere, but with the efforts of my mother and I recently, it finally got rid of this problem. So this is the best gift I received. Each of us wants to fly. In this materialistic world, everyone。

的文化影响jBecause, status and money are the highest bastions built in this society. Only by flying to it and flying to that height, it is really a glimpse of the mountains and the heart. So various people are using various means to plump their wings. The doctors lie on their plagiarized papers and make their famous daydreams; the suits and shoes have a smile on their faces and put money in one hand to figure out how to insert a feather for their wings; senior officials with big belly poop Raising a glass with one hand and inviting a dark box with one hand is a pleasure. What's more, mortals who have short wings are vainly trying to fly into the sky. As a result, they are planted with their heads broken and the blood flow continues to be obliterated. Until one day, when the doctors were doing nothing with the flashy title。

.该框But all day long, when the appearance of the suits and leather shoes was torn by the cold and invisible, when the papers of the senior officials finally could not cover the fire, they were pointed at the spearlessly by the ruthless, when the ordinary people will one day realize that it is warm and warm But when the happiness is ordinary, I finally find out that the height I wanted to fly up to is actually nothing but the golden jade. To fly to yourself, the most authentic self. In this society, we are forced to smile, nod our heads, and do all the gestures, we are all trying to be the character of a leapfrog clown, and be the role that others want. We tried our best to fight for fame and fortune, but we couldn't feel happiness, it was only because we lost ourselves. we。

fForgetting what the most innocent self needs, we forget where we left it. We cannot find happiness because we lost it. We cannot rest assured because we lost it. That self is a kind of height in life. We work hard all day long, not to be able to be ourselves and fly to ourselves, without being instructed by others, or fighting for the dreams of others. Only when we fly to ourselves can we understand our true dreams and our true happiness. We should all fly here, but the bastion of status and money turns into a mirage that blocks our view, but makes many people fall in love with it for a long time. In fact, as long as you take a step forward and get rid of this indulgence, it is true。

8Find true happiness for yourself. Zhuangzi regards the world as a dull and incomprehensible Zhuang language. He has a full of talents and wit in his studies, but he leads a life of poverty but not downfall. He does not love status and wealth. Zhuoran is independent, detached from the outside world, has the madness of Mengdie, and has nothing to rely on, so he is worthy of being a guru in the chaotic world of the Warring States. I'm a boy who likes fantasy, no, I'm fantasizing again, but this time I think it's a bit weird. Do you want to know what it is? Not that he can fly, not that he can become a superman, but the bridge of the future. The future bridge is called the high-speed molecular narrowing bridge, also known as the bridge to help people hurry. This bridge is the same as the ordinary bridge。

Appearance is similar, but relatively short, not even a quarter of the ordinary bridge. At the end there is a large garage. This large garage is divided into two large passages. There are two small passages in each large passage. The large passage on the left is the passage for vehicles and the large passage on the right is the passage for vehicles. Two small channels are written with molecular channels and narrow channels. The molecular channel is to compress people and vehicles into molecules, and then use the molecular transmitter to send it to another molecular transmitter as the data is sent. The speed only takes 0. seconds, and then the other side immediately combines, and the combination can go. During this process, people seem to be asleep. The narrowing channel is to reduce people and vehicles to be as small as molecules, and then use the narrowing transmitter to send to another narrowing transmitter, and then immediately zoom in。