以这种方Before it was finished, the meat fell off, and the fox bit the meat and fled away with smoke. The crow went mad and vowed to punish the wicked fox. One day, the crow bitten a bark into a flesh-like appearance. It bit the bark in his mouth and waited for the fox to appear. Less than two minutes later, the fox appeared and saw the meat in the crow's mouth. It drooled and walked around the crow's tree, trying to eat the piece of meat. The way it hadn't been thought, the meat fell off, and the fox bit it, ah! It hurts! The fox lost one of his teeth, and he walked away in awkwardness. I am one。


式将积极生bA girl who loves fantasy, always likes to think wildly, has a strong imagination, and loves to write fairy tales. The fairy tale I wrote has won two awards! In addition to completing learning tasks and playing on weekends, do you want to know the rest? Come with me if you want to know! After I finished my homework, I could n’t play it, so I picked up a book and looked at it with interest. After reading it, I sat on the sofa blankly. Do n’t look at me silly. In fact, I just thought about the book The continuation of the book! You may be bored, but I think this is very interesting. I was very strange. After thinking about it, I forgot about it again, just like losing memory. Then, I started something that was very naive in the eyes of others, but I didn't think it was that。

活概念化Ragdoll talks, there are many ragdolls in my family, there is a bear on my sister ’s bed that can stand up to my chin Sister leaned on. I often pick up Qizai and cover it with quilts; sit on Dizi as a horseback ride; put the happy goat and Meiyang sheep together as a family portrait; pick up the little fox and play with it, others may take a look, Just startled-how can an eleven-year-old girl be so naive? But I do n’t think it ’s naive. I do n’t think everything has life. I often talk to Hua'er Cao'er and Grandpa Dashu and talk about my inner troubles; I also roll up the paper and put it by my ears In a whispering voice, take these voices as the wind whispered to me; fell。

,意味着I will pick it up immediately, say sorry to it, and smile. You may not do these things at all, but I think these things are the most essential things in my childhood. One morning, I was going to school. Suddenly a plane landed at my door and opened the door. It seemed that I wanted to let me in. My curiosity forced me into the plane. ''Wow! I ’m screaming in surprise. ‘‘ Looking at the place like the fairy world in front of me, I have been continually admiring here. Suddenly the door of the plane closed, startling me. When I panicked, a soft and sweet voice came. Hello, welcome to take this plane, you are about to go。

休闲体The place is 2070. what's the situation? 2070? How can it be? Am I dreaming? I was dubious, but after reading the decoration of the plane, I felt a little more convinced. Hello there! The plane has reached its destination, please get off the plane. I heard the order to get off the plane. When I got off the plane, a lady came to meet me. She said enthusiastically to me: I will take you to visit your house now. After all, she took my hand and prepared to take me away, looking at the scenery in front of me, I was full of enjoyment. While I was fascinating and admiring the scenery here, unexpectedly happened, she actually drove a small airship to carry me。

验具有go with. Soon, she landed at my home she said. At the same time, it completely convinced me that this is really the earth in 2070. When I first entered the house, I was shocked. The house is not only big but also has all kinds of furniture. The main thing is a robot nanny. It introduced me to a lot of information and emphasized that as long as I was hungry Tell him when you are thirsty, it will be sent in the first time. And there is no need to go to school here, because the desks here will learn independently. The young lady looked at me with satisfaction and said happily: how? Very satisfied! I'm leaving now, bye. When she had finished speaking, she left. When it was time for bedtime, I was sleeping in a big bed by myself. I slept very comfortably and very proudly. bell! bell! My alarm clock rang,。

独特的That's when my mother called me and got up! Yeah, am I in 2070? Why are you back? Oh! It turned out that I just had a dream. But this dream is so real, comparing the present and the future in terms of technology and scenery is a world of difference. But I believe that in the future, this will definitely become a reality. On this day, I began to look up at the starry sky and found that the stars are not far away, the dreams are not far away, as long as you tip your toes, I will never wander and shy again, open arms, and fly higher with you It's farther away ... When I was in the seventh grade, I didn't have a friend. The seventh grade was over. Although I have a friend, I didn't really treat me. Therefore, at that time, I was independent and did not feel the love my friend gave me. I'm very strong。

But my heart is very lonely, how eager to have a friend by my side, warm my cold heart. But now it's different. I found my intimate friend, who cares about me. And I never like to talk more words, from melancholy to lively and cheerful. I got rid of loneliness and I am no longer alone. Entering the eighth grade, I thought I would not have an intimate friend like the seventh grade, but, something unexpected came to me. Back to the dormitory on Monday evening, a girl sitting in the same dormitory was sitting in front of the window, I saw her unhappy。

Yes, I thought, I can talk to her about it. So, I took the initiative to make a conversation with her, I sat gently next to her, chatted with her, and after understanding the reasons for her unhappiness, I comforted her and cared about her. The classmates became chattered and the relationship got better ... the next morning, I found her standing at the door, and when I walked over, she took my hand, I was stunned, she said we were together Peer. So, we will be together every day in the future, she always gives me a lot of help, and she always has a lot of。

7What weird things brought me to play. She is very generous and lively. It is her character that attracts me. Let me face each day with a smile. Wherever we are there is laughter. She will help me organize things every morning. There is a beautiful card for me to bring. She is the deputy leader in terms of study, but now she has stepped back, but she said that she must always maintain the position of deputy leader, she can only move forward but not retreat, and will study with me and make progress together. Everyone says that the truth is true in adversity. This sentence is correct. Every time I quarrel with others, she will help me, if I am wrong, then she will talk to me first, then go to apologize to others. I am really happy to have her friend. When I walked to the intersection of Fuyun Road and Shunhe Road, I saw a group of bustling people surrounding a stone。

I ran over the stool, curiously digging into the pile of people, and wanted to find out. Oh, take a closer look, there was an uncle sitting on the stone bench, squeezing the clay figure Perfect, it's exactly like the real one, there are many cartoon characters such as little yellow man, big white rabbit, gray wolf, garfield, big head son, etc., all of which are like real. I turned my eyes to the uncle's hand again, he was taking With some yellow mud, I didn't know what to do, so I looked attentively. I saw my uncle Marley squeezed a yellow ball, and took white mud, yellow mud, and black mud. I saw his hand spinning fast, like a roller coaster, and after a while, he pinched his eyes with black mud. Uncle pressed his eyes to his head again and made some repairs.。

The uncle took two balls of yellow mud to make eardrums, and then repaired the uneven corners and corners. One ear was made, and another pinched. The uncle pressed his ear to his head again. , More and more like a mythical character. When the uncle finished his nose and mouth, and took out two long tassels, I instantly understood that it must be Sun Sikong. Sure enough, when the uncle made a complete head, it was the head of Sun Wukong. It's time to be a body, it's hard to do it! But it became a piece of cake under the uncle's god. I saw that he quickly completed the shape of his body, and squeezed his legs, arms, and the very powerful gold hoop with a thunderbolt. An end。