具有潜在9If it's useful, even if it's useful, you won't have the heart to beat the child. I didn't understand the good intentions of my parents until now. In the study of children, you are always so persistent, do not let me play, do not let me read books that are not related to learning, do not let me do what I want to do .... Until now, I have understood, clearly Realizes that everything you do is good for me. When I became you, I realized your feeling of looking for Jackie Chan and looking for daughter Chengfeng, but I misunderstood you so deeply that I realized all this How sorry I am, how I didn't understand you before. At home, you always ca n’t spare a little time to accompany me. Every time you wake up early, it ’s for me.。


成本效益Woke up early to go to work. At that time I always thought that you did not love me so deeply. But now, if I were you, I would know that your late sleep and early rise are all for me, in order to let me live a good life; for me to have what I want; for me to be looked down upon by others .. ....what! Mom, I did n’t understand you until now. People are strange, they are always good at discovering other people's mistakes and shortcomings, while ignoring the many more correctness and advantages than mistakes and shortcomings, and those that are ignored can sometimes even change a person's life. After one person has done one thing, many people pick faults in it.。

的手段,可Even if it only accounted for one millionth of the work done, this person would be accused of it, but he did not see that he did nine hundred and ninety-nine millionths of what he did. It ’s right. It ’s true to see things, and it ’s also true to people. We often find others ’shortcomings and shortcomings while ignoring others’ strengths and strengths. I once had a classmate who was not very good in her grades, so she was accused all day long Sometimes, it can even be said to pick a bone in the egg. As everyone knows, this classmate is good except for the poor grades. She has good sports and won the prize for the class in the sports meeting; she has a good heart and classmates have。

以帮助She reached out for help when it was difficult, no matter how difficult it was; she was so clever that she could carve chalk into small animals, which were vivid and vivid, and she once made a small pumpkin lantern, which was very cute. However, the teacher did not look She has so many advantages, not to mention letting her carry on the advantages, but just blindly looking at her red cross-painted test papers and the countdown of the class. Are those who have poor grades useless? Is there no future? Human eyes are harsh and always like to look at the dark side of things, to be fault-finding, to make assertions by one thing alone。

人们更dThus ignoring the countless advantages and correctness of others. Imagine if Helen ’s teacher only saw Helen deaf and blind, Helen would not become a generation of writers; if Professor Xiong of Tsinghua University only saw Hua Luogeng did not read After a few years of writing and having a leg disability, then we will lose a great mathematician. It can be seen that ignoring a person's shortcomings is sometimes not important, but ignoring a person's strengths may change the person's future destiny. To discover the neglected advantages of others, encourage him, and guide him, so that it may cultivate an additional talent for the country. The car of the future world will fly, why? Not because the car is equipped with an aircraft, but because the magnet is laid under the road, and the magnet is also installed on the base of the car.。

好地应对It's not connected. As soon as the magnet of the car and the magnet of the road meet, the car will fly naturally. The food in the future also surprised us very much. It turned out to be seaweed! When Xiao Nuo saw me with a surprised expression, he said to me: You do n’t have to be surprised, because in our current era, scientists have begun to study how to make all kinds of food with seaweed! It turns out so, why am I so strange, is this bath plant delicious? I couldn't control my mouth, and when I reached out, I picked it up and it was awful. Although the food of the future is very nutritious and convenient, but。

The taste is very unpalatable. In my time, although the farming of farmers was very hard, the food produced was indeed very delicious, as long as we did the CD action. But the food of the future makes us modern people feel very unpleasant. In contrast, it is better to work by ourselves than to make us more convenient! Xiao Nuo turned on the space-time machine, I saluted a gift here, and then hurried into the space-time machine. -Dedicated to the beloved teacher Sun, the second midwinter in junior high school is almost halfway. Think about it。

3We spent the seventh grade of jerky together, and faced the joys and tears of the seventh grade together. I remember when I was in the seventh grade, I was a bit lonely at that time, because I could no longer see the familiar faces of elementary school students, so I had to face the strange sixth school alone. But thinking of the unknown class teacher, I was a little curious. I'm coming. Teacher Sun's appearance caused a little commotion in the class. I looked up and happened to have a friendly look at Teacher Shang Sun. Although I hadn't met before, I had a feeling of deja vu. Looking at it again, a female teacher who is full of vigor has stood on the podium. The tall man in sportswear gives a very sunny and healthy feeling. Qi Er's short hair, deep eyes, and a bright smile make people shine. Her voice is not high, but。

yYou can hear it clearly, which implies a firm power. I immediately had a good impression on Teacher Sun, and I was also in a good mood, observing everything around me with bright eyes. It was Teacher Sun, and it inspired me to have confidence in my junior high school life. In the second semester of seventh grade, I officially entered the junior high school track, and I got along well with my classmates, and my grades also rose quickly. The previous exams were arrogant and arrogant because of the good exams, and the mid-term results fell quickly. This may be a serious warning, but the young and frivolous I don't care and continue to do my own thing. Maybe see me like this。

5Teacher Sun was also anxious, so he found me in the office for education. Of course I was also a little dissatisfied. Some days I tried to hide from her, but after a while, I gradually woke up and felt deeply guilty about Teacher Sun. In order to reward Teacher Sun and fight for myself, I started to study hard, and finally, at the end of the semester, I found my original position again. Maybe I am not Mr. Sun's most proud student, but Mr. Sun will always be my most trusted and memorable teacher. I will wear many stories about her and ours one by one.。

Chain into the jewelry box of memory. Now, whether to help or not to help, has become a problem entangled in society. However, this kind of thing made me encounter some time ago. At that time I was filled with emotion. On that day, my mother picked me up from school as usual. I just crossed the cultural road. At the intersection of Hongqi, because the road is narrow, and it is a two-way street, it is often jammed. At this time, a student in the second or third grade fell to the ground due to excessive braking. Probably because he was too young, he looked panicked and at a loss. All electric cars and bicycles detour. At this time, an aunt riding an electric car put the car away, went straight to the little boy, and lifted him from the icy road. At the same time, the two waiter sisters in a lamb soup restaurant next door。

0Also ran out to help the little boy pick up books and help the car. They helped the little boy to the sidewalk on the roadside, helped her pat the soil on the clothes, and asked him if he had fallen, so he didn't need to go to the hospital to see. Until the little boy said no, thank you. They told them again: ride slowly, be careful ... before leaving. Seeing this, my face was flushed. The first one to help him should be me, because it is also a student, but as a big brother, I hesitated aside. While ashamed, I want to thank the aunt and the two sisters. While others chose to turn a blind eye and leave quietly, you stood up precisely because of your behavior and showed great positive energy, precisely because of。