How Yichao Glasses laid out 16 provinces and cities offline

HowYichaoGlassesExperts in medical surgical masks also said that general protective wearing surgical masks is enough, so that medical N95 masks can be left to the frontline clinical staff. Finally, we also found from local media reports in Wuxi that Huang Qin, secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, also inspected the local epidemic prevention work on the morning of January 25 and February 1, when he was wearing a disposable medical mask. Therefore, please do n’t be fooled by the so-called leader wearing N95 masks, doctors wearing disposable masks pictures, this pot of people in Wuxi should not be willing to carry back ... Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia。

How Yichao Glasses laid out 16 provinces and cities offline physical stores in a few months

laidout16Real-time update | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Fan Sten After the video interviewing Zhong Nanshan was broadcast the night before, it was scolded by online public opinion as frivolous, and there was a lot of scolding. In response, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, commented on Weibo and expressed reservations about the excessive criticism against the female reporter. After the video of a female reporter interviewing Zhong Nanshan from Beijing Satellite TV was broadcast the night before yesterday, the female reporter was always laughing because of the female reporter's laugh.。

provincesandcitiesFor frivolous, a lot of scolding. In addition, she didn't wear a mask, and the disgusting comments were full of comments. Lao Hu has reservations about the excessive criticism against the female reporter. I think that her performance must be said to be lacking from a professional level, but she will not be besieged by online public opinion. After all, what she does is a health program with her own specific audience. It is not easy for a reporter to interview Zhong Nanshan, and he must be very happy. The recording was obviously done in the car using Zhong Nanshan's time on the road. Zhong Nanshan didn't wear a mask at the time, and the reporter didn't wear a mask because of this. She might think this would be beneficial for her program. Everyone on the internet。

offlinephysicalstoresinaIt ’s understandable to see this video with different feelings, but when everyone is at home, it is a bit of an attack to attack an ordinary reporter who runs out to interview an expert who has repeatedly entered and exited the epidemic area. What I want to say is that the value standards of the Internet are too strict. Using this set of standards to measure real life, there are problems everywhere. Public opinion on the Internet either praises a person and establishes a noble image, or steps on a person to death, and the human flesh out all the suspicious things about him. Most people in life have their own strengths and weaknesses, and most things have complex and diverse aspects. The Internet should allow most people who are focused to be ordinary people, not。

Surrounding an absolute value standard is either creation of gods or witch hunting. Reporters In this industry, as far as I know, most of them are ordinary people, and now they are getting younger, and the average work experience is not very experienced. Everyone generally has professional enthusiasm, but professional enthusiasm must also be constantly blended into many realities. If strict value judgment and professional criticism are made on the work of an ordinary journalist, it will embarrass many people. In the current situation, I especially advocate tolerating journalists who are traveling everyday. If they do something that deviates from the ideal value standard on the Internet, you do n’t have to chase it hard. Laohu。

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