150 groups of families chanted satisfaction at the Halloween

150 groups of families chanted satisfaction at the Halloween party

150groupsofTailor-made three sets of remote video conferencing systems, linking two command conference rooms and military venues, respectively, to establish a foundation for remote video conferencing and medical consultation. In addition, Wuhan Mobile has opened 500 IMS fixed phones, installed surveillance cameras in all public places, and provided 200 intercom equipment for the joint logistics unit stationed. On January 23, Wuhan decided to build a special hospital near the Wuhan Occupational Nursing Home in Caidian Zhiyin Lake, based on the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Vulcan Hill Hospital. The hospital mainly treats and diagnoses patients, with 1,000 beds, intensive care unit, intensive care unit, and general wards.。

familieschantedAuxiliary departments such as infection control, inspection, special diagnosis, and radiology diagnosis. (End) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation | Responsible editor of the new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic map Editor: Fan Siteng Original title: Students, researchers, literature lovers, online resources during the anti-epidemic period Find the anti-epidemic period here Many academic publishers, university institutions, database vendors, and Internet companies have open and free access to academic resources, bringing a little warmth to this holiday season. Students: Both large and small students have rich resources. East China Normal University Press provides free online learning courses for the majority of students, including open courses for one lesson。

satisfactionattheHalloweenOpening classes, etc., also provide teachers with free e-books for teachers ’education. Readers can obtain these resources through the APP Huashi Assistant. In view of the demand for elementary school students and parents to preview the content of the second semester, the East China Normal University Press also opened the electronic documents of Units 1 and 2 of each subject in the "One Lesson and One Practice" of the Chinese Lion Assistant APP for readers to use. The surging news reporter also learned that East China Normal University Press will successively open resources such as open classes for parent-child escort, physical and mental health and physical education, to take care of readers' physical and mental health in all aspects. Shanghai Jiaotong University Press also opened up e-book resources。

夜晚 The first batch of more than 300 kinds. Readers can read free reading through the APP Muzhiyue before February 9th. Wenquan School Knowledge Base A few days ago, Tsinghua University Press and Tsinghua University Library provided the Wenquan School Knowledge Base and the Jingdong Reading Campus Edition library respectively. It was initially scheduled to open more than 70,000 genuine e-books for free before February 16. At Wenquan Academy (https: lib-nuanxin.wqxuetang.com), users across the country can learn and download resources online without logging in and registering. Peking University Boya Forum App is free for hundreds of people。

Peking University Boya Lecture App provides hundreds of well-edited lecture video resources of well-known professors for free to the public, including Hong Zicheng, a professor in the Chinese Department of Peking University, and Xie Zhixi, a professor in the Chinese Department of Tsinghua University "Everything starts from reading", Yue Yongyi, an ethnology and anthropology research scholar at Beijing Normal University, and Yan You, a writer, talk about "Is there a misunderstanding of Chinese myths? Is there really no system?" Wu Xiaodong, a professor at the Chinese Department of Peking University Kafka-The Practical Significance of Chinese and Foreign Classics, etc. Literature lovers: free classic reading from now on, Huacheng。

MMC The publishing house has opened some e-books for free in the Aihuacheng APP, including various issues of the "Huacheng" magazine and the Blue Eastern European Translation Series. This free and open magazine includes "City of Flowers" throughout 2018 and previous publications. This free and open magazine includes "City of Flowers" throughout 2018 and previous publications. Selected free books include "Distant Sunflower Field" and "Plains" "Guest" "Revision Process" "Sea Festival" and other works. The Blue Eastern European Translation Series series is delighted to be the editor in chief of Eastern European literary experts and editors of "World Literature". It plans to introduce 100 masterpieces of literature from Central and Eastern Europe since the 20th century.。

The Nobel Prize for Literature, Booker Prize and other winning authors or popular candidates, almost all of the works they promoted were imported for the first time in China. The free and open Blue Eastern European translation series includes "Waiting for Darkness, Waiting for Light", "Ultimate Intimacy", "Shame of Niches", "Garbage Day", "Imperfect Summer", "Wu Cun Phantom" and "My Crazy Century" The Blue Eastern European Translation Series, which is free and open this time, includes many famous works. It is reported that the free period for receiving the above e-books is one month. Depending on the epidemic situation, it will continue one month later. At the same time, "World Literature" magazine also launched nearly 400 free download resources in the past. Interested readers also。

You can take part in your favorite "World Literature" writer's essay contest in 2019 and the "World Literature" 2019 No. 6 quiz launched on January 22. "World Literature" magazine released nearly 400 issues of free download resources in the past Researchers: Open literature use February 1 to March 3, China Knowledge Network provides China Knowledge Network OKMS And other free services. China Knowledge Network OKMS • Huizhi (Cloud Service Edition) targets OKMS institutional users, institutional users under construction, trial users, and units requiring remote collaborative work during the epidemic period。

会所 And organization. The system functions of the free service include online collaborative seminars, collaborative compilation, etc .; the free service documents include the bibliographic summaries of all the documents published by China Knowledge Network. At the same time, the full-text literature online reading service is provided free of charge, but the per capita daily limit is not more than 20 articles. . HowNet's research is aimed at individual registered users at home and abroad, as well as teachers, students, graduate students and scientific research personnel who have not returned to school during the epidemic period. The system functions of the free service include document retrieval, notes, creation, mind maps, personal knowledge management, etc .; the documents of the free service include HTML fragmented content reading, which is limited to daily online reading of documents per person。

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