Expo Network: The world is before you, we are by your side

ExpoNetwork:Theworldis摸摸唱 Some cases are already infectious during the incubation period without symptoms. The headquarters requires that the admission and isolation of the four categories of personnel must be separated to effectively prevent cross-infection. It is necessary to arrange medical staff and logistical support for centralized admission and isolation points, and to safeguard the safety and health of the people. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation 15:20, Sichuan ’s third batch of aid to the Hubei Medical Team。

Expo Network: The world is before you, we are by your side

beforeyou,More than 120 medical staff and related materials boarded the Sichuan Airlines flight and set off for Wuhan. According to the arrangement of the Civil Aviation Administration, this transportation task is carried out by Sichuan Airlines. It is understood that Liu Chuanjian, the heroic captain of China's civil aviation, undertook this task. He applied for the flight. Cover News reporter Cheng Yu Deng Jingxuan Yang Jinzhu photography Wu Feng Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Yang Jie original title: What should I do if I hit the door armrest by bus? Expert: Wipe your hands with disinfectant in time. On January 23, the staff disinfected the bus handrails. China News Agency reporter Han Haidan photographs clients of Chinanews.com。

wearebyyoursideFebruary 2nd (Zhang Xu) When taking the bus, it is inevitable that your hands will touch the doors, seats or pull rings, and even physically touch the surrounding passengers. How can you protect your hands if you can't wash your hands in time? At the press conference of the National Health and Health Commission on the 2nd, Zhang Liubo, chief expert in disinfection at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that if you are going out, you can use hand disinfectant for hand hygiene. Wipe palms, back of hands, finger joints, fingers, fingertips, thumbs. The commonly used hand disinfectant is alcohol-containing. If you are allergic to alcohol, you can also use alcohol-free hand disinfectant. Or wipe it with disinfectant wipes. When you wipe disinfectant wipes, it does n’t work.。

It is convenient to apply hand disinfectant. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Fan Siteng The start of school, and some regions have postponed the resumption of work, and now also ushered in the peak period of the return of the Spring Festival. So during this time, some people are at home, some people have begun to resume work, and some people have embarked on the return journey. In the face of such a situation, the traffic and crowded places can be said to have increased pressure for disease prevention and control. Big. Then needle。

What are the more specific measures for the current prevention and control situation? Wang Bin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission's CDC, said that the holiday is now over, and people from all walks of life are going to return to their jobs one after another. The industry has its own characteristics, so there are different groups of people who have formulated protection regulations and guidelines for public transportation, public places, and different groups of people. For example, the normal operation of some public transportation vehicles, trains, planes, ships, etc. First, we must strengthen disinfection, increase the waiting room, toilets, and include。

夜场Disinfection batches of some other public facilities. The second is to strengthen ventilation. The environment of public transportation such as high-speed rail, subway, and aircraft is relatively closed, and the frequency of ventilation must be increased. As another example, if you want to take a train or an airplane, you should sit as far apart as possible, or sit apart. For those who return to work by long-distance bus, we also recommend that you take a break to sit. But at the same time, it is also recommended that such long-distance buses must go to the rest area for two hours to rest, not only to rest, but also to open windows for ventilation. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic | The new coronavirus pneumonia national epidemic site。

Editor-in-chief: Fan Siteng Original title: 5 new cases of pneumonia diagnosed with new coronavirus infections in Liaoning, February 1 2020 to 13:00 on February 2nd, 5 cases of new coronavirus infection confirmed pneumonia in Liaoning Province Cases, including 1 case in Shenyang City, 1 case in Dalian City, 1 case in Fuxin City, 1 case in Liaoyang City, 1 case in Panjin City, are common cases. As of 13 o'clock on February 2, 2020, Liaoning Province has reported a total of 69 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, including 5 severe cases, and 1 cured and discharged in Dalian. Of the confirmed cases, 17 were in Shenyang City (1 case was transferred from Tieling City,。

1 case was transferred from Shanshi, 2 cases were transferred from Panjin), 11 cases from Dalian, 3 cases from Benxi, 6 cases from Dandong, 7 cases from Jinzhou, 1 case from Yingkou, 3 cases from Fuxin, 2 cases from Liaoyang, There were 2 cases in Tieling City, 6 cases in Chaoyang City, 6 cases in Panjin City, and 5 cases in Huludao City. At present, 68 patients in treatment are all isolated and treated in designated medical institutions, and the condition is stable. Among the 68 patients under treatment, 56 cases were imported cases, 7 cases were family members of imported cases in Wuhan, 4 cases were close contacts of existing confirmed cases, and 1 case was undergoing epidemiological investigation on its infection. At present, a total of 1152 close contacts have been tracked.。

216 people were dismissed from medical observation, and 908 people are currently undergoing medical observation and 28 are being followed. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Editor: Fan Siteng The Beijing News reporter today (February 2) learned from the Beijing Water Supply Group that according to the requirements for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, the Beijing Water Supply Group will suspend home visits, form delivery and non-emergency access. Households change table work, work。

夜店 The personnel contact the user through mobile phone or WeChat to complete the reporting of the water meter number or dial photo. At the same time, citizens can call the Beijing Water Supply Group Customer Service Hotline 96116 for self-reporting. Water fees can also be paid online through channels such as the official WeChat account and WeChat of the Water Supply Group, Alipay Life Payment, and online banking. Beijing Water Supply Group reminded that if citizens really need to enter the business hall for business, please wear a mask and cooperate with body temperature testing. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: Xi'an February 3-9 will not implement the working day motor vehicle tail number limit measures 20。

On March 15, 19, the Transportation Bureau of Xi'an Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Eco-Environmental Bureau, and the Municipal Transportation Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on the Implementation of Traffic Management Measures for Motor Vehicle Tail Number Restrictions on Working Days", which specifies the working days Take relevant traffic management measures that restrict the passage of motor vehicle tail numbers. According to the requirements of the "Xi'an Municipal Government's Notice on Delaying the Resumption of Work to Work" issued on February 1, 2020, various types of enterprises in the city should not resume work before 24:00 on February 9th. Measures such as postponing the start of school and flexible arrangement of work by enterprises predict that the urban road network will not appear in the near future。

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