Yiwen Fortune: Embrace the regulatory policy and follow the

Yiwen Fortune: Embrace the regulatory policy and follow the pace of compliance

YiwenFortune:EmbracetheregulatoryjIt is a positive pressure link. It runs to the aisle and to other places, which we cannot control. In this case, add some exhaust air to ensure the orderly discharge of indoor air. Zhang Liubo said, of course, in case of an epidemic, we should stop using it, and in accordance with the relevant requirements, not only the central air-conditioning system, but also the entire environment should be comprehensively disinfected. After the sterilization treatment has passed the evaluation, let's see if the central air conditioner can be turned on. Zhang Liubo said that we have more people involved in public places, more people sitting, and more people working. In this case, we recommend that you wear a mask. in case。

policyandSubject to conditions, we can also have a place to measure body temperature before entering the office building, so that it is easy to find fever patients as early as possible and take relevant measures. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic editor: Yang Jie original title: domestic vegetable supply is expected to increase 170 million tons of national winter and spring output Beijing News (reporter Huang Zhecheng) reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs The expansion and the increase in supply have laid the foundation for the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the supply of vegetable baskets. It is estimated that the national output of winter and spring vegetables is 170 million tons, an increase of about 2% over the same period of the previous year. According to reports, since last autumn and winter,。

followthepaceofcomplianceAll regions actively develop open vegetables in the south and vegetables in northern facilities. From the current production point of view, it is estimated that the country's winter and spring vegetables will cover an area of ​​more than 84 million mu, with an output of 170 million tons, both of which will increase by about 2% over the same period of the previous year. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the temperature in the country is expected to be generally high in February, which is conducive to the growth and development of winter and spring vegetables, and the supply of vegetables is guaranteed. In Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other seven provinces of the South Vegetable and North China, as well as three key provinces of facility vegetables such as Hebei, Liaoning and Shandong, the area and output of winter and spring vegetables account for 80% of the country. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs requires that agricultural and rural departments at all levels。

cProduction and prices are basically stable. Implement the mayor responsibility system for vegetable baskets, rationally arrange the variety structure and listing period according to market demand, and ensure a balanced supply. In addition, to solve the problem of employment difficulties, take advantage of the opportunity for migrant workers to return to their hometowns for the New Year, participate in the production of vegetables nearby, instruct the large-scale business entities to carry out mutual assistance and cooperation, take turns in labor, pick at the wrong time, and promote stable and balanced harvesting. All localities must unblock green channels for fresh agricultural products and promote the rapid and orderly circulation of vegetables. The Beijing News reporter Huang Zhecheng clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility editor: Yang Jie original title: Shandong February 2 notification: new new coronavirus。

5 cases of confirmed pneumonia cases were diagnosed, and 230 cases were cumulatively diagnosed. On February 2, 2020, from 0 to 12 o'clock, Shandong Province reported 5 newly confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection. There are currently 67 suspected cases and a total of 230 confirmed cases. (Including 15 severe cases, 1 critical case, 6 discharged, no deaths). Up to now, 7535 close contacts have been tracked, 1232 medical observations have been dismissed, 91 cases have been diagnosed as suspected or confirmed, and 6212 people are still undergoing medical observation. (CCTV reporter Dou Xiaolei) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation。

fUpdate | New Coronavirus Pneumonia National Epidemic Map Responsible Editor: Fan Siteng Original title: Ministry of Water Resources: National Water Conservancy Projects under construction for epidemic prevention will not be dealt with strictly The notice requires that the key areas of water conservancy be safeguarded during the epidemic prevention and control period. The Ministry of Water Resources requires all units of the water conservancy system to ensure the water conservancy work in key areas such as rural water supply, safe reservoir operation, flood and drought disaster prevention, and water conservancy safety production while doing well in epidemic prevention and control. The notice requires that rural water supply security be fully guaranteed. Strictly implement the local administration of rural drinking water safety guarantee。

The head responsible system, strengthen organizational leadership, establish and improve the rural water supply safety guarantee mechanism and emergency work mechanism that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Water administrative departments at all levels should guide and urge water supply units to do a good job in water source protection, water purification and disinfection and water quality testing, and strengthen the promotion of drinking water safety and hygiene knowledge. Water supply units and related operation and management personnel shall strengthen the safety patrols of water source areas, water intakes, water plants and water distribution and distribution network, and if necessary, adopt closed management measures to do their own sanitary protection work. Strengthen the safe operation management of water conservancy projects. Watershed management agencies and water administrative departments at all levels should strengthen the supervision of drinking water sources。

6In accordance with the requirements, do relevant monitoring to ensure the normal operation of online monitoring facilities. If abnormal monitoring data is found, timely investigation and notification shall be carried out and cooperate with local people's governments to implement disposal measures. Do routine inspections and safety monitoring of water conservancy projects, keep an eye on the dike hazards and dangers, strengthen patrol inspections, report and deal with problems in a timely manner, strengthen the management of major water conservancy projects such as the Three Gorges and South-to-North Water Diversion, and ensure the safety of the project. All units should pay close attention to the health status of the inspectors, coordinate the personnel strength, and prevent management gaps. Strictly monitor the prevention and control of epidemics at construction sites. The legal person of a water conservancy construction project is primarily responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation at the construction site。

aResponsibility, according to the requirements of the territories of the project, formulate prevention and control rules and emergency plans and strictly implement them. The water administrative departments at all levels should implement their supervisory responsibilities, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the epidemic prevention and control work of water conservancy projects under construction, and strictly handle the prevention and control measures that are not in place. The health and safety of the personnel on the construction site of water conservancy projects. Strengthen the work of anti-ling and drought. Relevant river basin management agencies and provincial water administrative departments should implement the responsibility of the Yellow River and other northern rivers for prevention of drought, and strengthen the guidance for drought resistance in parts of the north and south. To closely monitor the weather and。

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