真参与At the destination, if you pound the reduced house again, it will automatically zoom in again. In this way, no matter where you go, you can live in your warm and familiar home. In the summer, because the weather is too hot, I bought a small electric fan and turned on the switch. Hello, master! A voice came. Frightened me, can I help you? Then, that, that, that, you help me fan it. The first time I saw this thing, I was terrified. There was a breeze, and then the strange voice in the fan said: Do you need aroma service? What, there is this service? Then I'm going to scent the grass and flowers! Wow! The aroma also fluttered, and the whole house。


休闲活动All covered with this charming fragrance. Then I went to the street and wanted to buy an ice cream. When I saw my uncle who sold ice cream, I took out three yuan to buy a double-ball ice cream. He didn't say anything, gave me two white balls, hey, strange, why didn't he ask me what flavor I want? I took a bite, wow, it was my favorite vanilla flavor, then took another bite, it was my second favorite blueberry flavor, and the third bite was my third favorite chocolate flavor. It's amazing! No wonder he didn't ask me. After I finished eating, my uncle hurriedly told me: do n’t throw the egg tube, it can still wipe his hands, and then put it in the trash after rubbing his hands。

会带来好处,5God, technology is so advanced! The future world is constantly changing by technology, and technology is progressing and developing by human wisdom. Every day in the future is full of novelty. As long as you continue to work hard and continue to explore various mysteries, the human world will definitely be in the future. Will be more prosperous and beautiful! I even believe that the future world will become peaceful and beautiful! It was a morning in 2052. I woke up, and I found myself sleeping on a bed of petals. This is a rose. I was sitting on it. Jingle bell, Jingle bell, doorbell rang. I flew downstairs to open the door, wow,。

但大This is a robot, he can talk, oh, it turns out that he specially sent me to school, the world outside is so beautiful! It was then that I found that without a plane, the car would take us to fly, and without a boat, the car would cross the ocean. The houses here are really special. They are all triangles and look fat. Then look up again, wow! It's too high, all through the clouds, ah! A cloud flew over and crashed with my head. Wow, the cloud is so sweet! I eat it with relish. The school is here. It turns out that the school is like a puppy. I entered the class happily. As soon as I entered the class, I was fooled by a watermelon kid.。

多数先jI sprayed all over the face. Teacher Butterfly came in, we all returned to our seats, and there was a computer on our desk. It turned out that the teachers here didn't need to lecture at all, they just put some knowledge on Entering the computer, the computer will automatically give you lectures, etc. Finally, after school, the robot took me back to my house. As soon as I returned home, the robot nanny pulled me into the bathroom and made me feel more comfortable. After that, I was pushed into the living room again. I ate in a mouthful, and after I finished eating, I did the homework assigned by the computer teacher. I arrived at the room at 9 pm。

前的研At this time, you seem to have entered the prairie of Lhasa. The flower bed has petals open. As soon as you lie on it, the flower bed will give you music and let you fall asleep. Jingle bell, Jingle bell, alarm clock don't be noisy, yeah, it turns out that this is a dream, how I hope that the real 2052 will look like this, if that's really the case. We traveled from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Male International Airport for eight hours. Then we made an inland flight to an island, and finally reached the Sun Island by speedboat. When I was making a speedboat, I looked to the west. A round of red sun slowly fell, and the red sun stained the original clear water. After a short voyage we finally arrived too。

究主aYangdao. It is very intimate that someone just enters the island and entertained us to give us delicious coconut juice and took us to the room. Our house is a beach house, you can jump directly into the sea as soon as you open the back door. The next morning we walked on the beach, we saw a very beautiful view, not to mention the colorful shells on the sand, the blisters on the shore reef, the big coconuts on the coconut tree. Not to mention the clownfish swimming in the sea, the warship birds on the beach, the hermit crabs under the stone cracks. Walking inside the forest, the little ants lined up on the ground, chameleons crawling on the branches, and bats in the canopy. At night, Sun Island is more attractive, and lizards and bats are all dispatched. The big and round moon and countless stars hang in the sky, the palm oil tree blown by the wind, singing knowledge。

要集中于In addition to crickets, people on the ground walked leisurely on the island. That ~ Can I play with you? I asked nervously. This ~ Forget it, you follow me. Chen Lun said. Then I followed him to the "Kids Club". Where do we eat together. I used to cook with them. So many people made a variety of dishes. On a very long table, we cooked together. At this moment, I feel very happy. Because this is the first time we cook and look at the dishes we made ourselves, the partners eat so fragrant, everyone here is definitely happy. After eating, we went to play various games, playing。

hThe excitement and happiness at the time is unmatched. Because without the supervision of an adult, we can play as much as we want. Then we decided to go to the playground. As soon as we got on the bus, we found that the driver of the bus was a child, and the other drivers were also a group of children. As a result, he drove into a collision with another kid in a small car. Oh, miserable, someone's head bleeds. What should I do? Will he be taken to the hospital? But now the adults are blown away by the wind, and the doctors and nurses in the hospital are all a group of children. How much i miss my parents and。

Other beatings, but they were all blown away by the wind, and they didn't know when they would come back. Suddenly, there was another strong wind, and the parents of the disappearing group of children all returned. My deskmate Li Xinyu is a girl with a difference, she is very tall, about 1.6 meters. Her big, bright eyes glowed on her face, and the little dimples by her mouth made her smile always feel so sweet. Another characteristic of her is that she sings very beautifully. She can sing people all over the world and listen to her beautiful singing voice.。

You will definitely think that she is a quiet girl, no, she is actually a domineering female man. She is also very caring and helpful, and she has told me that being helpful is the goal of her life. One day, I went to the supermarket to buy things. Before I walked to the supermarket, I saw Li Xinyu dangling by the garbage pond. The old man sitting in the garbage pond seemed to be looking for food in the garbage pond , I saw that she gave all the pocket money to the old grandfather, and helped the old grandfather, and beat the dust on the old grandfather seriously. After the grandfather stood up, it seemed that the money was returned to them Because they couldn't tell Li Xinyu, they took the money again. After a while, they left, but they still have to turn their heads to look at the old。

Grandpa glanced at them, and shed tears quietly ... this is my unique table, she is a kind, atmospheric, unrestrained girl, from which I also realized a truth : Kindness is a self-confidence in everyone's heart. Only by owning it can you be a different person. Growth is the process of self-evolution in the journey of life. It can be full of ups and downs or troubles. I believe we have all experienced this, but the most valuable thing is happiness, the joy of growth. To feel happy, you must first experience ups and downs and troubles, so that is growth! Growth is bumpy. Life is full of ups and downs, why not grow up? I have encountered difficulties and encountered confusion.。