相关的Enough to communicate with each other, our world can understand tolerance! What is the grade? As long as I have a good mentality and good character, what's the big deal with several Arabic numerals in that song? ! I hate this thing called grades because he lost our childhood joy. It is often said that there are no identical leaves in the world. Since even the leaves are not the same, then I believe there is no one like me in the world! I, a person, have different personalities in different places, so many people are scared! Guarantee you can't think of it! As for my hobbies, let me briefly talk about it! I am a person who likes leisure and listening to music! Regardless of chatting online or turning on the air conditioner and reading novels in the room, there will be a wonderful sound of pop music in my ears. I think the sound。

结果之间5Music can relax me, and not only do I like to listen to music, I also sing very well! Sometimes I always wonder if my mother is listening to music every day when she is pregnant with me, otherwise how can I have this musical talent! Haha. Just kidding. Next, let me talk about my personality! I am a super happy person in my class. Lively and cheerful are my characteristics. Sometimes, students who are unhappy come back to talk to me and tell the truth. From here, I found another specialty of mine: I will comfort people! I grew up to be a psychologist! This time is not a joke! Because every classmate was crying and mourning before coming to me,。

存在正相However, when they go back, they are all covered with spring breeze and smiling, let alone you are scared by me, sometimes I will be scared by myself. But no matter what, the Super Lotto people will also have troubles, but because my classmates are usually resolved by me, I have difficulties, and my enthusiastic classmates come back to help me! Don't look at my Rakuten, but my specialty at home is really not coming out! Don't lie to you, at home, I'm a good boy! Probably because of the environment, hehe. Also, although I am lively, in fact I am completely one。

关关系.Otaku! Whenever a classmate wants to go out or a primary school classmate gathering, you can go and see, there is no lively figure in me, because at this time, I am hiding at home while reading a novel while listening to music! I do n’t know why, the students regarded going out to play as a kind of enjoyment, but I do n’t think so, I think this is a waste of time! For me, enjoyment is to listen to music while reading a novel at home, so that you can relax yourself without making yourself so tired! Probably because of my frequent reading, my writing。

先前的研究The ability is also very good! Ah. Birthday is unintentional, it is the day when things are born. In this vast world, everyone has their own birthday, and everyone wants to make their birthday grand and solemn. My birthday is September 19, 2000. This is a string of numbers in my heart. In the past, I didn't seem to know the birthday of the second person in this world. The birthday in my heart is a large square that can hold thousands of people. As night falls, my birthday party will begin. Friends came by car,。

提供了证Soon the square was already full of people. There is an open-air stage of 100 square meters on the square, the stars gathered together and sang their own songs. The band played a violent rock song. The waiters are full of hundred people, and they turn around in the square to serve guests. Drinks and barbecues keep flowing. Finally, I appeared, and dozens of big cakes were sent to the square. After listening to their blessings, I blow out the candle of the biggest cake on the stage. The friends happily tasted the cake. This is the birthday in my heart. However, my parents didn't have so much money to squander me. My fantasy had no choice but to soak. So, I only recognize reality. My birthday was a small cream cake that lighted a candle。

gIt ’s just that my mother blessed me and it ’s over. Dad is not at home. My birthday is bland. For such a birthday, I am very lost. When I unintentionally looked through the hukou book, I found out that the birthday of mom and dad. I realized that in these two days, they were as ordinary as usual, what they should do. Suddenly felt guilty in my mind. When I complained about my bad birthday, I didn't find that my parents didn't have a birthday at all. Since then, I have remembered my mother on September 13 and my father on March 15. The birthday in my heart has changed dramatically: the family gathers at night。

Sing birthday songs, eat not too big cakes together, and be happy. And on the birthday of Mom and Dad, give them a beautiful birthday and gifts. The birthday in my heart is the peace and health of the whole family, healthy and healthy together, no luxury, no grandness, as long as you are happy, as long as you have family. Teacher Huang has a pair of ears, no matter how small the sound can be heard; there are also a pair of water spirits, big and bright eyes, just like the golden eyes of the fire in the Journey to the West; high nose bridge, cherry mouth, and a straight Long, dark hair. Teacher Huang has many characteristics, such as versatile, approachable, and good teaching ... Let me give you an example! That's where i just moved there。

School. The teacher asked to copy the words on pages 11, 12, 13, and 14 again, and the copy was over at 11 o'clock. The mother came and said lovingly: You go to bed first, I will help you organize your schoolbag. The next day, the teacher said to me: I asked you to copy the words you copied in the lesson. So, if you come to my house on Saturday, I will make up the lesson for you. I nodded. At the teacher's house, I feel that the teacher is more detailed than what the class said. The teacher also taught me how to write the letters correctly in the four-line grid. A gust of wind blew into my room, with a hint of moonlight, with my smile in the moonlight, and that ray of light。

Wisp of melancholy. I looked at the dark night sky with the moonlight ... Look, how dazzling and lovely the little eyes on that day! I like to look at the night sky in the dark, looking at the moving stars and stay with them. I will tell the stars my joys and sorrows, and tell the secrets in my heart. Although this may be naive, it is also because of him that I learned what to do not give up. Remember that time, my math test was very poor, which seemed like a thunderbolt to me. It wasn't the harsh blame that came from my ears, which made me feel complacent. Back in the room, the stars were still high in the bright night sky, blinking his water。