历与成cLook, drink, really dead! With the development of modern technology, almost every household has several computers. The Internet can bring us great convenience and can also lead many young people to go astray. Although, the network has many benefits. For example, sending computer e-mails can facilitate communication between people, check information on the Internet, and facilitate learning. It can also provide entertainment, relaxation, and relieve fatigue. We can also watch movies and TV shows on the Internet anytime, anywhere. . At the same time, it can also improve our living standards ... However, the network also has disadvantages. First, it can make teenagers addicted to the Internet。

功的Playing games, not eating or sleeping will result in a sharp decline in performance, and will also reduce vision and damage physical and mental health. According to a report in Guangzhou Daily in April 2000, a 15-year-old middle school student killed his cousin in order to play online games as he wanted, and had achieved the purpose of possessing her computer. Second, middle school students are easily immersed in the virtualized living space of the network. Once they return to the real society, they will have a sense of loneliness and suffer from network alienation ... Some will also cause serious psychological obstacles. 1. Online security issues. Like fraud, many homicides are related to the Internet. 2. Various forms of information pollution have adverse effects on students. 3. Junk culture, too many violent thoughts. 4。

衰老之间的Students surf the Internet at Internet cafes without supervision, and rarely use the Internet to learn. 5. Long-term Internet access requires a lot of money. When there is no money, people with weak self-control ability will take illegal methods and unscrupulously obtain money to embark on the path of crime. Therefore, compared with the advantages of the speed and convenience of the information exchange of the network, aren't the disadvantages of the network more harmful than beneficial? Around us, there are many such small citizens, they have many good conducts, for example: responsible, motivated, helpful, hard-working ... And our class leader Zhang Qingxin is such a small person with many good conducts citizen. I remember that when she was reading a book, I happened to encounter words that I couldn't write, so I wanted to consult her. But seeing her fascinating, she couldn't bear to fight。

关系.9Disturb her and ask other classmates. However, several classmates answered me this way: I'm sorry, I don't know. Just ask other classmates, maybe others know. So, I was downcast. Zhang Qingxin just saw me like this when he turned the book, so he came forward and asked with concern: What happened? I said: I will not write the word "emblem" of the "school emblem". She said: Then you hand me this book. I handed her suspiciously. I saw her brow furrowed slightly, as if concentrating. Soon, my eyebrows stretched out on my notebook. I take a closer look, eh?。

他们确定Is n’t this the ‘logo’ of the ‘school badge’? I said: Thank you! She smiled at me, showing white teeth, and said: We are good friends, don't be so polite. Then he buried his head again and read the book with relish. I remember that on duty that day, there were many classmates who did not leave in class and left to do their homework. Originally, this is also justifiable, because near the end of the period, there are many homework, and I want to complete it early, and then review the book. However, this pair of us who are going to finish the duty can be a bit of a headache: the classmates do n’t leave, the dust raised when we sweep the floor, they are easy to get sick after breathing; and they do n’t leave, the original duty is simple, there is no The law was completed on time. So, Zhang Qingxin frowned and said to us: first scan the outside corridor and environment area, then close the small room door, close。

了与参与5Fan, close the window, close the back door, and finally set the table and sweep the classroom. After we followed her request, we did things much faster. However, before sweeping the floor, the ultimate driving order-the static school bell, rang unpredictably, and all the students ran towards the school gate without flies. Although the classroom was quiet, it meant that we were leaving too. I suddenly saw Zhang Qingxin's two brooms, and a garbage shovel came towards me, saying: Let's go back after cleaning the classroom! I nodded. So, we quickly scanned the classroom. Fortunately, there is not much garbage, and we rushed out of the school before the school door closed. Zhang Qingxin impressed me most, not a nerd who can only study hard. She not only spends a lot of time training in track and field teams。

者高I also participated in the rehearsal of the school drama troupe, and delayed a lot of study time. Teachers and classmates are worried that her studies will be affected, but she has proved that she is a good student who is diligent in thinking and diligently studying with practical actions, and also proves the surplus of this worry with exam results. I remember once, the teacher asked a few questions that everyone had forgotten, but many students could not answer them. Zhang Qingxin also supported his head with his hands, and seemed to be thinking hard about these issues. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice saying: Teacher, I know! I turned my head to look, and Zhang Qingxin's hand just holding his head was raised, and a confident expression appeared on his face. Oh? Then you talk about it. The teacher said happily. She stood up, her eyes gleaming, her waist straight, and she looked radiant. She said: its。

It's really simple, it should be ... she is talking more and more, not only telling the answer, but also the way to solve the problem. I saw the teacher smiled and nodded in satisfaction, said: Well, very well. When she sat down, her smile was covered with a beautiful face. Under the reflection of the sunlight that penetrated the classroom, she seemed so calm and confident, as if to say: I have the ability to solve learning difficulties! Sure enough, in the mid-term exam, Zhang Qingxin's score was undoubtedly ranked first in the whole class. This is the squad leader of our class, a small citizen who is helpful, positive, and has a strong responsibility. Little citizen, good character, really a role model for me to learn!。

0Everyone is maturing as they continue to grow. In growing up, many times, we need the leadership of others. Teacher, we are growing up at the elementary school level. Many teachers have taught me knowledge. I am very grateful to them. Come to think of it carefully, in these six years, the best for us is the current class teacher-teacher Li. Teacher Li is an excellent Chinese teacher. He has been our class teacher for three years. He is not tall, fat, and sometimes his eyes narrow into a slit when talking and laughing, which is very interesting. His talents envy the students, they work very seriously, they are very responsible, and they are tolerant towards them. In class, I always devote myself to the class。