福祉起Xiu Young Pioneer; at home, she respects her elders, honors her parents, and is a good child who is independent and self-reliant; in society, she is a good boy who is honest and trustworthy, abides by public morals, and is enthusiastic about public welfare activities. With the guidance and help of her teacher, she is seriously responsible for all tasks assigned by the school and the teacher. As a class cadre, we strictly demand ourselves and take the lead in all aspects to assist teachers to do a good job in class management. She set up a help group in the class. Students with excellent grades and students with learning difficulties set up a group. Everyone takes her as an example of learning. If you catch up with me, your class performance will improve quickly. She also often sacrifices her rest time to take the initiative to help students with learning difficulties and tell them over and over again。

着重要Solve the problem until they understand it. School work, she always rushes to do the dirtiest and heaviest work, never lazy, nor will she take the squad leader's shelf to direct others to do it; never litter, because she knows the hard work To be disciplined, she will point out to her classmates in time to help them correct mistakes. She has been a sensible child in the eyes of adults since she was a child, and she is independent in many ways. When she was in kindergarten, she began to learn to eat herself, wash her face, and go to the bathroom herself. Other children cried and cried all day long, but she never cried, and helped the teacher coax other children. If a guest comes at home, she will greet the guest to sit, serve tea to the guest, and never run around in front of the guest. After attending elementary school。

作用.此She became more and more sensible. She transformed her parents' love for her into hard work, frugality, respect for the elderly and respect for the elderly, and was highly praised by her neighbors and relatives. She did her homework seriously every day after returning home from school, not to worry her mother. After finishing her homework, she started to practice piano, read a book, or help her mother to do some housework within her ability. Sometimes when dad came home from work, she was tired and had backache. Then help Dad beat his back and rub his shoulders, then tell a story and tell a joke. Dad's fatigue has been relieved a lot because of her care. 5.12。

外,During the Sichuan earthquake, she saw on TV how many children in the disaster area had lost their homes, campuses, and relatives. Her tears could not help but flowed out. She donated all the pocket money she had saved for two years. I hope that the children in Sichuan can rebuild their homes and return to school as soon as possible. There is an 80-year-old grandmother downstairs who has poor eyesight and some inconvenient legs and feet. Sometimes when she meets the grandmother walking alone in the community, she will come forward to help her grandmother and ask her if she is tired , Do you want to take a break? Help others, be happy with yourself, give roses, and leave a scent in her hands. This is why she often tells other students in the class. Not only does she have excellent academic performance, but also。

布朗等.2A wide range of hobbies and comprehensive development. In the past few years, under the careful training of teachers in various subjects, he has actively participated in various activities in the school and society, which has not only improved his ability, but also enriched his colorful life. She won the first prize of the 8th Harmonious China Youth Calligraphy and Painting Competition Children's Painting Gouache Group; the first prize of the 8th Star Torch Youth Talents Social Practice Activity; the first prize of the Star Torch Youth Talent Competition Western Yangle; the campus organized by Huangshuilu Primary School Voice broadcaster selection competition first prize, my favorite story speech competition second prize; national youth sponsored by the Chinese Artists Association。

00Honors such as the Gold Award of the Outstanding Art Program Competition. Do you know who she is? This girl is me. Zhang Boyan Class 4 and 2 of Huangshui Road Primary School in Xinzheng City Do you know why I wrote this composition? That's because of my dad! It's both shy and often bullied by my mom. Unlike my friend's dad, it is harsh and fierce. In my family's aura, my mother's aura is big, and I'm thinking about the TV series "Tiger Mommy and Dad" that is currently on the air. My dad has tall, dark hair and a blue scar on his face. Isn't it like a gray wolf! Dad went out to dress up before he went out. At this time, my mother always talks about things from east to west, complaining about my father ’s kind。

8年It's not. Dad always tolerates mom. I do n’t quite understand what Dad asked: Mom always loses his temper from time to time, Dad, how do you feel in your heart. Dad and Yan Yuesai said: Your mother is angry because there are too many trivial things in your family, your mother Wei how much effort the three of you have paid. Mom is sometimes good for you to be angry, for our family. However, sometimes she is angry with you, it is not right. After all, you are still young. Sometimes, some words will hurt your heart. Will leave lingering shadows in your little hearts. But mother is a mother after all, and it ’s a good start. For your healthy growth, Yiyi has worked hard and sweat, so sometimes you have to understand and tolerate mother. My father ’s remarks caused me to think deeply, I repeated。

试图了bI thought about these words for a long time. Once, for some reason, my body was very itchy and unbearable. After a while, I had a lot of rashes and blisters. My father saw this and immediately took a leave to take me Without thinking about it, I went to the county hospital to see me. In this case, there are many people in the hospital, the weather is so hot, the sweat droplets on the daddy's head flowed down. We lined up a long dragon in front of the skin clinic, and my dad waited patiently with me. Dad asked me from time to time, whether it hurts, is there any discomfort other than itching? And reached out and touched my forehead to see if I had a fever. The time was so long, it was finally my turn. The doctor recommends sassafras every other hour and returns home regularly for two body temperatures.。