是最How rich and powerful it should be, and people's quality has also reached a new level! They are responsible for maintaining the traffic safety in life, and the traffic safety in the road of our life must be maintained by ourselves, but it is really hard to maintain it, how much hard work and sweat we need to pay. Since that is so difficult, let us Let's start with ourselves and be a good citizen who abides by traffic rules! Huh—a whistle pulled me back from the ocean of thoughts. I looked up and saw that I had made a mistake, so I walked onto the zebra crossing. At this time, I had the opportunity to look at him carefully. The chic, dark skin is inlaid with a pair of eyes ... My 5-year-old and my dad and mom lived. After dinner every day, we went to the nearby park for a walk.。


突出的主jThere are my favorite zoos, and there are not many animal species: ostrich, zebra, sika deer, and my favorite four-elk. Every time I would lie prone on the railing and watch the elks walk gracefully, play happily, or look around alertly. The zoo has a large area of ​​grass, there are a variety of birds chirping on the grass, and the winter geese flock for food on the grass in groups. The geese here are used to getting along with people, and they are not afraid of people at all. Cars also have to stop and wait for them to cross the road before swinging. Once, I was silently thinking about the four uncharacteristic features my mother told me: the head horse is not a horse, the hoof is like a cow is not a cow, the horn is like a deer is not a deer, the tail is like a donkey is not a donkey. Suddenly felt that the heel was smashed by something。

题之一At first, I thought my mother told me to go home, but I ignored it, but the more I smashed, the harder I was, I couldn't help but look back, my mother! It's a huge goose who is tapping my heel with his mouth It! Does it treat me as its food? I was so scared that I ran away, but the wild goose came chasing it without showing any weakness, and still stretched his neck, screaming while running, as if intimidating me: Do n’t run, I ’m going to catch up with you! On the grass, I do n’t know if I was tripped by the grass roots, or I was scared, my legs became soft, and I dropped a big heel, I kept my face down, hands。

.所In the forward pose, he didn't dare to move, and he cried. Mom and Dad are finally here! It turned out that when they hid aside to take pictures of me, they just took this interesting goose chase. Later, every time I visited the zoo and saw the wild goose, I was a little scared and shy. This is my colorful childhood. It is the first ladder of my life, the first footprint of growth and progress, and the first site of my future journey. Childhood is my happiest time! Every life has its own birthday. Big Tree's birthday is the day when he sprouts; Little Bird's birthday is the day when the shell comes out;。

有参The day that fell to the ground. And on this day, I also learned something that I can't usually learn. Birthday is the day I dream about, because on this day, I can get birthday gifts, eat big meals, and play with computers. Before my birthday this time, I went to the cake shop to pick my favorite cake and threatened to eat it all by myself. My parents said with a smile. So I waited happily for my birthday. Back at home, I started to imagine that I could play very well on my birthday, eat well, and play with the computer casually, just watch the movie if I want to watch a movie, or play video games if I want to play video games ..。

与者But on the birthday, the situation was completely different. When I was lying in bed and dreaming about a beautiful day, my parents were ready to go out. It turned out that they had something to do temporarily. Dad came over and said: We have something to go out temporarily, the money left to you is rich, you want to buy what you want to eat, don't keep playing the computer. When I heard that I could play by myself, I nodded. As soon as my parents left, I dressed in clothes and walked to the refrigerator, took out the coke, turned on the computer, and waited for the boot ... But after two hours of playing, I felt bored-I had more Boring? But friends have things. The joy in my heart shattered like a bubble, the lonely shadow opened a huge mouth, and surrounded the joy little by little ...。

都提The exquisite cakes on the dining table lost their dazzling colors, and the fruits dotted on them no longer smelled fragrant. My birthday seems to be missing something — companionship makes the birthday colorful between invisible; selfishness makes loneliness flood the whole soul. Not only do you have to ask for your birthday, you also need to learn to dedicate it, and it is happiness to share with others. Without the company, will the cake be sweet? I have loved cherry blossoms since I was a child, even though it is the national flower of Japan, I still fell in love with it regardless of everything. The blooming cherry blossoms are so beautiful that they can't bear to leave. Sakura, if I were you, would I be so pure? Is it heartbreaking? The moment I like you, I dreamed that if I really became you, I would be so safe。

到他们jAppreciate your desolate beauty. How could there be no picture. In fact, I know your story, and my mother told me; cherry blossoms are the most beautiful flowers. Every cherry tree is waiting for a lonely soul. Sakura, you are so desolate and beautiful. At that moment, how much I want to be you, guarding alone and withering alone. It was at that moment that I suddenly understood the reason for loving you because of your desolation, sadness, and depression. So I thought more and more if I were you. In this way, I have always adhered to the belief that I want to be you until I am not happy, until I become lonely and lonely. Only then did I know that I was a child waiting for Sakura. It turns out that Sakura is destined to be lonely! Sakura, if I were you, I would not wait for any soul。

Because I don't want to bring them loneliness. I still want to be you, but the reason is no longer the previous reason. So Sakura please stop using your sorrow to wait for purity. Sakura, if I were you, I would purify the dirt with my own fragrance, leaving my sorrow to myself, and still not waiting for anyone. Because I was sad. Poor cherry blossoms, next life, please don't come to wait for me; next life, please don't be sad: next life, please don't make cherry blossoms that break my heart again If anything, I still want to be you, and then silently for others to appreciate, silently。

Withering, you will be you again after this life. But is there an assumption? No. So, if I were your fairy tale, it would not show. The past is like the wind, and it is suddenly ignored; the past is like the rain, and if it is away; the past is like a dream, and the past is confusing; the past, the past ... Those neglected past ... The long river of time does not know how many beautiful pasts have been washed away Or, it has turned into a breeze, blowing the sky, and going away; or it has been reduced to drizzle, flowing into the corners of the earth and the world along the earth; I tried to weave in the brain hole, constructing those neglected past events. In midsummer, the endless ground is tumbling with a heat wave, I am like an ant on a hot pot, roasted。

But why. It was approaching dusk, and due to the sultry heat, I walked out of my house with my big belly, and accompanied my partner to a castle that had been abandoned for thousands of years-a haunted house, dark clouds outside, dark inside, and there were no fingers in the house. With the determination to keep the goal, our partners set foot on this devil's journey. A courageous buddy pushed open the blocked wooden door. A dust swept through and we were breathless. We hugged each other and moved hard with short steps. Suddenly, a bunch of The dazzling light came from behind, we panicked, rushed out of desperation, and looked closer. We were a passer-by. We were ashamed and angry, and then entered the ghost gate. Although we didn't do that just now, but looking at the world of black holes in front, we。