闲体验具When you are used to using the Internet, have you ever found that when you speak, your fingers can involuntarily strike the keyboard; when you say goodbye to others, you will not say goodbye, only 886; speaking more and more stuttering, typing more Come sooner ... As the daughter of the family, my mother takes care of me in every way. I do n’t have to worry about many things, so I developed the habit of being lazy. I do n’t do any housework. I heard my mother cooking every morning when I woke up. When I went to wash my face, my mother came to me The room helped me stack the quilts, and the tableware and chopsticks that I had eaten were also brushed by my mother ... Until one day, when my father came home and saw all this, he shouted to him and asked me severely: You How old is this year? 14 .... my mom and I are here。

有独特的dWhen you were your age, you went to the field every day to do farm work, and all the housework was done by yourself. Our conditions are now good. We do n’t need you to do too tiring work. I just hope you can help your mother do some simple housework. Can I do it? Can I go back to the room in a loss, and after a period of reflection, I decided not to be lazy again. Every weekend, I wash my clothes I changed. Although I only wash my own clothes, I feel more tired than sitting there. I also feel how difficult it is for my mother to do housework at home every day. As a girl, you should learn to help your mother to wash and cook, and to clean up, so that parents no longer have to worry about their ignorance, and learn to honor their parents and return their nurturing grace. Since then, I am not lazy, I must learn to be independent。

文化敏感Learn to take care, but also learn to take care of your family. Only in this way can we gain a foothold in the society in the future. Good morning we will leave our parents one day, and it is impossible for our parents to take care of us all our lives. The current age is the best time to develop a habit. Therefore, we must strive to develop some good habits and become diligent and independent. Lay a good foundation for your future life. As time goes by, we have grown from a toddler to a 15- to 16-year-old. We are also about to withdraw from the ranks of collecting new year's money. New Year's money is a traditional custom of people during the Spring Festival. Generally, adults send their children to children, which represents good wishes for children. After the start of the new semester after the winter vacation, the first week。

性,有There is always a hot topic in the class. New Year's money is not everyone's favorite, and not everyone is happy when discussing. Because they received less New Year's money. Can only watch other children show off. There is even the rise of online sunburn money. Some children lay out the money they received, and then take a photo to post on the Internet to show off that they have so much money. What I want to say is that much of the New Year's money is the parents 'wishes, and he represents the parents' wishes to us. It should not be our capital to show off, nor should it be the cause of our low mood. There is still one。

助于恢复Children of this kind give their parents new-year money. During the Chinese New Year, some urban white-collar workers will give their parents a new year's money. Some college students gave a special thanksgiving red envelope to parents and elders and those who had helped themselves during the winter vacation. There are small crafts that they make themselves, and gifts that they buy with wages ... And for us now, we do not have the ability to make money, nor do we have enough money to buy an expensive gift. The lucky money we can give to our parents is just that excellent transcript or a small handicraft made by ourselves. Perhaps your handiwork is not so beautiful, but it is the best gift in the eyes of your parents. My friends are too many, but my favorite。

,健康和4Huan, the most admired and most convinced is Liang Ke who is with me from the first grade to the sixth grade. Her face showed a generous temperament, black eyes, thin curly eyebrows hanging under her forehead, and a handsome and straight nose showed a calm and gentle look. Thin little lips closed tightly because of the laughter, and her fluffy short hair was black and translucent. The friendship between the two of us was met during the winter vacation of the first grade. That day, under heavy snow, a slope at my door froze, it was slippery and slippery, my father took me to play, and met my classmate Liang Ke, so we played together, and later learned that our two families are close . In this way, since then, she and I have become inseparable。

生活Good friends, do arithmetic together, review homework together, read texts together, play together. But there are also conflicts between friends. Once, I couldn't do a question and turned my head to see how she did it. But she blocked her answer with a book. I said with a smile: take a look, I will not do it! But she said righteously: You won't, I can tell you that you didn't wait for her to finish, and I said coldly: I am just right! She didn't move, just looked at me with candid eyes. Huh, it's not interesting! I said angrily. After this incident,。

I talked to her less and stopped playing with her. Although friends often smile at me, a feeling of loneliness and loneliness strikes from time to time. The laughter of friends is the one that lacks her. . I thought about it carefully and felt that I was wrong and I should not copy someone else's answer. So after school, I rushed to her home, who would have bumped into a man just after I left the gate. I looked closely and it turned out to be Liang Ke. She said embarrassedly: I'm sorry, that day was bad for me, I shouldn't talk to you like that. No no no, it's my fault! I quickly said. We became good friends again. After school, we put our shoulders on, and went home with a smile.。

9Rise up. Finally it was my turn, and I had the courage to tell everyone a humorous story, and when I saw the smile on the teacher's face, I was secretly happy. At this time, I was able to see how happy the teacher's smile was. In each of us, there is always a mysterious force that commands our every move. When this power bursts out, it will make us as warm as spring, or it may be an inexplicable aversion, this is the habit! Habits permeate every bit of our lives. A good habit may be trivial, maybe it ’s bending over to pick up a piece of paper, maybe。

Turn off the water bridle after washing your hands in time, maybe help your mother to wash the dishes after eating. These may all happen unintentionally, but they can manifest the essence of man most vividly. I have a good habit of collecting books. My bedside table, bookshelves, pillows, and even toilets are full of books. Most of these books are picture books, like "Cat and Mouse", "Folk Mythology" and so on. I love not only collecting books, but also reading. I read books when I eat, I read books when I finish my homework, and I also read books before going to bed. Once, while eating, I took my beloved "Charlie IX" to the table and read it. The thrilling plot in the book attracted me deeply, and I completely forgot to eat. When I do n’t know, my mother stood beside me, like a bomb。