敏感性,The whole Sun Wukong appeared in front of everyone. Everyone applauded. Can't help but applaud his craft. At this time, a child in the yard called me and I reluctantly went home. When I got home, I told my mother again. My mother said: If a person has special skills, he should use his special skills, not waste them in vain. Only he can know the hard work he has done, and he must persevere in everything he does. I nodded uncontrollably, and seemed to understand the truth. If you compare life to a long river, the neglected touches are unintentional splashes. Seemingly turbulent。


有助于恢fNot surprised, but embellished with love and fragrance for our passing time. The golden light of the mountain rain is coming to the wind, and the raging wind is swept with the torrential rain. The tree in front of the door was crumbling, and the big raindrops hit the rolled leaves fiercely. The thin and thin tree seemed to be uprooted but struggled to resist. The lonely figure was an army. I couldn't bear to look at it again, but after a long time, the sun finally came out. From afar, white smoke rose from the top of the small tree, the sun shone brightly, and the small tree shone with golden light. At this moment, waves of waves rushed into my heart, like a small tree that moved me. Perhaps this humble tree will be ignored by everyone no matter how big the waves are, but its strength is strong。

复,健Touched me, just like a spray on the stone, left in my heart. Unfamiliar care I had broken my leg due to an accident a few days ago, and it was inevitable that I would have difficulty going up the stairs. I held the railing in one hand, and beside me was a crowd of people. Just when I didn't stand on one foot and thought I was going to fall in front of everyone, my hands dragged me from behind, and the stranger in a hurry turned away with a smile. The inadvertent movements seem to be ignored by people. But the unfamiliar love, like a jumping wave, touched me gently and moved me. Warm arms can't forget when I was young, I sat on the sofa and watched TV. After a while, I fell asleep. Between half a dream and half awake, I can always feel someone holding me up carefully. I do n’t need to watch。

康和生活质He lay in his father's warm arms, and was put on the bed, covering the quilt. In the past, except for occasional squinting and peeping, I didn't feel special. Until now, I was moved by that neglected love, that very beautiful wave. Recalling those neglected blooms, no matter whether it is the perception of nature, the help of strangers or the deep love of parents, none of them does not touch people's hearts. The long rivers of life intersect with each other, and the waves are beautiful enough. Let us stop to appreciate the neglected waves, and taste those small touches, even if they are fleeting, they will also ripple up and touch the soul. ——The inscriptions all say: The bigger the person, the fewer the friends. Before that, I did n’t understand this sentence very well, but as time passed, the years passed, and silently came out of our sight.。

量.特别In the remaining crowd, even if they are far away, and for a long time, there is still a transparent and long line between them-care about their daughters, get up and cook for themselves. Looking at my mother's red eyes, my heart always felt a bit slow. Although I know that this day will always come, I never expected to be so close to me. When I was a child, he waved at me like a wave. She is the only heroine in my childhood memories, and only she will endure the upper and lower eyelids in the hot sun, and still accompany me to play non-stop in unconscious fights. But with the growth of time, we always have one or more reasons to go home. In fact, sometimes it is just for a game, and we give up for a TV series.。

是,本文强调opportunity. But now the scene that makes us dream about it can never be realized, and it has become a bubble ... At that time, I was immersed in a spoiled hug, so I was inevitably jealous of my aunt and cousin. He always protects me because I will not grow up under any outside influence. I can haunt him to tell me stories and accompany me to fly kites. She can rescue me safely from the blame of her parents, and her vision gradually blurs ... I remember that day clearly, you Calling my name in a coma, but why did you leave us cruelly at the next moment and leave? I stood in the same place and let my tears hit my shirt, I do n’t want to believe this is true. It was at that moment that I realized how concerned my relatives are。

0It ’s profound, but they can only use the care to trap us. I knew that the MC had allowed our family members to say goodbye to their bodies, so I shed tears silently. It ’s not that the Grim Reaper is scary, but that person can never appear in front of me and run with me. Looking at the mahogany coffin, he could only cry helplessly. But the people inside and outside are separated by an insurmountable distance. We are going farther and farther, and they are getting farther and farther, but the only constant is their tightly wrapped heart that wraps us with a string of care! It was the day of the summer vacation last year. We met with our uncle's family to take care of the sea in Rizhao. We arrive。

3Once there, the accommodation was arranged, and regardless of the fatigue of the boat, he came to the beach with great interest, ah! The endless sea and the blue water make people feel that the color of emerald is too light and the color of sapphire is too dark. Even masters are difficult to describe. Coupled with the golden beach and the blue sky, it gives a feeling of being connected to the sea. We immediately put on the swimsuit, picked up the inflatable boat, smiled, ran, thumped, and plunged into the cool water. My brother and I sat on an inflatable boat and swam inwards, and finally advanced a few meters. When a wave hit us, we not only returned to the original position, but also overturned the boat. We just went in and out, out and in again, laughing, screaming, playing crazy until dark. We got up the next day。

Go early to watch the sunrise. The weather on this day was not too good. The sun showed a smile for a while, then hid again, like a naughty child playing hide-and-seek with us. After breakfast, we boarded the speedboat with excitement. The speedboat drove too fast, and the splashing water sprayed on the people, causing bursts of exclamation and excitement. Soon I arrived at the destination of this trip, Taigong Island. When we arrived on the island, we started to work. Some caught fish, some caught crabs, and some were collecting shells. Dad was really capable, not only caught the fish, but also caught a few crabs. what! Father sends again。

bThere was something that was soft and still moving, but I couldn't pick it up. I squeezed hard and only heard a squeak, and a column of water sprayed my father's face. We laughed. But Dad was still amazed, somehow, and when he asked, he knew it was an anemone. Everyone has gained something, but I was empty-handed, and I couldn't help getting anxious. My mother comforted me and said, it's still early, don't worry, you will definitely gain something. I calmed down and searched carefully behind each stone and 旮旯. Suddenly I saw something white behind the stone. Wow! Such a big conch. Dad, mom is coming。

Seeing what I found, I shouted loudly. Everyone was attracted by my shouting, ah, such a big conch! It's so beautiful. I grabbed the conch in my hand, fearing that someone might snatch it. The golden sandy beach and the blue sky form a sea-sky connection. The holiday is over, I ca n’t forget the vast sea, the exciting speedboat, but I ca n’t forget the conch that I got for my labor. ——Culture Green City Primary School Class 4 and 6 Huang Yi At that time, I was always very shy. Other classmates spoke eagerly in class and I did n’t dare to raise my hand. My mother asked me to go shopping. I was always timid and did n’t dare to talk to the waiter ’s aunt. Whenever I saw a stranger, I always hid my little head. Behind mother。