心理健康8They touched it and it was still hot. I opened the subject and quickly ran to the school. At school, my friend suddenly cried out in disappointment. When he saw me holding the milk my mother gave me, he came out with envious eyes. He said to me, "Happiness, you and your mother gave you Milk, and we are not treated like you. He groaned a long time. I felt very sad at this time. In the past, I always thought that my parents ’love for me was justified, but I officially ignored it. The love that my parents have for me. Love is selfless, it is difficult to seek, but it is ordinary and subtle, but it is just like this that we ignore these loves, and we can no longer ignore these loves.。

,生Studying Class 4-7 Wang Yueyan I think students will definitely go out to play or rest at home during the holidays! And I spent an unusual morning. Want to know how it is different? Then look back! I chose a crowded shopping mall as a place to sell newspapers. As soon as I entered the mall, I saw an aunt, and I went up and said: Auntie, buy a newspaper, it is very cheap, only one yuan. I buy one. Thank you aunt. I found another uncle and said: Uncle, buy a newspaper. I ordered it at home. I asked a few uncles and aunts, some people called us cheating。

活质量话题:Son, we had no choice but to swallow our words. One morning passed, and I only sold 3 newspapers. My mother said to me meaningfully: Child, you must persevere and do everything from beginning to end. I'm tired, I don't want to sell anymore. There seemed to be two forces fighting in my heart, and I really didn't know whether to sell it. Finally, I chose to sell, my mother said: good. Asked one, no, and asked another, no, I thought to myself: these newspapers will definitely not be sold. An aunt saw this scene and took the initiative to come and say: I support you, come on! After finishing talking, he gave me a dollar and took away a newspaper. Maybe, that man。

环境因My aunt doesn't need that newspaper, but to encourage me, even if she doesn't need that newspaper, she has to buy it. This behavior makes me very moved. Now that technology is developed, people can play freely in the city. For example: children want to play, they can go to the playground. Adults want to go to a place where birds speak flowers, they can go to the park. But have you thought about it? What are the parks, playgrounds, houses, and transportation in the future city? Let me talk about the future house first. The house of the future is made of a very soft thing, do n’t look at it, but it ’s useful! When the earthquake comes, the house will stick to the ground firmly like a piece of chewing gum, even if a twelve-magnitude earthquake, the house will be unscathed.。

素精Some damage. Let ’s talk about the park. The park of the future is floating in mid-air, and there is a huge butterfly you have never seen before. These butterflies will create creatures. Everything in the park is created by giant butterflies. The plants in the park are even more strange, such as: Xiangyuehua, which blooms at night. All diseases can cure all diseases. There are also little guards in the park. If someone picks flowers and grass, it will chase the person out mercilessly. The traffic in the future is also very developed. It is not the traffic police, but the robot that directs the vehicle at the intersection. If someone wants to run through the red light, the robot will block the engine of the man ’s car with infrared rays until the green light.。

神错hWhen the light is on, the robot will unlock the engine of the man's car. I am a little ant. My name is Shuaishuai, and I look very cute, with two antennae like two antennas, swaying constantly. I am a brave adventurer and I like to go to the woods for food. On the way, I often bumped into and encountered some behemoth enemies, suddenly pressed like Taishan, and then I escaped from death, and finally escaped again, and survived. I like this kind of excitement, and there will be a blessing after all! I am a little ant, living freely in a happy kingdom. Every day, we work hard to build a happy home. There is。

乱精神健康4Second, the guard was looking around, carefully checking for any abnormalities nearby. Suddenly, he saw a large worm that was several times larger than our body is slowly creeping towards the ant nest, and hurriedly reported to the ant king. Decided to have a small team of ants to complete this task. Either be eaten by big worms, or defeat big worms and eat it. We have the courage to rush! You take a bite, and I take a bite. After a while, the big green worms are conquered by us and don't move. After killing the big worm, the difficulty is coming again, the worm is so big, the hole is so small, how to move it in? Watching other companions in the cave。

It is useless for us to rush to drool, wandering back and forth in the hole. The deliciousness of the crossing can't be lost, you have to think of a good way. Hey, yes, let's divide this bug's body into small pieces, small pieces, and transport them in little by little. In this way, we had another meal. Our ant family is very hardworking! In the morning, when the sun got up, we all started to get busy, crawling under the tree in groups, biting the fruit falling from the tree into teeth, then placing it under the tree, drying it, and transporting it home .。

Look again and again, yeah, the grass seeds are already cooked, but that is good food in winter, guys, quickly pack them up and transport them home for storage! One two one, one two one, ... Yi clothing is soaked in sweat, we are still tireless. Winter is here, we are going to hibernate. The food stored in spring, summer and autumn is enough for us to spend the entire winter safely. Our hard-working spirit is still a role model for human learning until now! The Spring Festival in my world should be colorful. For example, to do New Year's goods, paste window grilles, wear new yi, eat reunion dinner ... but my favorite is to display fireworks, because the sky is red, yellow, and blue.。

3The various colors are intertwined and dazzling. On the evening of the New Year ’s Eve, every household is showing fireworks, fireworks, fireworks! The cousin shouted happily and shouted happily. Dad can't wait to pick up the lighter, pay attention, I'm going to release Mr. Mighty! Dad's big voice reminded us that everyone took a deep breath, and in the sigh of the fuse, we stared motionlessly at the twelve-year-old artillery and blasted a ball of fire, like a fire dragon that had accumulated hundreds of years of power. Soaring up, at a very fast speed, leaping up to a height of tens of meters in the air, it exploded around the stumbling and ascending rise, the old flame tail was pulled, at first glance, like a The giant tree with its branches and leaves stretched out like a luminous fountain。

The empty silver glow, so majestic, so fascinating. The sound of fireworks and firecrackers is everywhere; the laughter of joy is everywhere; the scene of joy and peace is everywhere. This is my Spring Festival memory. What is your Spring Festival memory, children? Stupid pig is stupid, but it's happier than anyone else. At the bear's birthday party, it ate up all the poisonous mushrooms on the table because of gluttony, but it saved all the animals who participated in the party; it slept and loved to snore. The big bad wolf that ate the little rabbit; when he saw that the salt eggs on the market were selling well, he had a whimsy and asked the mother duck to drink salt water to make salted eggs. Once, the stupid pig saw the kitten plant a seed。