距.精神4I think: life is a play. In life, everyone will play a role, maybe you will play a variety of different roles, this will have sweet and bitter, bitter, joyful, sad, joyful, joyful, sorrowful, joyous, and sad, joyful, joyful, and sad. From birth to the end of life, we have been performing. Some people are interpreting their wonderful life, while others are playing respectable characters. When Helen Keller in the United States was more than a year old, her brain was damaged and she became blind and deaf. In this dark and lonely world, she did not lose faith in life. She harbored her love for life and did not give up. Self-improvement has made her a famous writer and educator. She performed a wonderful life. Paul Kochagin pursued light in the dark, and forged ahead in the face of adversity,。

疾病Dedication, the spirit of perseverance, the will of steel, and the noble quality of serving the people wholeheartedly. He interpreted the image of Wei An. Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty was a man-made role. Although he is a monarch of a country, he has no real power. He was influenced by the Queen Mother of the West, and was eventually victimized by Ai Fei. He also suffered. He performed a tearful tragedy. The crowd is vast, although everyone is an actor, but some people will become the audience of the other party to evaluate the drama you starred in. The drama in life is too long and too long, there is no fixed number, even if you can grasp this moment,。

WHOIt may not be possible to predict what will happen in the next moment. So life is a drama, we must do our best to enrich life and perform a wonderful life. I was bored during the summer vacation, so I went to my grandma's house. Once, I was watching TV, my grandmother told me to eat, I said it was too hot, you first help me hold a bowl, wait for it to cool me before drinking. My grandmother filled me with a bowl of soup and placed it on the cement slab at the door, just as my grandfather was eating. After a while, I went to serve the rice and found that the rice was mixed. At this time, my grandfather said, I have been helping you to make it cooler faster. I have a feeling that I do n’t want to be upset, but because of my face, I。

,20Still got it up. Just about to go, grandpa said, don't you order a la carte? I answered impatiently impatiently and walked away without looking back. Finally, I didn't drink this bowl of soup and poured it. One day a few years ago, Grandpa suddenly got sick in the middle of the night and went to the hospital to rescue him. From then on, he began to speak ill-informedly, and he moved slowly. Among all of us, we gradually ignored his existence. And he no longer likes him and feels that he is in the way. One afternoon, it was very hot. I was watching TV in the house. Grandma wanted to take a nap, not let me watch, and said I was afraid that I would affect him to sleep. I said I could turn down the sound. Ca n’t I say it? Me too。

01ayCan't go out and play! He insisted on letting me go out, I went out angrily, and hated him even more since then. In the first few weeks after school starts. When I went home on Friday, my mother said that your grandfather was sick again. I thought it was fine, because I had returned safely the previous few times. When she said that Grandpa hadn't awakened in three days, my heart began to panic. On Sunday afternoon, when I was doing my homework, my dad answered a call and hung up. My dad said to me that your grandfather had passed away. After listening to it, I was cold and thought it was not true. The next day, I。

mhGAPW4I went to my grandmother ’s house, and I saw the people around me that were busy. When I looked up, a coffin in the hall reflected my eyes. I glanced at it and went to my grandmother ’s room. I was tearing white cloth with some old ladies ... When the car of the funeral parlor came, everyone hurriedly prepared things, and I was put on Xiaoyi and followed the troops into the car. I went to the funeral parlour for the first time and listened to the instructions of the adults. When the person in charge of the funeral parlour said, look at him one last time. I remembered my grandpa by the side。

HO的主Looks like. At this time, I still felt that I was in a dream. When I saw the mother standing next to me crying and could not stand up, I was still numb, thinking it was a dream. When I returned to the bedroom on Sunday night, lying in bed, I suddenly felt that the dream was awake. This is not a dream. He really left me. I thought of it here, tears fell involuntarily, one after another. I thought of the picture that he was holding me when I was a kid, and when I had some inexplicable pimples on my body, I helped me seek medical treatment everywhere, and found many pictures of home remedies for me. He brought me pictures ... .I woke up, I should n’t treat him like that, I dislike him because of his old age, and at the same time, because of my ignorance, I paid the price.。

I will never be able to make up for my guilt towards him, this self-blame will always be in my heart. Because of young ignorance, some mistakes can never be corrected. Cherish the loved ones or friends around you. Do n’t wait until you lose them before you realize the cherish. I also grew up after this incident. From then on, I will no longer be ignorant, and I will become mature and steady. Growing up, there are laughter, troubles, and frustrations ... When you feel with your heart, you will find that you live in a warm world, and that touch is often accompanied by your side, moved by that A smile, moved by that。

Tears ... I clearly remember that when I got home from school that afternoon, when I was going to write my homework, I suddenly felt a little stomachache. I thought it might be eating something and eating a bad stomach! In order not to worry my parents, I finished my homework with pain. Until dinner, my mother saw that my face was all white, and hurriedly said: Jia Hao, are you uncomfortable? Why is his face not right? I said: Mom, it's okay, but my stomach hurts a bit, maybe it's a bad stomach! Mom immediately called Dad to drive to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor arranged a series of examinations, and the final diagnosis was acute appendicitis, which needed to be done immediately。

jsurgery. When I heard about the operation, I was trembling with fear. My mother told me: Jia Hao, do n’t be afraid. The doctor said that when a child is born, the appendix will be removed. Are you not as brave as the child? I am braver than a child! I blurted out. The operation went very smoothly. I went back to the ward. My mother and father were with me, told me stories, accompanied me to study homework, and I was busy with my busy day. I felt very happy, and also felt that my mother and father were too Hard work! I made up my mind to study hard in the future! Love, learning is a sincere feeling; love, learning is a glass of boiled water; love, maybe a word of advice when going out; love, maybe the care of my parents when I am sick ... Feel the greatness of the world。

Love. Someone for the schoolbag you enrolled for you, someone for the paper umbrella in the rain, ah, who this person is, that's mom, you must remember that the most loved one in the world is Mom and Dad! In winter, the least is snow. However, the winter solstice is coming, and even the shadow of a snowflake is not seen. Every morning, a sun like a fireball smiles at me. Hey, snowflake, where are you? Early in the morning, the genius was bright, and I woke up. Sit up and look out of the window, a piece of white. I rubbed my heavy eyelids hard, and when I fixed my eyes, I woke up instantly. is this real! ? It ’s no longer sunny outside,。

A crystal clear snowflake slowly drifted down from the sky. I can't believe my eyes, my wish has come true! I easily put on the yi suit and forgot to eat even breakfast, and ran out eagerly. Outside: The white snow put a white yi suit on the ground; a white hat was put on the house ... The trees, cars, and streets were all covered by heavy snow. The students are playing snowball fights and making snowmen. Have fun. I lay in the snow and looked at this beautiful snowy day, and I was so happy in my heart ... Wake up! The sun is basking! As soon as I heard this, I opened my eyes: it was still the usual way, there was no snow at all. It turned out that it was all dreams. But I think, my wish has been fulfilled, try。