Yiding.com joins hands with the signing network to start the

Yiding.com joins hands with the signing network to start the era of Internet financial electronic contracts

Yiding.comjoinshandswiththeSPA Netizens took pictures of the masks shown in the picture. A screenshot of the circle of friends posted by the netizen. On the evening of February 1st, a screenshot of the WeChat circle of friends spread on the Internet. Netizens nicknamed Yang Manman posted more than ten pictures of white masks and the article said: Are you friends with me? The netizen also wrote that it was still good to be an official to go to my uncle's government unit, and I couldn't buy it online. The address is located in the People's Government of Mianhu Town, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. The screenshots have circulated and caused a lot of attention. Some netizens in Jieyang said the local masks are in short supply. The Beijing News reporter called the Mianhu Town Government at 13:00 today. A staff member said that after preliminary verification,。

signingnetworkto休闲 No one in the town government staff gave masks to relatives. After comparison, the town government also had no netizens taking masks of the brands and models shown in the picture. At present, our town government's masks are in short supply, and they are all assigned to the staff who are inspected by the community for protection. According to the staff member, the true identity of the netizen is unclear. The town government has launched an investigation with the public security organ on this matter, and if there is a result, it will be announced in time. Beijing News reporter Pan Wenbo clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Yang Jie Original title: The model of the ward in the isolation ward of the Raytheon Hospital is completed, and the comprehensive renovation of the Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang)。

starttheeraofInternetThe model of the first complete ward in the isolation ward of the Shan Hospital was completed at 10:00 pm on February 1st. Large-scale ward decoration started immediately and will be completed in the evening on the 4th. On January 25 this year, the Wuhan Municipal Epidemic Prevention Headquarters held a dispatch meeting and decided to build a Xiaotangshan Hospital—Wuhan Thunder Mountain Hospital outside of Caidian Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. Zhang. A reporter from the Beijing News learned from Shenzhen Decoration Company, a subsidiary of China Construction Decoration Group, that this type of ward has an area of ​​16.5 square meters (3 meters × 5.5 meters) and is divided into three areas: toilet, buffer zone and ward。

financialelectronic夜生活 The design of the ward unit is based on the principles of cleansing and diversion, doctor and patient diversion, and personal diversion. It adopts a strict three-zone and two-channel design to strictly distinguish between polluted and non-polluted areas, and optimize the flow of patients and medical activities. A group of ward units, with patient corridors on both sides and medical corridors in the middle; medical and nursing units are mainly working areas for doctors and nurses, with separate medical channels and entrances to separate medical care, patients and logistics channels, and clean and diversion. Do not interfere with each other. On-site construction management staff told the Beijing News reporter that Raytheon Mountain is divided into 4 areas, the first area has 315 wards, two beds per ward. kind。

The board ward is used to guide the follow-up construction. The subsequent decoration construction will be a pipeline operation. The specific procedures include the installation of PVC floor tiles on the ground, the installation of bathroom floor tiles, the installation of toilets, sanitary ware, wash basins, and the installation of doors and windows. The person in charge said that the decoration of the hospital wards was mainly to meet the functional requirements, and all the environmental protection materials were used for the entrance, so they could be put into use after the decoration was completed. At present, various areas of Raytheon Mountain Hospital are under synchronous and intense construction. The renovation work of the isolation ward is expected to be completed in the evening of February 4, to ensure that it will be put into use on February 5. Click to enter the topic:。

Focus on New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Responsibility Editor: Yang Jie Original Title: At 12 o'clock, there were 28 newly diagnosed cases in the province, with a total of 632 cases. There were 632 cases. There were 28 newly confirmed cases in the province from 0-12 February 2nd. Among the newly confirmed cases, 11 were in Shenzhen, 6 in Zhuhai, 4 in Guangzhou, 4 in Foshan, 1 in Shantou, 1 in Meizhou, and 1 in Chaozhou. 2,504 close contacts are receiving medical opinions。

Inspect. Among the cumulative confirmed cases, 207 were in Shenzhen, 179 in Guangzhou, 47 in Zhuhai, 43 in Foshan, 27 in Dongguan, 23 in Huizhou, 21 in Zhongshan, 15 in Shantou, and 14 in Zhanjiang , 10 cases in Yangjiang City, 7 cases in Zhaoqing City, 7 cases in Meizhou City, 6 cases in Qingyuan City, 6 cases in Jieyang City, 5 cases in Shaoguan City, 4 cases in Shanwei City, 4 cases in Chaozhou City, 3 cases in Maoming City, 3 cases in Jiangmen City 1 case in Heyuan City. There were 307 males and 325 females, aged between 10 months and 86 years. [Reporter] Li Xiuting Zhu Xiaofeng Shang Liyang Click to enter the topic: Focus on new coronary disease。

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