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LendingLoanwon5For details, our website has a detailed introduction. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic editor: Yang Jie original title: United Airlines temporarily grounded flights from China from February 6 to March 28, Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) February 2, United States United Airlines announced that it will temporarily suspend flights to and from Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai from February 6 to March 28. United stated that in order to cooperate with the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, and in view of the fact that the United States currently ranks travel warnings for traveling to China as the fourth level (it is recommended not to travel), it decided to temporarily stop the United States from traveling to Beijing。

Lending Loan won the Most Potential Award Huizhou 800

theMostPotentialAward5Flights between Chengdu and Shanghai. Prior to this, United will continue to operate some flights to ensure that passengers and US employees can return home. Flights from San Francisco to Hong Kong will maintain a daily service. For passengers who have purchased flights to and from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, United will provide refund and change signing services for passengers who issue tickets and travel within the specified date. United also stated that refunds are allowed for non-flight flights to and from Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai, including non-refundable tickets, but special refunds are not applicable to tickets departing from Hong Kong. Figure United Airlines announcement screenshot due to the special period, United said China。

Huizhou800eThe hotline of the customer service center is extremely busy, passengers are advised to wait patiently or try to call the US service hotline and self-service on the official website of the United. In addition, the current queue time for check-in, security, etc. will also increase, passengers must allow extra time to avoid delays. The Beijing News reporter Wang Zhenzhen clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Responsibility Editor: Yang Jie Original Title: Head of the Chinese Mission to the European Union: The only thing worth panic in this fight against epidemic is the panic itself The head of the EU mission Zhang Ming accepted the European media "European Update" (Eura) on the epidemic of new coronavirus infection pneumonia。

"Hurricane"specializesinctiv) Interview. It responded to the concerns of the European people such as panic caused by the epidemic and its impact on the Chinese economy. Screenshot of "European Trends" report The only thing we are alarmed about is the panic itself. "European Trends" said that some EU media released a video of people in Wuhan shouting through windows because of the closure of the city, which caused panic. In this regard, Zhang Ming said, I also watched the video you mentioned. He said that someone was panicked after watching this video, probably because they did not understand Chinese and did not know what they were shouting. They shouted to refuel in Wuhan, and some were singing the national anthem. This is the extraordinary period Wu。

acceleratingdebtsThe performance of the Han people's confidence, determination, optimism and solidarity to fight the epidemic are very moving. Regarding the EU member states, if they propose to withdraw from Wuhan, what procedures do they need to complete? How will China respond? Zhang Ming responded by saying that there is an old saying in China that kills people, which reflects the traditional values ​​of the Chinese nation. The Chinese government has always been highly responsible for the lives and health of the people, attaches great importance to and cares for the health and safety of people, including foreign citizens in China, and protects the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of foreign citizens in accordance with the law. Currently, foreigners including EU citizens live in Wuhan or other cities in China。

And medical care are fully guaranteed. He said that based on a calm and scientific assessment of the current situation, China believes that it is not necessary for relevant countries to evacuate their citizens on a large scale. WHO Director General Tan Desai also said that WHO does not advocate this. Zhang Ming said that in this fight against the epidemic, one sentence is applicable: the only thing we are worthy of panic is panic itself. The opponent who controls and defeats the epidemic may not be a virus, but panic. Under the current situation, we should remain calm and rational, and there is no need to overreact. At the same time, for requests from individual countries to evacuate their own citizens, China will follow international practice and。

The Party ’s relevant epidemic prevention regulations make corresponding arrangements to provide necessary assistance and convenience. Will the Chinese economy not change due to a preventable and controllable epidemic? Is it reliable for the number of reported infections and deaths? Zhang Ming said that since January 20, China has implemented a system of daily and zero-reporting of pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infections nationwide. From January 21, the National Health and Welfare Commission will summarize and release the data of confirmed cases in all provinces of the country every day. The relevant data will be updated in real time every day, and it will be announced to the country and the world. China is fully aware of the extreme importance of accurate monitoring and release of epidemic data to prevent and control the epidemic.。

The data is released in a timely and accurate manner. We strengthened the epidemic situation monitoring and reporting work, improved case detection and reporting, and effectively achieved early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment. We also use big data + gridization and other means to mobilize grassroots organizations at all levels to collect and report epidemic information. Combined with the characteristics of high mobility during the Spring Festival, temperature monitoring was conducted in crowded places in key areas, and a comprehensive investigation was conducted. In addition, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the supervision and inspection of the epidemic data monitoring work. The central guidance team sent a supervision team to all parts of Hubei to supervise and inspect the timely and accurate statistics and release of the epidemic data.。

aWe will openly solicit clues to the entire society for missing reports of the epidemic situation and conceal the problem, and hold serious accountability for relevant issues. What kind of impact may this outbreak have on the Chinese economy? Zhang Ming said that he believes that the basic trend of China ’s economic stability and long-term improvement will not change because of a preventable and controllable epidemic. The endogenous power of the Chinese economy, its strong resilience and the huge market potential of 1.4 billion people also It will not weaken. Recently, several experts also wrote in the "Financial Times" and other media that from SARS to Ebola, there has never been an epidemic that has caused a long-term reversal of market trends. Zhang Ming believes that the epidemic may bring short-term fluctuations to the financial market, but。

bDon't worry too much about this. He emphasized that China will build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way this year, and we will continue to deepen reforms in an all-round way, further expand opening up, and promote new progress in China-EU economic and trade cooperation, which will inject strong momentum into the economic development of both China and Europe. Red Star News reporter Jiang Yijin clicks to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The Star Foundation and the International Fo Guang Association donated 700,000 masks overseas to reach the epidemic area。

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