r对Protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law. After resuming work, all enterprises should strengthen the main responsibility and implement detailed prevention and control measures and service guarantee measures. The competent departments of various industries should strengthen the guidance and supervision of the enterprise's epidemic prevention work. 3. Schools and nursery institutions (universities, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, kindergartens, nurseries and training institutions, etc.) at all levels and all types of school start time, depending on the epidemic prevention and control situation, subject to the opinions issued by the education department. Previously, the school was not allowed to open schools on its own, no offline teaching activities and group activities were held, and students were not allowed to return to school on their own. 4. Organs and institutions at all levels should coordinate work arrangements and implement online office。


48位澳jStaggered peak work and shift duty, allowing personnel from areas with high epidemic outbreaks and non-urgent staff to postpone the return journey appropriately, the provincial authorities should take the lead in implementing. 5. Those who are still in Hubei due to business trips, visiting relatives and friends, returning to their hometowns, etc., must strictly abide by the measures taken by the local government of Hubei on epidemic prevention and control, and must not leave Hubei without authorization in violation of regulations. People returning to Shaanxi for home visits should observe their home medicine for 14 days, try to live alone, do a good job of self-health monitoring, and report the health status to their units and communities every day. All localities, relevant departments and employers should strengthen quarantine inspection and health protection, and respond to new。

大利亚抑0The Office of the Leading Group of Coronary Virus Infection Pneumonia Work Report reports on the health monitoring of relevant personnel. 6. All localities should implement territorial responsibility and strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situations. All organs, institutions, enterprises, schools, and nursery institutions must effectively implement the requirements of this notice and properly arrange relevant work for epidemic prevention and control. (CCTV reporter Yang Yutong Gao Tao) Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Zhang Jianli Original title: Li Keqiang and the European Commission President Feng Delaine talking on the phone phone. Li Keqiang pointed out that the Chinese government always treats。

郁症妇女aThe safety and health of the people are the first priority. The prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic is being carried out in an open, transparent, and orderly manner. The current focus is on preventing the spread of the epidemic and doing a good job in patient treatment, while protecting the people and The normal life order of foreign nationals in China. The Chinese government and people have the confidence, determination and ability to win this epidemic prevention and control battle. Li Keqiang emphasized that we are currently making every effort to protect the medical materials needed by the frontline medical personnel who fight hard to fight the epidemic, and hope that the EU will provide China with the necessary facilities to urgently purchase medical materials from EU member states through commercial channels. We would like to include。

的定性研究The international community, including the European Union, has strengthened information, policy and technical exchanges, and carried out relevant cooperation. Feng Delaine said that the EU highly respects and recognizes the measures China has taken to prevent and control the epidemic, admires the speed of China's response to the epidemic, and is willing to do everything in its power and use all possible resources to provide assistance to China, and will coordinate the relevant member states Purchase medical supplies to facilitate. Wang Yi participated in the above activities. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Fan Siteng Original title: Apple temporarily closes all retail stores in China until 24:00 on February 9 Image source: Unsplash Reporter: Zheng Jieyao。

It currently appears that Apple has reassessed the impact and expanded the scope and timing of the temporary closure of retail stores. On February 1, Apple China ’s official website added a new reminder-based on recent public health and prevention considerations, from now until 24:00 on February 9, the AppleStore retail store will be temporarily closed. The retail store that is still open on February 1st will be open until 18:00 this afternoon. Earlier, Apple had temporarily closed three Apple Stores in Qingdao, Nanjing and Fuzhou. At the earnings call the day before yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it had closed Qingdao。

The number of closed AppleStores has increased to three, and many other provinces and cities will also limit the opening hours. Apple said it plans to reopen the Apple Stores in Nanjing and Fuzhou on February 3, while the Qingdao store will reopen on February 4. However, it currently appears that Apple has reassessed the impact and expanded the scope and timing of the temporary closure of retail stores. At the earnings conference held on January 29th, Cook also said that employees will be limited to travel to China, and for employees in the Wuhan area, Apple will provide them with care packages. As for stores in other regions, Apple will。

jPerform deep cleaning on them one by one, and do temperature checks for employees. It is unclear how much impact the Wuhan epidemic will have on Apple. However, given that Foxconn has a large factory in Wuhan, the follow-up may also affect part of the production capacity. On January 25th, Cook's official Weibo social account opened in China announced that Apple would donate to relevant organizations to help people affected by the coronavirus. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the real-time update of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Expert: Symptoms。