很少被直接The supervisory department said that the current typical cases of punishing price hikes are that there has been no significant change in production costs or purchase costs, and the purpose of making huge profits is to increase prices significantly. According to the regulations on administrative penalties for price violations, the price is driven up, and the prices of commodities are raised too fast or too high. A fine of more than 500,000 yuan and less than 3 million yuan is imposed on the heavier plot. In these typical cases, the main violations include fabrication and dissemination of price increase information, a large amount of hoarding commodities that are in short supply in the market, daily necessities such as vegetables, breaking through daily profit margins, and selling moldy, spoiled, expired, and substandard food. State Administration of Market Regulation reminds。

研究.The masses actively supervised and found any collusion in price increases, price hikes or other price violations, they immediately called 12315 to report. In the past few days, in Wuhan City, where the epidemic is most severe, the market supervision department has further strengthened law enforcement inspections. The key areas include supermarkets, pharmacies, farmers' markets, catering enterprises, and wholesale and retail stores of various medicines, food, and daily necessities. Anti-epidemic products such as masks, thermometers, sterilized water, as well as food and daily necessities have become key inspection commodities. An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Market Supervision stated that they will continue to crack down on arrogant objects。

因此,1The price, hoarding and other illegal behaviors ensure that the overall market price order is stable during epidemic prevention and control, especially the price of masks, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention supplies and vegetables, grain, oil, meat and poultry eggs and other daily necessities are stable, and the legitimate rights and interests of the people are safeguarded. Click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic editor: Zhang Jianli Original title: Epidemic prevention and control press conference | Shanghai residents make appointments to buy masks, pharmacies arrive to notify the neighborhood committee at 2:00 pm on February 1, Shanghai holds a press conference To introduce the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in Shanghai. Zeng Qun, deputy director of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, said that the city will be unified from February 2。

在对文hFrom the day on, we will make appointment reservations at designated sites in various districts, and then go to the pharmacy to buy. The first round makes it clear that each household can buy one pack of five, and each household buys once. According to the order, the residents will go to the designated pharmacy to buy after receiving the notice from the village committee. Now there is a shortage, and distribution is made in proportion to the number of households, that is, the proportion of the number of households in each district and street community to the total number of Shanghai households. Guarantee the opportunity to buy masks. The Municipal Commission of Commerce will allocate the goods according to the proportion of the goods. For example, a designated pharmacy on February 6 informed the counterpart resident committee of the arrival of 400 masks and purchased 5 per household. The resident committee may notify the previous 80 residents to go to buy on February 7. Click into。

献进行综Featured Topic: Focus on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Responsibility Editor: Zheng Yapeng Original Title: Reducing Loan Interest Rates, Doing Blind Lending to the Central Bank, etc. Strengthening Financial Support to Prevent and Control the Epidemic Situation Beijing News (Reporter Cheng Weimiao) February 1, the central bank's official website released The announcement stated that in order to better play the role of financial support for epidemic prevention and control and the real economy, on February 1, the People ’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Finance, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Foreign Exchange Bureau jointly issued the "About Further Strengthening Financial Support Prevention and Control". Notice on the Epidemic Situation of New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia (hereinafter referred to as "Notification"). The "Notice" requires that financial institutions be guided to increase the field of epidemic prevention and control.。

The epidemic affects the credit support of large regions, industries and enterprises, as well as social and people's livelihoods. It does not blindly draw loans, break loans, and suppress loans to related industries and companies with development prospects but temporary difficulties, especially small and micro enterprises. In addition, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of examination and approval, reduce the cost of loans, improve loan renewal arrangements, increase credit loans and medium- and long-term loans, and help enterprises overcome difficulties. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the key enterprises that produce, transport, and sell important medical and living materials are subject to a list system management. For the companies in the list, the People's Bank of China provides preferential interest rates through low-cost special re-loans and central government discount Credit line。

hold. Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the central bank, also said that after the opening of the financial market on February 3, the People's Bank of China will provide sufficient liquidity, increase the intensity of countercyclical adjustment, maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the financial market, and maintain the stable operation of the money market interest rate. The People's Bank of China will also maintain close communication with financial institutions and financial markets, fully understand the market liquidity situation and liquidity needs, research and judge the liquidity situation, timely release policy information, and strengthen anticipation guidance. Reporter Cheng Weimiao & nbsp click to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responsibility Editor: Yang Jie Original title: The central bank will provide 300 billion yuan of special refinancing。

Xinwang client, February 1st (Li Jinlei) On February 1, Pan Gongsheng, vice governor of the People's Bank of China, said that during the epidemic prevention and control period, the People's Bank of China will report to major provinces (cities, districts) such as major national banks and Hubei Some local corporate banks provided a total of 300 billion yuan of low-cost special re-loan funds, requiring banks that received re-loan funds to provide preferential interest rate credit support to important medical and domestic material production enterprises that responded to the epidemic. Click on the website screenshot to enter the topic: Focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation Editor: Zhang Yuyuan Title: War Epidemic Daily Observation 丨 Be sure to allocate the masks that are temporarily in short supply. There is no doubt that the mouth。

The hood has become one of the most in short supply. Around the mask, we can make four judgments: First, there is indeed a shortage. Two words are popular now, but I never expected that masks became the most popular new year's goods for the Spring Festival this year. Those who can send masks to each other are true friends. More people are no longer even joking, and they are thinking hard every day: how to find more masks for yourself and your family? Second, this shortage is extremely perceptible. Compared with the shortage of medical protective clothing, it is easier to be perceived by hospitals. The shortage of masks is a public experience. Just walk to the street pharmacy to see the sold out notice posted on the door。

Show, or turn around in the online store, you can deeply understand. This experience is both sensitive and diffuse. On social media, this diffusion is even worse. In this extremely perceptible shortage, there are great concerns, real concerns, and urgent concerns of hundreds of millions of people. This shortage is temporary. The anti-epidemic war came abruptly and coincided with the Spring Festival holiday. On the supply side, production capacity was limited and limited; on the demand side, masks were worn from a few people usually, and suddenly changed to more than one billion people. The imbalance between supply and demand is instantaneous, and the supply is in short supply. For this, the whole society has already fully understood. Under the unified command of the central government, all departments。

7All localities are striving to restore the original production capacity and rapidly increase the new production capacity. Obviously, it is expected that the gradual remission will be completed until the shortcomings are over. It is imperative to allocate a temporarily limited mask. This is a major issue that must reflect both fairness and efficiency. This is a major task not only related to the overall situation and overall situation of the epidemic prevention and control work, but also to the safety and health of every family and every person. This is a test question to test the ability of governance. Yesterday, one of the focuses of public opinion and hot discussion was how the local Red Cross Society of Wuhan allocated scarce supplies. We might as well look at the observation。