少有研Put my towel on the stool next to it. Another time, I took the hardworking kitten, Doudou, to play in the park. I carried a bag with water cups, wipes and other things. I put the bag on the wooden stool next to it Go, let Doudou look next to me, and then I ran to the next fitness equipment to play. After a while, I was very happy to play, shouted Doudou, let it take the wipes, and it stuck Into the bag, I turned it over for a while, but I didn't find it, so I hung the bag around my neck and ran in front of me, and meowed twice, then I remembered that Doudou is an animal, and he didn't know about human What kind of daily necessities look like, I really made a big joke. Looking back six years, we have too many happy memories, now。


究调查东方Thinking about it, I can't help but laugh. At that time, I was quarreling with my classmates, completely disregarding the face of others, and all the things that should be said or should not be said at once. At that time, I could not hide my secrets or my mind. There are no real cut-offs between classmates, and some just talk and laugh. Always for which star is more beautiful and handsome, which program is best to watch, which book is best to read Some trivial trivial topics quarrel with classmates, refuse to give in to each other, each head is biased, holding his shoulders, waiting The other party acknowledged the mistake so that the students next to him did not know which way to go. After every minute, I was reconciled, and the students next to me said helplessly.。

文化背We do n’t have to persuade you to quarrel. Anyway, we will be reconciled in a minute. Let ’s watch the show here. Every time we say something, we both feel embarrassed and we quarrel again. Every time in the computer class, we came downstairs early in the computer class, lined up and waited for the class; every time in the physical education class, we were like cute birds flying to the blue sky, and the wild horses running towards the vast grassland , The lively fish swam towards the babbling stream and ran towards the playground. If there is a lesson that you do n’t fall in love with, you squeeze your tongue out at your good friend during the lesson, and then come down from a height. This semester I read a good book-"Civilized Virtues Accompany Me to Grow", I feel that a person must be accompanied by civilized virtues on the road of growth.。

景下认真No matter how good your grades are, you will also be an ugly, unpopular person. What touched me deeply in the book is Lesson 8-Respect everyone, a person must have a good image, respect everyone, whether he is an old man or a child, regardless of whether he is rich or poor. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979-Sister Delan is such a person who knows respect for people. It is because she knows how to maintain the dignity of a person that she is worshipped. Sister Delan has been defending the dignity of others for life , Especially the dignity of the weak. Isn't she called the Madonna of the Poor because she respects others? In life, respecting others is not difficult, meeting classmates。

参与活The teacher waited to come forward to say hello; apologized when he hit someone; say goodbye to others when he left ... These are the most basic respects. Doing these well is respecting others. Let us be a person who will respect others! Civilization is the best tool to communicate with people. Civilization should make contact with human civilization, language civilization and behavioral civilization. I believe that through everyone's efforts, starting from ordinary things and inheriting civilization, we will definitely make our society more civilized and beautiful! Class 51 Zhu Hongji has too many things to do in life, there are too many things to think about, but the time of the day is always limited, so, those we have already。

动对健康What we take for granted is ignored by us. The most overlooked is probably people's feelings of happiness. When I was a kid, whenever my uncle and aunt came to visit us, carrying big bags of snacks and coming to see us with a variety of toys, we always thought that uncle and aunt were better than mom and dad. But as we grow older and enrich our experience, we gradually understand that, in fact, they are not really better than their parents, but the love of their parents is there every day. Over time, we will become accustomed to it, and the love of uncle and aunt only feels occasionally Only then will they feel that their love exceeds their parents' love. This is an illusion. According to a survey, the happiness of urban people has been declining recently, even with taller buildings,。

的益处With a bigger amusement park, with the latest Apple mobile phone, in the final analysis, but it is already accustomed to such a high-quality life, has become numb. Life is like a huge beach, and the gravel on the beach is the small things that make up life. Occasionally, one or two pearls will appear on the beach, just like the new wonders or joys that happen in our lives, which embellish our lives. After all, pearls are not all there. Most of the time, all we can see is the pain of someone looking for the rare pearl, but who would be willing to hold a pile of sand and stones to see them in the sun Glittering under. This big。

It is a common problem of modern people. Take an office for example! In summer, the air conditioner is turned on in the office, and what is the temperature of the air conditioner in the room? I guess few people can say it clearly. Is it difficult to just record a temperature? It's just that we don't want to remember it. Such examples are not uncommon. For example, many people forget whether they use their left or right hand to open the door in the morning. They forget to eat the dish first, whether to dry their hair or their body first after taking a bath ... too much Too many things are ignored by us, therefore, we feel more and more bored and empty。

Virtual. In fact, we do n’t have to live so boring all day long, and in our spare time, pay more attention to some details of life, such as the nagging of parents we are accustomed to, such as phone calls from friends from time to time. Behind many neglected things, there is its own happiness. In short, there is no lack of beauty in life, but the lack of eyes to discover beauty. As long as you pay attention to life, you will find that those ignored are actually true. It's beautiful. On a light rainy winter day, the afternoon sun is particularly warm. The breath around him smelled of the sun. Looking at his dark figure in the sun, the endless comfort spread throughout the body. Changing his sitting position arbitrarily, his legs stretched out。

Straight, head pulled down, one hand propped up the heavy head, am I a thinker? Oh no, I'm just a lazy person, maybe I shouldn't be such a thinker, but I have to go over a semester, I should calm down, slow down, and remember the good things that are neglected because of the busy study Time. A rope appeared in my mind, when the monkey kids were going to jump the long rope. One by one, stabs and stabs, swiftly moving through the shaking rope. Xin is the leader in jumping long ropes. After dozens of rounds, he was not tripped alone, just like a fluttering flying swallow and a running rabbit. Screen handover, out。