关系,As soon as he turned his head, he saw that the poor aunt just now was hiding and running around the street with big bags, and there were a few people chasing her. We asked what happened, and someone said she was caught by fraudulent money. We were angry and regretful, and endured to go home thirsty in the hot sun. This was an unforgettable school. There are two lively and lovely little goldfish in my fish tank, and one golden one is as beautiful as autumn leaves. The other is red and white, the body is golden red, but the fins and tail are white and beautiful! These two little goldfish are very lovable. once。


享受I saw them frolicking in the water, and I got a good idea, and suddenly I had an idea. I took a pencil and stirred the crystal clear water. As soon as they noticed the situation, the two little goldfish fled around in fright. Although the water had resistance, the little goldfish was still using its full strength to swim forward. After a while, the water seemed calm. The little goldfish was finally boring, slowly swiping the fins and swinging the tail. Swimming leisurely, it seems that life is very beautiful. I think they must be hungry. So, I took some fish food and sprinkled it in the fish tank. They did n’t fight, and tried to see if there was any danger. Finally, they determined that there was no danger before swimming slowly.。

和幸Come up. One gorged on to eat, but the other ate slowly. They are just a pair of smart ghosts. In the summer vacation of 2014, I originally wanted to go to Hangzhou to play with my mother, but the sad thing was that the aunt I had arranged could not come because of something; I planned to report to the summer camp, and there was no suitable place and time; Who knows that his brother Jing Yao was summoned to Tianjin and started a sudden trip to the grassland. The first day, August 6. Departure from Civil Rights at 7:20 in the morning and arrive at Tianjin at 2:40 in the afternoon. In the evening, Aunt Uncle led us to enjoy the night view near Tianjin Haihe. The lights were brilliant and lively. There are many small。

福.他们还I am very interested in playing ball games with friends. However, because of time constraints, I did not have time to play, so I went to the Italian style area. There is the original Italian concession, all of which are beautiful European-style buildings. We also met many foreign friends, blonde, tall and muscular. After a tour, we returned home. The next day, August 7. Depart from Tianjin to Beidaihe in the morning. Arrived at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. After finding the hotel, I went swimming at the beach. Only my dad and brother Jingyao went to swim. Uncle, aunt and mother were all dry ducks, and they were in charge of things on the shore. However, the sea water there is not very clean, we only went ashore after swimming for a while. After dinner, we went to see the night view of Beidaihe again, where there are colorful artificial waterfalls. I。

建议,浅We stayed here for a moment, took photos, and went to the beach to watch. My parents and I rented a three-person bicycle and took a lap. Along the way, as long as the daddy uphill shouted in front: left, right, left, right ... my mother and I cooperated with the slogan and rhythm of my father's command. Relax and breathe the air at the beach, cool! Approaching the darkness, we were also lucky enough to see the sunset on the grassland. We took a lot of poses to shoot the sunset, and one of them is that I just held the sunset with my hand, which is really strange! When we passed by Beijing in the evening, we took a look at my dad who hadn't seen it for months. After a few words, I left. Before leaving, I and he also hugged。

浅的under! This trip allowed me to appreciate countless natural beauty and also gained a lot of insight. As the saying goes: read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Infinitely look forward to the next wonderful trip! My dog ​​is lazy. Its appearance, barking, sleeping, and behavior are very different from other dogs. My lazy hair is gray and white, the hair on my feet is very long, like wearing a pair of boots, the hair on the body is half white and half gray, the ears are not pulled down like other dogs, the lazy ears are always standing on the head, The tail always hangs down like a wolf, and only when I go up to tease it, does it shake the tail a few times. I don't know what's going on. The lazy cries are very much like wolves. Some children run away immediately when they hear the lazy cries. Early in the morning, the other dogs were sleeping, and it began to send again。

hOut of its low roar. This voice can always wake me from my sleep. Because of it, our family no longer has to buy an alarm clock. It's more fun to sleep lazily. Its limbs move to the left; it moves to the right. I don't know what I dreamed of. After a while, his head reached the other side. When I opened the door to wake up the laziness, it still slept beautifully on its dragon bed! I'm so angry! Lazy behavior is strange. Sometimes, it bites the pomegranate branch and shakes the pomegranate flowers down; sometimes, it will find a bug, spit it out in its mouth, and half-dead tortured by the bug, the bug is really pitiful! The grass long warbler flies in February, and the dike willow drunk spring smoke. The children came back early after school, busy taking advantage of Dongfeng to release the paper kite. This poem since the second。

hAfter studying in grade level, it is deeply in my mind. It is full of childhood beauty and innocence. Childhood is like a beautiful seven-color rainbow. The colorful colors that make up the rainbow are like the joys and sorrows of my childhood. Childhood is like a beautiful pearl necklace. Each pearl is an invaluable treasure because there are memories in it. . My mother has a strong personality, and she has to be strict with me whether she treats herself or me. Let's start with the mother. As a leader, she always strives for perfection and is at ease with her employees, so many things have to be played in person. In the winter of 2012, just after the New Year, my parents went on business trips and left me at my aunt ’s house. Mother and little。

Although the aunt was born with the same father and mother, how can the difference be so great. The aunt is an outright housewife. During her residence, the aunt accompanied her younger brother to pile up wood and tell stories. The family is always happy, and the aunt is very kind to me. Seeing this situation, I always envy and secretly feel sad. In this way, over time, my character became more lonely and lost the innocence that should be in childhood. Speaking from me again, although my mother did not force me to attend various cram schools, she always constrained my freedom. When traveling with classmates, I always talk to my classmates and think that this study is not good and that morality is not good. What makes me angry the most is that my mother still locates my mobile phone. I think my personal freedom has been violated.。

Like being monitored by my mother all the time. My mother also set a schedule for me to work and rest. Everything about me is under the control of my mother, not at all the treatment a teenager should receive. As I grew up, although I became an excellent student, my mother's restraint in my childhood made me wonder how to be friends with others. Although those neglected innocence made me even better, I did not reap the joy of childhood. The supreme achievement is important, but it cannot be compared with a happy childhood. Not far from the traffic lights. I saw many people around looking at something。

I squeezed in curiously and looked at it. Don't look at it, startled. An electric car was lying on the ground. A woman was lying next to the electric car. Her head was covered with blood and her heart stopped. I saw two people quarreling beside a police car. One of them said: You killed my wife, you still want to run! Another person said: Obviously you didn't ride a good car before the car arrived. Besides, although my car is very close to yours, there is still a distance. If I hit your car, why is my car nothing? The man said: Your car is fine, but my car is fine. Look at what my car is like! Do not。

The letter can fall off the monitoring! After the monitoring was tuned out, we saw a car that ran into an electric car and ran away. He was stopped by a kind person. The owner of the car is the other man. Under strong evidence, the man lowered her head. Just when the police handcuffed him, he suddenly took out a stick, stunned the police, and fled. Fortunately, a good person stopped him. When the police woke up, the kind-hearted person gave him to them. The owner of the electric vehicle asked him to accompany him. The owner took out his wallet and gave it to him. After the police took him to the car, they drove away. Under the influence of public opinion in today's society, people seem to have reached a consensus: Heroes should be good people in the end,。