数据分析I squeezed something like this and threw it on the ground, so a car that looked like an airplane and a spaceship appeared, and my eyes were almost staring out. What's more amazing is that this car emits not unpleasant exhaust gas, but fresh oxygen. I asked people in the road to know that it is a magic brand car, which can be large or small, and can become an aircraft and a spaceship, with a speed of 3.9 million kilometers per hour! At that moment my disagreeable stomach cried out. So, I walked into a restaurant, and it happened that I was the 888th guest of this restaurant, and I could eat for free. But I was so happy that I asked the waiter to serve me some of the best dishes. Soon the waiter took a cloud and placed it on my desk, I was very strange,。

与可信度Do you want me to eat the cloud? Suddenly, a cloud of food rained under the cloud, and all kinds of food fell on the table: fantastic fruits, brave soup, honest meat, loving food, and other strange foods. Moreover, these foods are not only delicious and healthy, but also give people the corresponding quality after eating. After I had eaten enough, I went outside and met the future me. In the future, I was very happy to see me, and took me to my future home. I came to the future home. The future I stood in front of the door and said that the door opened, and the door opened. When I walked in, I found that the inside looks much larger than the outside. It turns out that people have mastered space magnification. I first went to the bathroom to take a shower, and a large cloud was sprayed from the sprinkler. It was raining inside the cloud, and I washed my body clean, and a rainbow came out after washing。

我们使用了Wipe the water clean. Coming out of the bathroom, under my introduction of the future, I know that this kind of house is a brand of my own design in the future. All the devices are voice controlled and very convenient. I was stunned. Suddenly, another golden light flashed back and brought me back to 2016. Hey, I haven't said goodbye to the future! But one day I will go to the future through my own efforts! I don't know when to start, a large spider called the web spit out its dense and thick silk, spreading out, spreading a huge web, its momentum is increasing, trying to control all corners of the world. The narrowing of the space seems to bring everything closer, the information is snare。

分析数据分yPanoramic view. What happened in the last second can be felt in the next second. The news from distant countries came quickly, and it didn't feel real. It seemed to be near and far ... Friends who were far away appeared in computer video and looked at you. It seems to be far and near ... Gradually, our writing is no longer painted on paper, I also know that there is something called manuscripts, and now blogs are gradually replacing. This is the era of missing manuscripts. Few people will ever write a letter again. An email can travel through thousands of mountains and rivers in a matter of seconds, and the messenger and uncle of the postman will no longer have to work hard to cross thousands of mountains and rivers. sound. But the Internet is also a huge temptation. There are too many things in it, and we can't distinguish them accurately.。

析,因为There are true feelings and false information on the Internet. We must not only relax ourselves, but also maintain vigilance. I do n’t know if the Internet has left us too much room for imagination, and in those imaginations, what we like and are willing to keep are magnified in our hearts one at a time, perhaps because of the remoteness that allows us to breed a kind of Longing for distant things. Our teenagers are in a critical period of life growth, and our ideological and moral status is directly related to the overall quality of the Chinese nation. When we go online, we should pay attention to the cultivation of our moral and cultural qualities. We cannot blindly follow the online language on the Internet. It is likely to affect the learning of traditional languages. The fourth class of the fourth grade Wang Yiqiao just planted soon。

这种方Every day when I come home from school, I have to stop in front of the pots to see if the impatiens germinate. If the soil is short of water, water it regularly. One day, two days, three days ... In about a week, Kung Fu paid off, and the Impatiens finally showed two tender buds, like the baby who just woke up, rubbing his eyes. , Out of the ground. I was suddenly ecstatic, and the number of staying observations was more frequent. I watered them, fertilized them, weeded the grass, and caught insects. I looked forward to their growth as if I were taking care of the children who were going to feed. My careful care got back。

It was reported that they soon grew lush and green. The leaves of Impatiens are long, pointed, and the edges are thin and serrated along the circumference. Some of the stems are light blue and some are deep red. I guess the varieties are different! The colors of the stems are different. Let's wait until the impatiens grow to a certain height, many buds will grow between their tops and branches, and the buds will be there. The shape of the flower buds is different, some are layer by layer, the sense of layer is rich, and larger; some are separate, and the individual is smaller. It did n’t take long for them to glow red and pink。

1Red, lilac, etc. One by one, cluster by cluster, from time to time exudes a light fragrance, it smells really refreshing. The flowers have single-petal and double-petal shapes. After a breeze, they look far away, as if there are many small butterflies dancing on it. During the flowering period, my mother will pick up many petals and leaves, mix with a little table salt, alum, smash it with a hammer, and wrap my brother's nails. The packaged nails are red and much more beautiful than nail polish. They are non-toxic, harmless, and absolutely natural. This may be called nail grass! Impatiens have a long flowering period and open in turns. After the flowering period, a long, green and hard shell will grow in the flowering place. As the weather gets cooler, the leaves of Impatiens slowly turn yellow,。

Fall one after another. The seeds are becoming more and more mature. With a slight pinch of the hand, they will suddenly crack and many seeds will fall. At this time, mother picks seeds according to the color of the flower, whether it is single or double petals. Wrap it in paper and mark it so that you can plant it again in the coming year. The process of planting impatiens is a kind of growth and enjoyment. He taught me that as long as you are careful and thoughtful in your work, you will be rewarded for your hard work; just like working as a person, you will work harder and gain more. ——The inscription just entered the junior high school. This strange environment gave me a little anticipation and a little excitement, but at the same time, Moda ’s inferiority complex will also attack.。

gHere, doom came to me again and again, firstly the failure of the monthly exam, the mockery of the classmates, the betrayal of the friends, and then the lateness of one after another, once self-deprecating: no matter how sad the fate is. In the end, the unwilling heart succumbed to this so-called misfortune. ‘‘ May all this be destined! It does n’t matter if it ’s good, it ’s bad, it ’s good to get together, it ’s all about it, I can only give it to the so-called destiny! Depends on fate's arrangement, he is also idle. Helpless again, full of depravity. I admit my fate, and have fallen completely since then, but it was so accidental that I met you in the book. That afternoon, I discovered that my misfortune was less than one-third of you. For myself, I It seems too pessimistic. I understand you, but more is admiration。

hYou, the ups and downs of love, make you finally lonely at the same time, at the same time, tinnitus has drawn a galaxy between you and your dreams, but you have not given up the fate of the fate. Throat, it deliberately made me succumb to him. The advent of "Moonlight Sonata" and "Ode to Joy" and other works finally made you brilliant on the road of music. Give your heart a hint of comfort ... Holding your biography, listening to your world-famous piano music, you can't help but be full of love for you, moved by you, obsessed by you, suddenly examine yourself, have a healthy body, The warmth of the family, but confessed himself, this is still me。